‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Apart from the constant work and development in the garden I would feel like we are stuck in ground hog day. At least it does feel like we are achieving something. This weeks photos were taken during the week on Wednesday, late afternoon after work. The weather had been glorious and so after a lot of nagging by Kipper I eventually agreed to set the sprinkler up. They had an absolute blast running in and out of the spray. Daring each other to sit down or craw through the spray.

We had it out a couple of evenings during the week where it came out. On Thursday we even had fish and chips from the chip shop (they do click and collect) while they played. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather. It really does somehow make all this better.

We still haven’t left the house other than to walk across the fields next to where we live. I have contemplated going to the garden centre because of our project. But most things I can buy online and wait for.  Hubby is still doing all of the food shopping and I am wondering if I will still remember how to drive when the time comes.

I am very grateful for the fact that it is bank holiday Monday. Although I  have cancelled my May half term as holiday as I am expecting to need it over the Summer to look after the kids. It is the first time I have not had May half term off for five years! Plus we were meant to be in Croatia, a country I have wanted to visit for such a long time. At least its only a three day week and no home schooling so I am sure we will manage and Croatia will still be there next year.

Hope you enjoy the half term, stay safe and well x


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  1. Carly Belsey

    We were lucky with the weather weren’t we, then we had a blip with it but now it’s back again and yes it does make all this so much better. I hope the weather stays. That pool looks so much fun!

  2. The spinklers look like fun!!I am sure the kids loved it!!

  3. Rachelle Barrett

    Looks like he is having so much fun, I really miss my grandsons, cant wait to see them

  4. Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    Oh that looks like so much fun! Hope this warm weather sticks around so they can keep on enjoying it! x #LivingArrows

  5. Charlotte Stein

    What more do you need than a hose and a pool or splash mat in this weather! I hope that the weather made up slightly for the fact it wasn’t a usual half term for you #livingarrows

  6. They both look like they are having so much fun! I’m very jealous of your fish & chips though – our chippy is still shut and its the one takeaway I would love right now! Hope you managed to have a good half term x

  7. I know what you mean about achieving something. We are in loft conversion limbo and have no projects we can be cracking on with at the moment. I’m itching to do something but there really isn’t anything! x

  8. Andrea Fletcher

    The paddling pool looks like so much fun, love the sprinkler.

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    HAPPY BANK holiday weekend all Stay safe Have fun as always

  10. Lyndsey cooksey

    Aww happy bank holiday! That sprinkler looks cool and refreshing! Funnily enough my daughter asked for a pool about 10 minutes ago. I’ve not gone anywhere either, just for our essential shop. Enjoy today and this week. Croatia will still be there to visit some other time.

  11. That sprinkler looks like sooo much fun!! Have a good week 🙂 #livingarrows

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