‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We had a lovely week off for Easter last week and managed to get out for a couple of walks and do some fun things in the garden. As well as some rest and relaxation. For some reason I feel like the need the latter more than usual. I am absolutely dreading going back to work and home schooling next week. Both the husband and I have a fair amount of daily conference calls and they are not the sort you can just put on mute. Plus a number of them are zoom. Which means we struggle to support home learning and the three year old despite being told time and time again not to interrupt he ignores it every time! Bless him we really do not need a strong willed child at the moment..

That said here are my favourite photos of the boys from the week. I found that being out on walks has meant that I have taken double the number of photos I would do just being around at home. The featured image in this post was taken on our first walk. We are lucky and live rurally so public footpaths and bridleways are within easy reach. It was the first time we had been out of the house for three weeks and we all really needed it. I am hoping to take some time with the boys in the late afternoons to do the same once the working week commences as it makes such a difference.

I chose this one of Monkey seeing if he likes butter. It is amazing what they can remember as I don’t think I have done this with him since he was Kippers age.

We have also been spending as much time int he garden as possible. Focusing on a project seems to help us all. The back end of our garden has been a right state for the last couple of years. Spending so much time travelling has meant that we have neglected it. Now we do not have an excuse and are putting back in the veg beds and generally tidying up.  Although its slow going sometimes the boys decide to give us a hand and it turns out Kipper is quite good at digging!

We here’s hoping next week is easier than I am anticipating. Stay safe and well x


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  1. Gemma Hendry

    my daughter loves checking if she loves butter

  2. Beautiful photos! I remember seeing if I liked butter when I was little too! Such a fun way to spend time in the outdoors!

  3. It sounds like you had a really good week, I hope the transition back to work wasn’t too bad for you all x

  4. We haven’t left the house so I’ve taken hardly any photos! That photo on the gate is gorgeous! x

  5. Your phots are beautiful and I especially love the boys tops. We are in the same situation, my youngest has gate crashed a few calls already!! #livingarrows

  6. lynn neal

    We used to do the buttercup thing when we were children!

  7. Carly Belsey

    What a great opportunity to tidy the garden up. I still haven’t got round to doing mine even when we are in it all the time haha.

  8. Lyndsey cooksey

    Lovely photos! Looks like the children have learnt lots of life lessons. Things will start to get better soon. Your doing a great job.

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Keep strong
    I have a feeling next week will be so much brighter for you all

  10. Aw I love the picture of them on the gate – their jumpers are amazing! 🙂 I’m trying to work//teach from home and do home learning with my twins today – so far the twins have just been thrown out into the garden! I don’t know how people multitask enough to do this! 🙂 #livingarrows

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