‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Wow the weekend went really quickly even though we didn’t have many plans! Instead the weekend was spent on the continual sorting out, decluttering. That seems to be taking over. I am impressed with myself that I have managed to get another little corner sorted out. We had a bonfire and burnt lots of confidential paperwork. Kipper has not been 100% this weekend and needed lots of cuddles.

This weeks photo was taken on Friday when we visited Wisely. Unlike the previous years they did not have their butterflies. Instead they had a houseplant take over. Which I would have loved some more time to explore but the three year old thought better of it. This photo pretty much sums him up at the moment. He knows exactly what he wants and watch out if it is not the same as you. He had an almighty melt down while at Wisley. When in the soft play another little boy stole the soft blocks he was trying to build a tower with.


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  1. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Youve just made me smile – love seeing your beautiful journey

  2. Oh bless him, three is hard sometimes isn’t it? It sounds like you’ve been making good progress with the sorting out though 🙂

  3. Rachel Craig

    Seems like Kipper is trying to be more independent and mature :- Make decisions for himself, etc. Great sweatshirt.

  4. I would love to visit Wisley again when we’re back down that way! I hope the decluttering is still going well? #livingarrows

  5. I love this photo – he looks so cheeky! I hope the sorting out is going well x

  6. Just reminds me I really need to spend some time this weekend decluttering. At the same time I have my daughter and I will want to spend time engaging with her as well.

  7. He looks so cheeky in that picture! De-cluttering just feels like an endless chore for me with a toddler. I’m sure he creates more mess per minute than I can possibly get rid of. No idea what’re it all comes from!

  8. Carly Belsey

    Sometimes it’s nice when they are a bit tired so you can have a weekend just with lots of cuddles and a bit of house sorting, that’s pretty much what we did this weekend too as my son who is 12 wasn’t well.

  9. Priscilla Stubbs

    That’s a great photo, I can empathise with that! My Mum always said don’t break a child’s spirit, which is vey true. They know what they want but can’t always express it in the way we would like them to.

  10. Helen Aiken

    I’d have been impressed too if I’d actually managed to do any decluttering at the weekend. Keep meaning to, but the actually getting started motivation seems to be somewhat lacking.
    Well done you on getting another little corner sorted out.

  11. Clearing out yes that’s me too it’s unbelievable how much stuff we don’t need . Plenty for the Charity Shops. Poor Kipper my grandson has meltdowns when he’s not just right I think lots of kids do

  12. Ah, yes, People talk about the terrible twos but I seem to remember that challenging behaviour going on past two years old.
    Well done on getting on with the decluttering. Must start doing the same.

  13. I like that quote at the start, just like archery, parenting takes a lot of hard work to hit the target.

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