‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Its been a busy week and a very lazy weekend… I would like to say that I have managed to get loads done. But instead I spent Friday on the sofa and playing shops. Saturday we went out for a late lunch and did very little else. And on Sunday we went out for an hour jumping around an inflatable park before resuming our normal position. I am sure some of it has been driven by the weather and the fact that none of us are sleeping.

Kippers photo was taken at the inflatable park. He absolutely loves the ball pit and headed straight to it. Throwing himself into the pit and covering himself in the brightly coloured balls. I was a little worried as it was a lot busier than when Kipper and I go on Friday morning. There were also some pretty big kids and when he covered himself you really didn’t know he was there. Of course he thought it was hilarious.

The picture I chose of Monkey was taken on Sunday night. Hubby had been out to watch the rugby. So it was just me and the boys on Sunday. This meant that Monkey got a chance to fall asleep in our bed. He likes it if you sit with him. Which is when I caught this. I love how when they are asleep that they look so innocent. Sometimes I think he is growing up so quick and then moments like these remind me he is still so little.

This week is a short working week for me and we have our first mini break at the weekend which I am looking forward to.

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  1. Great photos , opposite ends of the scale, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Carly Belsey Reply

    We had a lazy weekend too, it’s just needed sometimes after a busy week working. Life is all about balance.

  3. A short working week will be good after such a hectic time last week. Enjoy. your mini break.

  4. We’ve had a fair few quiet weekends our end too. So glad to have January out of the way soon. Love the photo of Kipper – he looks like he’s having a ball! 🙂 #LivingArrows

  5. Our two still love ball pools too! Such a simple thing but one they love so much. I hope you have had a great break away this weekend x

  6. These are both lovely pictures, showing different sides of your weekend. Toby loves it if I lie with him while he falls asleep too, but usually I just sit on the chair in the boys bedroom while they both go to sleep.

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