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This week was as busy as I thought it would be. We had very little quality time with the boys during the working day. Juggling the normal home school and constant conference calls for both of us.

Saturday 18th April

Another day in the garden digging over one of the big veg beds. As well as starting to level off the area around them to lay matting. Kipper enjoyed trying to help and turns out that he is pretty good at digging. We also had our first butterfly hatch and I completed my first craft project of the lockdown. which is a felt Union Jack cushion. Hubby went to the shops to pick up the weekly shop. Our food bill seems to have increased significantly almost doubled! He is trying to do all the for shopping so no one else needs to leave the house. Just incase we haven’t had the virus. That meant we had homemade curry for dinner and watched a film. Just want we needed after working all day!

Sunday 19th April

Second day in the garden. I do sometimes wonder if we will ever get it all done. A second butterfly hatched and Kipper is now fascinated with them. Talking to them as if he were a parent talking to a small child. In amongst the gardening work we made some paper windmills for the garden to try and keep some of the wildlife away. Some Luffa seeds arrived a couple of days a go so I have planted them. Although they take a long time to germinate and they are not very reliable! I also tried yet more sweet peas in the hope some of them will take. I know I am generally inpatient but the fact the seeds are so old I have no idea if they will work or not.

Monday 20th April

I am not sure if I have ever dreaded going back to work quite so much as today. There was no easy ‘easing’ back into school work this week. Monkey’s school had provided a lot and unsurprisingly he was not interested in doing much of it. In fact he point blank refused to do any English at all. Writing of any sort went out of the window completely although he did manage to do all his maths classes in one go.

After school and work was over we went to the field across from the house to play cricket. Kipper lost  interest pretty quickly so we went for a short walk around the field. He was very cute making up a story as we walked and it made me think about how much he must be missing forest school. We did start to walk down a path but it seemed busy so we decided to head back to Hubby and Monkey.

Tuesday 21st April

Work was even busier if that’s possible. The boys were going stir crazy by the middle of the afternoon so I managed to grab an hour between calls to take them for a walk. We stuck to the country roads this time as they wanted to ride their bikes. Monkey did really well considering he is not use to riding on the road. Kipper gave me a heart attack at almost every point.  I decided it was time I got a bike to keep up with Monkey and ordered one in the evening.

I got a letter from Kipper’s new school this morning to order his uniform. With everything going on it seems strange to even think about it now! I will have to give some thought to him starting school soon. As its clear from our daily lessons that he struggles to spend any time sitting still!

Wednesday 22nd April

The only break we got today was lunch in the sun. Both our work schedules have been really busy. Kipper really likes having lunch outside and has asked that we do it every day. The school work has gone better today with Monkey doing the majority of his English tasks without too much fight back. Some of the seeds we planted are finally starting to sprout. We are now the proud owners of three lemon circular cucumbers! Unfortunately none of the others are showing any signs of germination yet.

I am also thinking about Kipper’s party at home and have designed some invites which I will give both of the boys on the morning of his ‘party’.

Thursday 23rd April

It feels like its taken a long time to get to Thursday this week! Again we both spent most of the day in conference calls. The boys and I did let the butterflies loose. Although Kipper was really not very happy about it. They all flew off apart from one which was a little deformed, it quite happily sat on hands and had pollen from daisies. I am not sure it will survive as it can not fly very well but the boys loved it and placed it carefully on some flowers.

Kipper wanted to make yet more windmills and we made dome rainbow ones. Beavers have a number of virtual badges running at the moment. For St George’s Day Monkey had to pop his Beavers uniform on to clap for carers. They are also doing a reading one, he’s not that keen on that one.  But the virtual camping one running next week he is very excited by!

Friday 24th April

The skip arrived today its a very battered one and pretty big! Of course the boys wanted to get into it straight away! The plan is to empty the garden rubbish and then if there is any room left once we have gone through the shed as well. We will look in the loft as there is a lot of old carpet up there from when we first moved in. Obviously anything that can be recycled we will be recycling but we need the rubbish cleared if we are to put the rest of the veg beds in. Nothing like a project to focus the mind.  When the husband moved a corrugated iron sheet we discovered these underneath! Baby mice. We covered them back up again and I am hoping the mummy mouse will return.

In the evening we had a zoom call with one of my oldest friends.

Blog posts this week

I am impressed that I managed to get a post written and published this week outside my normal diary style posts. I will try and make more effort next week to get some of the other  posts written.

I am hoping this week will not be as bad as last week and things will start to quiet down. Especially after I have just printed off all the work for next week for school. I am also going to make sure I put some time aside to start a new craft project and to sort out Kippers room….

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  1. ashleigh allan Reply

    We are thinking about getting a skip too since have more time on our hands to clear out!!

    • Lyndsey cooksey Reply

      A very busy week for you all! Photos are fantastic. We had a skip a couple of months ago and it’s surprising how they get filled so quick! Aww baby mice! I love the butterfly too.

  2. It sounds like you’ve been really busy in the garden.
    Ahh! I have noticed the shopping bill has increased too. Ugh! There doesn’t seem to be as many offers on at the moment. No buy one get one free.
    It sounds like the bike ride was a bit nerve wracking. You do right getting yourself a bike to keep up.
    Eek! I hope the mummy mouse does return. x

  3. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Does seem strange thinking of new school uniforms – will be great for normal activity to return

  4. Those are really young mice – I hope mummy mouse did come back. Good luck with getting the garden finished – it sounds like you are well on your way. Hope some more of the seeds come back.

  5. Carly Belsey Reply

    Wow that photo of the beautiful butterfly!! Lovely. You are very lucky to be able to go out for lovely nature walks and rides with the boys.

  6. How amazing to see the baby mice in the garden. I do hope the mummy mouse returns. Love that Kipper was so interested in the butterflies. It sounds like you’ve been very busy out in the garden and that the boys have been enjoying their time outdoors. Hope that home schooling gets a little easier. I can’t believe that Kipper will be going to school in September – where has that time gone?! #project366

  7. I am in awe of anyone who manages to work full-time while trying to educate small children. I only work part-time anyway, plus none of my kids need any input with their education. As I have a year 11, I actually only have one child who is technically in education at the moment anyway.
    Love the photo of the butterfly and I can’t believe how tiny and cute the baby mice are! I hope the mummy went back for them.

  8. I really like the butterfly picture, the detailing on the wings is lovely to see up close. We need to get busy in our garden, I just don’t think we have the tools or the know-how haha x

  9. Love the butterfly picture. It sounds like you’ve been really busy in the garden. Oh my shopping bills have gone through the roof. Sounds like a scary bike ride. And hope the mummy mouse comes back xx

  10. Lovely to see the butterflies and the baby mice. You’ve been really busy in the garden and having a clearout with the skip sounds like another great plan. I bet you’ll fill it up in no time !

  11. arhhh those baby mice are so cute, hope the mum came back for them. If Monkey is reluctant to write get him using chalks in the garden or writing his name with sticks in the soil. Good luck with clearing out the loft and shed, wish I’d hired a skip, it’s taken me 6 weeks to get rid of garden waste. I love the idea of writing party invites for the boys.

  12. the garden sounds like a big project, the skip will come in very handy.
    Oh dear at work being so busy, difficult when you have young children at home.
    My granddaughter liked the forest school up her way as well.
    Hope mummy mouse came back. when we lived on the farm our dog knew what the pinkies smelt like and would dig and dig until she found them, and would then eat them. Dont suppose she made much dent in the population some how.

  13. It sounds as though you have a lot to be done in the garden and at least the weather has been good for this work!

  14. What a pretty butterfly! The baby mice make me shudder though, sorry, I don’t like them. We had problems with mice in the house, eeek. Your garden project sounds lovely. Good luck with all the seeds. I’ve found a packet of rocket seeds from 2008, and decided to give them a chance, they all started sprouting like mad. The tomato seeds, on the other hand, are very slow to germinate, and they are new. I managed to get four tiny seedlings, but the rest are still pretty much dormant.

  15. I’m impressed you’re getting so much gardening done. I’ve done nothing productive other than blogging, outside of work/homeschool. N is like Monkey – not keen on english either.

  16. Good job! Wow, I’ve never seen a butterfly hatch. Cute Kipper. The walks and bike rides sound nice, yep getting a bike is a good idea. Why are schools concerned for students buying their uniforms right now? Lemon circular cucumber? I’ve never heard that before. The butterfly looks so beautiful, I love the patterns on it! Woah, baby mice!

  17. Hope Mummy mouse comes back – we have a very bold mouse in our garden and a grumpy toad that the kids like to annoy. I really need to get Sebby riding his bike

  18. Love all the garden work. We need to get on with ours. Literacy and English is tough, to be honest, my son is a regular homeschooler (we have been for 1.5 years) and it’s still a fight for him, it’s fairly dry and boring stuff, I can’t say I blame them.
    Hope the baby mice were ok? #project365

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