‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We had a glorious day on the Friday. I had worked the rest of the half term and had been toying all week whether to visit the beach. Its not far from us but I had been put off by some of the pictures in the papers from the previous weekend. However the place I was planning is small and relatively unknown unless you are a local. Plus we were all starting to climb the walls and I was starting to wonder if I would actually ever leave the house. Having not driven for six weeks I was starting to feel anxious about it. So the best way for me to deal with that is to confront it.

Thankfully when we arrived at the beach it was well managed with wardens parking cars at a socially acceptable distance. Although there were other families on the beach. I actually saw some friends, everyone was well spaced. The tide was out and the kids had plenty of space to run and roam. Having been coupled up for so long I took a lot of photos! But I have chosen these two of the boys. The one of Monkey is taken with his first ice cream out of the season. There was a little shop selling them next to the beach. I think he felt like he had just struck gold!

This one of Kipper was taken in the sea. Which was surprisingly warm and very shallow. The boys enjoyed floating around and generally just playing. It was beautiful. Both are asking if we can return next Friday! It makes me hopeful for the Summer holidays and the return of some sort of normality.

Hope you had a great half term, stay safe and well x


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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Cant believe this was over a year ago – still makes me smile

  2. Carly Belsey

    We had a couple of fab days at our local small beach too. We are very lucky to have the seaside near us especially at this time. We were climbing the walls too until we went to the quiet beach.

  3. It looks like you had a fab day. I can’t believe the sea was warm enough to swim in! Monkey looks very pleased with his ice cream too 🙂

  4. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    It looks like you had a brilliant time! I can’t wait to go to the beach, feel the sand on my feet x

  5. Charlotte Stein

    You can see you made teh right decision jut by looking at the boys faces 😁 #livingarrows

  6. Anthony Harrington

    we have a lot of beaches near us, so easy to find the quiet more remote sections , managed to sit and look out to see this week, so nice as the weather was perfect

  7. Gemma Hendry

    Looks fantastic fun on the beach and im glad you are all safe and well

  8. It looks like you had such a great time at the beach. I haven’t driven in 11 weeks now, hoping I don’t forget how! x

  9. Nigel Soper

    It would be lovely to get back to the seaside but it’s just to risky for us at the moment

  10. It looks like you had lots fun at the beach! Mine haven’t been out much either other than for a couple of walks locally. I would love to go for a proper day out but I am worried about the crowds as realistically, we can only get out a the weekends! #LivingArrows

  11. Jazz Tattersall

    Thank god the traffic wardens were helpful where you went when I went to broadhaven they were ticketing people for parking along the road despite the car parks being shut

  12. Margaret Gallagher

    Sunshine and happiness – your pics radiate joy – beauty

  13. Its so nice to see the kids having fun again!!! I am sure they were very excited about going!

  14. Oh it looks so lovely! I really want to go to the beach but am also scared by all the photos I’ve seen. Would be a pretty long way for us and I don’t know where would be quiet! These are gorgeous photos 🙂 #livingarrows

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