Its half term but other than Bank Holiday Monday I have not taken any extra time off. I can not remember the last time I did not have May half term  off. Probably before Monkey started school. I am keeping the holiday for the Summer since our usual childcare arrangements are grandparents and holiday clubs. Neither of which are operating at the moment.

Saturday 23rd May

I would like to say that we did something different today. But we didn’t we spent the day in the garden putting in the last of the vegetable beds. We managed to fill two of them up with soil from another area of the garden. The kids thought it was great fun helping to fill them in. Turned out the place we were collecting the soil from there was a huge hole which they had to get into of course.

Sunday 24th May

Another day, and more time in the garden. The boys have decided they do not want to move now because of the time and effort that is going into it. I planted up some salad and artichokes. We are still waiting on quite a few plants to show up.  The boys were less inclined to help out today choosing to spend time inside on tech. Although Kipper did come and help me plant – he likes planting. He also likes watering the slide and making it into what he calls a water slide. Although he learnt a lesson today and went flying off the end because he had put so much on. Thankfully he didn’t hurt himself.

Monday 25th May

Yay for Bank Holiday. I was woken at 6.30 by a very excited Monkey who wanted to go on a bike ride. I had promised him we would go and said we would need to go early as Kipper wasn’t coming with us. I was not expecting to be woken up quite that early. We headed off down a local bridal way. It is the first time I have ridden on. bike for about ten years. We did about 6.5km so that wasn’t bad. Then the rest of the day was spent potting on  some of my tiny plug plants which are now in 1ltr pots. We also got the sprinker out and the kids had fun playing in the water and having a water pistol fight.

As a treat for the boys we put the fire pit on once they were in their PJs and toasted some marshmallows in the garden. It was a lovely way to end the bank holiday

Tuesday 26th May

Back to work. A little quieter which meant I even managed to spend a lunch break with Kipper. He was set on the fact that we had to go on an adventure after Monkey and I had gone on a bike ride. We effectively walked around the block looking for bugs only we are rural so there isn’t really a block as such.

Wednesday 27th May

Flat out today at work. It is funny how some days seem to drift and others are manic. The only photo I took was one of the chicken soup my husband made for lunch and of my Luffa plants which are enjoying the warmer weather. I just hope they actually produce luffas.

Thursday 28th May

An even busier day. I am not sure I will ever get use to presenting remotely. I rely on reading the room too much. I didn’t take a break at all today and worked late and still didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. The boys were fairly well behaved. No photos. Monkey did take some video to send his little friend for her birthday tomorrow.

Friday 29th May

I have been thinking about taking the boys to the beach now since the lockdown restrictions started to ease. But I was worried that the world and his dog would be there and we would end up turning round and coming home. Which would be worse for the kids than not going in the first place. But I have also become increasingly aware that I have not driven or left the house and surrounding fields for over six weeks. I felt as though it was starting to become an issue for me mentally. So for me the best way to remove anxiety is to get on and do it.

Today was the day. We got up early and went a little further down the coast than we would do normally to a quieter stretch. Plus somewhere that has a carpark and cafe as I hoped social distancing measure would be put in place by the owners.

Turned out that they were and it went well. There was a warden in the carpark directing people. We found a spot right by the carpark and spaced ourselves on a stand part of the beach. Although there were people around everyone kept a distance. The boys enjoyed playing in the sea and building castles before flying a kite.  It was exactly what we needed and I am hoping we will manage another trip soon.

Blog posts this week

Still struggling with motivation in the evenings to write but this week has been better on the blog front:

I even managed to get a video up on my youtube channel

Maybe this will be the week where I actually manage to post everyday again… still not sure how I managed to do that before lockdown.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Fin filled laughter joy and fun – you are an inspiration to all

  2. Lyndsey cooksey Reply

    What a lovely week you have all had! Lovely photos. I was the same when I got back on a bike for the first time since I was a child, I loved it! Funnily enough, we went to a nature reserve today and I said to hubby I would like us all to have a bike and go riding at least once a week. I’ll look forward to seeing your vegetables when they grow! Mmm, roasted marshmallows!

  3. that’s great you got to go out to the beach. We usually go away Easter and May holiday towards the coast, so am really missing it. N on the other hand, isn’t bothered at all at being stuck on the farm. I drive o the local shop once a week-ish but it’s only 5 mins away. The car feels so weird getting in it, and a little out of control. Considering I’m a really confident driver, it’s weird it feels like that.

  4. It sounds like you did the right thing saving your holidays for later in the year.
    It looks and sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun in the garden. That was an early wake up call for the bike ride! hehehe
    It sounds like the trip to the beach went well. x

  5. How lovely that you got out to the beach and social distancing measures were in place for your first trip outside the home in public. sadly I’m 60 miles from the sea or about 80 by road, so it’ll be a long time before i visit the beach. What an early morning start for the bike ride, lovely you managed 1:1 time with both the boys

  6. Ahhh there’s a lesson learned – never say “early” to a kid ! lol. Glad to see you have had some fun trips out, both walking around the block and taking a trip to the beach. I’m glad it wasn’t too busy. I haven’t dared go to our beach yet, as I’ve seen the photos and it’s manic !

  7. glad you found a space on the beach that was not to crowded, on friday round here, 1st none lock down day they were shoulder to shoulder standing room only, not for me.
    An early morning bike ride for 2 with Monkey sounds good, he seemed very excited.
    Great balance with a bug hunt for Kipper.

  8. Looks like you have had a great week so glad you got to the seaside, we have not ventured far yet!

  9. I am glad you managed to get to the beach, always a nice treat and glad you felt safe there. I have seen photo’s of some beaches and it makes me feel quite nervous. The fire pit looks exciting! My two love marshmallow toasting. That was an early bike ride, my eldest doesn’t move very fast in the mornings.

  10. I love that top photo of the boys with the kite.
    So glad you found a quiet bit of beach. Some of the pictures of beaches on social media and TV have been horrendous! Well done on your first bike ride in 10 years! I ride my bike about once a year, when we go to Padstow. I’m not even sure we will be able to go this year.

  11. Hahahahah, cute trying to get into the huge hole. Woah Kipper! Nice track for a bike ride. OooooO Marshmallows.. Must be fun going to the beach at last; good to know social distancing measures were taken

  12. What a lovely week you have all had. Such gorgeous weather and lovely photos. I look forward to seeing your vegetables when they grow. I’ve never tried to grow anything like that before. I do love roasted marshmallows x

  13. Sim @ Sim's Life Reply

    So glad you got out for a trip to the beach, I am longing to visit one but our closest beach is 45 minutes away… in Blackpool… I may wait a little longer! 😉 Making a water slide sounds fun but glad Kipper was ok after learning that it may not be the wisest move! I cannot even believe we had a Bank Holiday, every day just feels the same! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  14. Lots of outdoor fun this week with bike rides, the gardening and the beach. Intrigued by the luffa plants – had to go off for a bit of google. I thought they were cucumbers from the picture, so I was glad to see that they are a relation so I wasn’t far out.

  15. Oups, being woken up by an over-enthusiastic child is not fun. Toasting marshmallows is fab! We only do that on the Guy Fawkes night for some reason, when my Mum visits. Is that the luffa plant in the photo? It looks very healthy.

  16. Glad you managed to enjoy some time at the beach and that everyone was good at maintaining social distancing. Another busy week in the garden. The photo of Kipper in the hole made me chuckle. Looks like you had a lovely bike ride with Monkey even if it was a very early start! #project366

  17. I can’t wait to go to the beach! My MIL lives close to one so we usually visit several times a year but not in 2020… #project366

  18. Gemma Hendry Reply

    We tried to go to beach but was way to windy, glad you had fun

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