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Everyone is well aware of the current pandemic situation and is taking all the necessary steps to keep them and their family safe. Similarly, there are many people out there who are taking necessary steps to keep their budget in control by staying home and spending less. We can also save our budgets by looking after our car’s health in our homes.

If you are living in Essex (let’s say Basildon or nearby area) you know that once this lock down is lifted roads will get super busy again, therefore you need to prepare your vehicle before taking it back on these busy streets. There are few important vehicle maintenance tips you can carry out in your home.

Disinfecting exterior and interior surfaces

You need to see that you carefully clean your car from inside as well as outside. Talking about the interior of the car you can easily use anti-bacterial detergents to clean the mats and seat covers with the help of it so that all the bacteria present on them is cleaned. Steering, gear, locks and handles can be disinfected by using anti-bacterial wipes too.

The exterior surface mainly includes all the components that come in contact with the air and pollution, including windscreen, wind wipers, door handles and even your tyres. These components should again be very carefully cleaned by anti-bacterial solutions so that no dirt or harmful material is left on it. Once these surfaces are cleaned you know that you and your family will be safe to travel in the vehicle again.

Check the tyre pressure

Since its lock down and your vehicle is used less frequently, there is a high possibility that the air pressure in your tyres might un-balance. What you need to do is that you should check if your tyres are getting under inflated and losing appropriate amount of pressure in it. If this is the case then you need to quickly fill the air in them so that a balanced pressure is maintained in them. Therefore, in case you need to go out in an emergency you have a well-balanced tyre pressure and no hurdles are caused during your drive. But if you tyres are depreciated, you should attempt to get new tyres fitted just when the lock down ends. One good suggestion: if you are looking to order tyres in Basildon – is Jet Wheel Tyre (01268988552) New tyres will save you from road trouble.

We hope that you take a careful note on all the above-mentioned car maintenance strategies at home and keep yourself and your loved ones safe during this time.


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