I wasn’t looking forward to this week. I had three days in London and it just means that my normal workload builds up. It wasn’t helped by the fact that Hubby has to fly to Germany on Sunday leaving the perpetual juggling act to me. If you missed what we got up to last week the you can catch up here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 366 Week 3.

Sunday 19th January – Day 19

Since I was flying solo today we decided to head out to the National Trust. Making the best of the good weather while it lasts. Monkey has a thing about marzipan fruits and he was hopeful that he maybe be able to get some in the sale. Like we did when we visited Knole a few weeks ago. Only when we arrived at Standen we discovered the shop was closed. They did have a pop up shop in the house, but it was low on stock and there was no marzipan fruits or postcards. I  had promised fellow 365er Over 40 and Mum to One I would pick one up for her. We even struggled to get our passport stamp. But that didn’t stop us enjoying be out in the sun. Exploring the Bothy and the beautiful stained glass was probably the highlight.

Monday 20th January – Day 20

Because I was in London today the boys stayed over at my mums last night. It was odd waking up to an empty house and not having any small people join me. I caught the early train in for some internal meetings before our half day conference. All the trains were delayed both in and out of London but I did make it home just in time for bedtime. Hubby also flew back from Germany and was hope just before midnight.

Tuesday 21st January – Day 7

London again. I did wonder if I should have just stayed over night! It was an early train which meant I was up at 5.30 and just as well since the trains were delayed again. I spent the morning roleplaying clients that are training. It was good fun and probably my favourite part of the job I do.

Wednesday 22nd January – Day 8

Catching up for home today. In the evening I had Kipper’s nursery parents evening. It is scary to think that he will be starting school soon. I am not sure if I felt reassured or more nervous by the fact they kept saying how much he has suddenly grown up. I did point out that we don’t seem to be having potty accidents at home. Yet he is still coming home having gone through three pairs of trousers a day. We also talked about the fact that he comes into our bed every morning. We don’t even wake up now, I think he comes up from the bottom, under the duvet and just snuggles down. To be honest if it was just him it probably wouldn’t be an issue. But Monkey has started to join us too. The only photos I took were for a blog post.

Thursday 23rd January – Day 9

Final day in London for work until Feb. Although we are up celebrating at the end of the month. Early train again which was late again. I spent the morning role playing in the second session before racing home for some conference calls. Monkey had Beavers tonight and they were celebrating Chinese New Year. I always  feel sorry for him as he can eat very little of the food because of his sesame allergy. He is so good about it though accepting he can only have the prawn crackers while his friends have all the different finger foods. I had to work late.

Friday 24th January – Day 10

Kipper had specifically requested to go to the metal bendy slide. However after doing the school run the weather started to change and he was so tired. Yawning away and falling asleep in his seat.  So instead we decided to go back home and play with some of the toys we have uncovered in our decluttering. I got out the pizza set that I made several years ago. He happily played with the food and shop. We made lots of pizzas. I actually spent some time relaxing and planning for some up coming trips.

Saturday 25th January – Day 11

Today we went for lunch for Hubby’s birthday. It was so that we could give him his birthday present with his parents. Although his birthday is not until Monday. But it is a big one. So he got something very special. I don’t think he was expecting it, its nice to know that still after 17 years I can pull the wool over his eyes occasionally.

Blog Posts this week

Pretty much like last week I haven’t written a lot of new content. Although I have updated 10 posts for SEO and put pinnable images in them.

Looking forward to only working three days next week before having a mini break for the husbands birthday. Where we are going to do all the things that we can’t do with the boys.

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  1. Happy birthday to hubby for Monday. Hope he liked his special present.
    London two days running sounds hard going for you. I resent having to stand on a train when I have paid for a seat.
    Bob is the same with his allergies when Scouts do things like this, but in general they also make something he can eat even if it is precooked at the leaders home first and reheated for him, they are very good at not leaving him out.

  2. Busy week. I couldn’t do the amount of travel to London you do. I like it on the odd occasion, but it always seems such a hassle. We’ve got an event at Millbank next week, but I don’t need to go. I’d have liked to have seen the views and get the camera out but next time. Hope the birthday treat goes well.

  3. Oh no it sounds like it could have been a stressful week but you handled it well.
    What a shame there was no marzipan fruits for Monkey.
    The London photos are beautiful! What an amazing city.
    That is very cute about Kipper creeping into your bed. I do miss those days with my two girls. They are more likely to come in and just fling themselves on top of me for the lols.
    Happy birthday to your hubby! I hope he enjoys his surprise x

  4. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Another Interesting week for you and the boys., but you rarely have a dull one!

  5. Michelle Lewis-Robertson Reply

    Happy birthday to your hubby and I hope you two have a wonderful trip together.

  6. Happy birthday to your husband! Your endless trips to London do sound tiring, but those London photos are stunning! It’s weird how kids are so different at nursery to home – like Kipper and his potty training. My daughter dropped sleeping in the day at home at 17 months (yes, really!), yet they were still trying to force her to sleep at nursery when she was 3.

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! Hope you manage to sort out the coming into your bed thing. The pizza set looks a lot of fun.

  8. Wow, sounds like a busy week ! Love the pictures of London – I wouldn’t want to commute into London every day though. I say you should enjoy the time you have with your littlies climbing into bed with you – they grow up fast enough as it is ! Happy birthday to your husband and well done for keeping the surprise ! xx

  9. Happy birthday to your hubby. Love that sunset shot over London – what a gorgeous view. Flying solo is tough – my hubby goes away a lot so I often find myself flying solo too. Sounds like you had a lovely day relaxing at home. Hope that the potty accidents start to ease up very soon. We used to still quite often have both the girls joining us in bed right up until Jessica died and Sophie still often climbs in with us during the night. It can be a bit of a squash though as Thomas ends up co-sleeping with us when he wakes in the night as well. Thankfully we have a toddler bed in our room and Sophie will go and sleep in there instead if it’s too much of a squash. #project366

  10. You still sound manically busy and late trains simply add to stress. Good to read you enjoyed the role play.
    I hope Kipper’s nursery are able to support your home potty training a little better.

  11. Some really lovely pictures of London, hope your husband had a lovely birthday.

  12. The pictures of London are really nice, hope your husband had a lovely birthday.

  13. Sounds like a long week with work for you, I still find it strange when I wake up to an empty house. Happy birthday to your husband for today. The toilet accidents are very common in nursery, the child just gets so absorbed in their activities they tend to leave it too late

  14. Thank you for trying to source the postcard, I fear I’m destined not to be able to get them all. Stunning first shot of London and the one from the Gherkin (I’m presuming). Hope your hubby has had a lovely birthday #366

  15. Happy belated birthday to your husband! Trips to London sound rather exhausting. The river with the pink sky looks beautiful.
    My guys like marzipan, but not as fruit, more of the chocolate covered variety.

  16. What a busy week. I’ve not been to London in ages. I am not keen on travelling around it. Hope the birthday treat goes well xx

  17. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    So bright and cheerful – love following all your adventures – inspiration for us to do the same

  18. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t get the fruits but atleast you still had a great day. You took lovely pictures of London. Little kids tend to grow up fast, cute of him to snuggle with you.
    Happy birthday to your hubby! I hope he enjoyed it.

  19. Sounds like a busy week for you but loving all the pictures of London, in particular the first one of the bridge!

    Hope your husband had a lovely birthday!

  20. Happy birthday to your hubby. Hope your London week wasn’t too bad. We live there but I know the commute in isn’t easy. #project365

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