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Allergies have been part of our lives now since Monkey was seven months old. I remember being told that hummus is a good weaning food. Which it was with Kipper. But it turned out that Monkey had a sesame allergy. So hummus was not a great weaning food after all. The process of watching your baby develop water blisters all over his hands and round his mouth was terrifying. Especially as a first time parent. Helpless was an understatement. Thankfully at that age his hand eye coordination was not great. So he didn’t actually swallow any.

Even now at almost eight Monkey still has a sesame allergy. But it turns out that he also has others. Including pet dander, tree pollen, dust, horse and donkey. We found out the last in the worse possible way. Donkey rides at a Summer fair. He was about three and desperate to go on a donkey. We didn’t think anything of it. The lady picked him up and put him on the donkey. A couple of minutes into the ride  he was crying in pain. All under his arms there were hives and all down his legs on the side closest to the donkey. He was so upset all he wanted to do was to go on the donkey. It took a long time for the hives  to go down. I felt like a rotten parent. Ice cream did eventually help and stop the tears.

Home Allergy Tests

If I had realised that it was possible to test for allergies at home then I would have definitely looked into getting one for Monkey. They can be done quite easily at home and can give you an indication of what is triggering your symptoms. An allergy test on its own won’t tell you if you have allergy though. An accurate diagnosis of allergy requires both a test and a consultation with your doctor. However it would have given us a starting point. It may have also prepared us for donkey rides at the Summer fair.

If you are considering taking an allergy test at home. have experience with allergies that goes back over 100 years. With their background in science they offer two different tests you can order online. One which is a DIY home test for grass pollen, dust mite and cat sensitisation. The other is a home to lab test which considers your body’s reaction to 280+ allergens. Including pollen, pets, mites, insect stings, moulds & yeasts and food.  Within three weeks you will receive a comprehensive report to discuss with your doctor. For a child under the age of 12 you need to get the test performed by a doctor.

Living with allergies can be difficult. I need to be constantly prepared with medication and vigilant to what he is doing and what he is eating. Thankfully Monkey is not bad and a simple anti histamine will treat his symptoms. But even when it is not complicated it is something else to remember and something else to prepare for. With prices for the tests starting at £19.99 you can find out more on the website. I do think that it would have given us the ability to be a lot more prepared.

Have you taken an allergy test before, what was your experience? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Home Allergy Tests


  1. Wow! One tests over 280 allergens? That’s pretty impressive without a doctor’s office. How long do they take to process?

  2. Oh wow this is useful for kids and people with allergies for sure. I didn’t know this existed.

  3. Woah I never knew an at home allergy testing kit was a thing. What a gray way to save time and money from going to the doctors office. I did one when I was you younger at the doctors office and it was pretty torturous.

    • Lyndsey cooksey Reply

      Wow I didn’t know you could home test allergies! It the not knowing when it comes to reactions. That’s alot to cover! 280 allergens!

  4. As a first time parent, I can only image how worried and scared you might have felt seeing your son develop these symptoms. Having a home test kit is such a wonderful solution for parents like yourself.

  5. I remember when my oldest was a baby, she broke out everywhere after eating an egg. It was terrifying. I am glad to hear they have home allergy tests now!

  6. Such a frightening time when you don’t know what is causing a reaction, great to see that there is a relatively easy way that can be completed at home without having to wait for GP referral etc.


    It’s good you can get the home allergy test. The home to lab test covers loads of allergens. That’s a great way to identifying the issue faster.

  8. Melanie williams Reply

    I feel your pain with this, as I have allergy issues, so know exactly how you feel, as it is extra stress on your family for sure…a home test kit is a great way to find out the facts for sure x

  9. My brother has twins and so I am always looking to make sure they are safe. Food allergies are scary, so I’m all for proper home allergy tests.

  10. I do know about home allergy tests now, but when my kids were young and having allergies they were not available. I am glad though, that our kids only had mild seasonal allergies, so it wasn’t a huge struggle for us like it is for many others.

  11. I love that you can test at home which makes life easier…it’s so tough dealing with allergies as it is. Thanks for sharing!

  12. How amazing it is that we can actually do it at home? I don’t know anyone without allergies tbh…

  13. Celebrate Woman Today Reply

    I would like to get hold of the test kits to see what allergies we’ve got. Super convenient.

  14. it is much helpful and informative for every reader….Thanks for sharing about these home allergies i haven’t much idea about these…

  15. Emidiv @ hamintellectualgroup Reply

    I never knew there is a home testing kit for allergy. I find this very informative. Thank you.

  16. that is so sad, I have allergy when it’s blooming and it’s taking a tool on me from time to time. Having the source at home must be super hard

  17. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Major allergy sufferer – just about everything there is in daily life (- wish id known about these years ago – great resource

  18. Interesting about the home allergy tests. I was just talking to my friend about her kiddos and how they have grown and adjusted with allergies. It can be so scary but yet manageable too.

  19. Jay Aguirre Reply

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I can’t imagine what it’s like living with dangerous allergies like that. I’ll pass this on to my friends!

  20. A home allergy test would be useful to have, especially now. I’d be interested to know what others I may have.

  21. I’ve been curious about a home allergy test as I use to be mildly allergic to peanut butter and want to know what that’s like now. This is very helpful.

  22. Rhonda Albom Reply

    I am=nd my family have been dealing with allergies for a very long time. Your son’s reaction must have been terrifying and frustrating. Determining what the allergies are is the best way to start.

  23. Jessa Bonelli Reply

    good to know that he Home Allergy Test is a first step to finding out if your symptoms might be caused by an allergy!

  24. Olufunke Kolapo Reply

    I have never heard of at home allergy kit. That would be a lifesaver for me. I live in fear everyday of what else my son could be allergic to.

  25. Bindu Thomas Reply

    I had never heard about such kit for testing allergy. Thank you for the new valuable piece of information

  26. Its really good to read about the home allergy tests!!! I always have thought about them but never know if they worth worth it or not

  27. Carly Belsey Reply

    Wow that must have been scary!!! My daughter had a milk allergy when I first tried her with cow’s milk at 6 months she developed hives all over her body instantly and was screaming, she grew out of this allergy at 6 months but when she was 18 months old she had some peanut butter off of my oatcake and that was super scary and now she has an Epi Pen. She definitely has other allergies as she is constantly developing rashes and has terrible hayfever for which she takes medication for so this test sounds like something I would love to try.

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