We are having a slow start to the year, to the decade. I am sure it is because of the time of the year but I am quite happy to curl up on the sofa and not do much! Although we have a few plans and a few things to arrange, mainly our Christmas gifts to each other. Plus I have a few big decisions to make!

Sunday 5th January – Day 5

I would like to say that we did something very exciting but after spending Saturday in Brighton. Sunday was spent taking the Christmas tree down and generally getting ready to go back to work and school. I am not sure why taking down the tree seems to take so long but it doesn’t feel like we did much else. Other than potty training. Its been a bit up and down with him… some days he really gets it and others everything goes wrong.

Monday 6th January – Day 6

Back to work and school today. I worked at home knowing that I had a couple of projects to complete as well as catching up from having two weeks off work. I didn’t take any photos today other than pictures of the boys in their beds. Monkey was not ready to get up at all in the morning and the one of Kipper was taken in the evening. He seems even more intent to get into bed with us in the middle of the night. I really don’t know how to break the habit.

Tuesday 7th January – Day 7

Thankfully the clubs are not back yet. Yesterday both were quite happy to go back to their friends but today the novelty had already worn off. Neither was happy to go to school or nursery. I took my car into the garage today to assess the damage since someone hit it on Boxing Day. I thought it would probably only be a bumper replacement but it sounds like it could be more and they are talking about needing it for three weeks. Which could cause us problems since we have the euro tunnel booked for the middle of Feb. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted quickly and it can go in and out in time. The only picture I took today was of my reorganised shelf… Shame there is still the whole book case to do!

Wednesday 8th January – Day 8

Today was Victorian Day at school. All of Monkey’s year group had to wear a costume. Although many of the children were not looking forward to it. It sounds like it went well, Monkey was shocked by just how differently the boys and girls were treated. He also really enjoyed his friend having to wear the dunces hat (with a bit of acting and prior warning).

Thursday 9th January – Day 9

Full day with a client today, Monkey had Beavers after school which we just about made in time. And I booked the last of some activities for a very exciting trip we have planned at the end of the year. It may seem like a long way off but its the sort of thing which I discovered in the Summer you need to book 12 months in advance. I took this photo first thing in the morning. I was hopeful that Kipper had started to come into our bed  later and later. Not last night he was in at 1.30am…

Friday 10th January – Day 10

I got very strict instructions on what he wanted to do today. He wanted to make cupcakes with buttercream icing – he wanted pink buttercream icing but I couldn’t find any food colouring in our baking cupboard. He also wanted to go to the park which we did while the cakes were cooling. Of course being three he got pretty bored with the whole process other than icing and licking out the bowl. In the evening I popped round to see some girlfriends, we got chatting and I didn’t get in until the very early hours of the morning. I would like to blame it on the wine but none of us were drinking.

We don’t have any plans really over the weekend. Monkey has a birthday party to go to but the rest of the time I am planning on continuing with the declutter.

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  1. Happy new year! Monkey looks great in his Victorian costume, Taking the tree down definitely always takes a long time. Sorry to hear about Kipper getting into your bed every night, it seems to be a problem for so many families. I know my sister struggles and her son is 4 and at school.
    Good luck with getting your car sorted. It sounds very similar to the situation I was in last year. It looked like the smallest bump, but it actually affected three different parts of the car and ended up being in the garage for a month (then another month in the summer after the repairs went spectacularly wrong!).

  2. Happy New Year! You are organised booking 12 months in advance. I never seem to get that organised about holidays. Monkey does look good in his costume. Annoying about the car – these things seem to take an age.

  3. Ahh! This time of year is such a struggle. My two were keen to go back for their first day but after that they would have gladly stayed in bed. lol
    Good luck with the potty training.
    I hope you are having a good weekend x

  4. Happy new year, Clare! Your Xmas tree ornament is very pretty. Our Christmas tree is still standing, not sure I’m ready yet to part with it. Our school did the same Victorian dressing-up day, it’s a great fun.
    Sorry to hear that Kipper wants to sleep with you. I actually was co-sleeping with both of my sons, so for me it was not a problem. He will eventually stop coming into your bed. There is no right or wrong, do what works the best for you all.

  5. Mine still gets in with me and he’s nearly 9! But usually only when he’s not feeling too well. At Kipper’s age he crept in every night for 6 months. It did stop though so there is hope.

    The victorian costume looks good. I don’t think N would have liked the dressing up. I always think it’s great they can live out the history to really understand it.

  6. Where are you going that you need to book 12 months in advance? Is it Lapland? The Victorian Costume looks fab, teachers are brave asking for a dress up day so close to the start of a new term.

  7. This time of year is such a struggle. My three were quite keen to see their friends, school not so much. Good luck with the potty training, that is one of the worst parenting moments for me xx

  8. being back at school always tires them out.
    Do you not get a courtesy car from your insurance company? could not exist without mine living rural and hating buses. We pay extra for guaranteed car hire as automatics can be thin on the ground but they have to supply us with one. Weekends would be impossible to get to work without a car, though hoping to have mine back time I go back to work.

  9. Love the victorian day outfit!

    Oh no that the bump seems to have turned into a bigger issue. Thats the problem…even a small bump can lead to unseen damage.

    Aww hope you manage to resolve the getting into bed.

  10. That sounds like a Lapland trip to me ???? Very jealous if it is. I can share your woes with the bed swapping, although clearly I’m really not on top of it as my son is 10 and I really need some sleep! Hope the potty training is getting there #366

  11. Love the costume. Our tree only came down last weekend as the council don’t collect them til the second week in Jan. That bauble is so cute. I am back to normal this week and tired, it’s so busy isn’t it?

  12. Lovely pictures as always. Thats a lovely jingle on the tree. Cute Victorian outfit and Monkey is quite insistent and opinionated

  13. I thought taking the tree down would take ages but it only took about half an hour! My daughter had Victorian day so maybe it is a popular topic for schools in January! #project366

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