AD – We were gifted a Frog 48 bike in return for this post. All words and opinions are my own. The Best Kids Bike To Learn To Ride

The Best Kids Bike To Learn To Ride. Kipper turned four last month. For his birthday we were gifted a Frog 48. He has been using a balance bike now since he was about two and half. Over the months he has become very competent on it, giving Monkey a run for his money in the lane outside our house. He would speed along and hold his legs up off the ground staying perfectly up right. So I knew he was ready for a pedal bike and to learn how to ride.

Who are Frog Bikes?

Frog bikes are passionate about ensuring children can learn to ride with a bike that inspires confidence. Unlike many other kids bikes they are sized by inside leg length and not age. The reason for this is because in each age group there is a wide range of leg lengths! Kipper has always been on the larger side. So this really works for him.

I absolutely love that their bikes have been developed based on a research programme with sport scientists at Brunel university. And do you know what, you can tell. They have created child specific geometry for all their bike frames. Meaning that the ride is easier and more comfortable. Plus as we can demonstrate below it is a lot easier to learn how to ride. Read on to find out about our experience ..

Our Choice

Choosing our bike, as we are still in lockdown in the UK I could not go to a local bike shop. Frog recommends that the best way to purchase one of their bikes is via a bike shop. But since they were all shut, I measured Kipper’s inside leg and it came in at 46cm. Meaning that he fell in between the Frog 40 and Frog 48. Since he was closer to 48cm this is what we opted for.

There is a temptation to buy a bike for kids to grow into. Frog recommends that you do not do this, because it can make the learning process more difficult. If we were buying this in store then there is a useful Frogfit app which can help determine which bike is right for your child. It is based on the data collected made Frog did their child specific frame design research.

The Frog 48

The Frog 48 is aimed at children aged 4-5 and has a 16 inch wheel. It is also incredibly light at  6.59kg which is less than Kipper weighed at 2 months old. This is because it is made out of treated alluminim. Not only does this mean that it is easy to manuover but it also means that it is easy to carry. Very useful on both accounts when your little one is learning to ride for the first time.

To help with confidence the Frog 48 is fitted with Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake levers. Meaning that they give greater control to the rider. Everything has been designed to encourage confidence in the learning process. The Frog 48  also has patented Frog cranks for easier pedalling. These reduce the distance between the pedals increasing efficiency and comfort ideal for littler legs.

The quality is second to none and exactly what I would expect from a leading kids bike manufacturer. Not only does it look very smart with its bright red paint work but I really like the Frog logo and the little spots of green throughout. Plus the fact it has mud guards and a little bell means we will be able to go off roading in no time!

The Frog 48 is available in seven colours, Electric Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Spotty and USA and is priced at £280. It comes with a five year warranty on the frame and forks which is just as well since they also come with large seat posts. Meaning the saddle can be raised a long way as the Kipper grows.

The Best Kids Bike To Learn To Ride – Our Experience

The Frog 48 arrived extremely well packaged. All we needed to do was to straighten the handle bars and clip on the pedals. Of course once we had done this Kipper wanted to head out and give it a go straight away.

Ride One

Opposite where we live there is a big playing field so we headed there to give him enough space to try out his bike for the first time. Having never peddled before it took him a while to get use to it. He also struggled with going in a straight line and kept turning in circles. But this was short lived and by the end of the session he was managing to ride in a straight line with an adult holding onto the seat to help keep him upright. He also had great fun getting use to the brakes!

Ride Two

Building on what we did a couple of days before he we focused on getting on and getting off. Kipper learnt how to stop and get off his bike rather than throwing himself onto the floor with the bike landing on top of him. He also started to learn that if he peddles faster he goes faster. He still needs an adult or his brother to help him by holding onto the seat. Although by the end of the practice he was okay with a hand on his back. Hubby did manage to remove it all together a couple of times. But he would wobble and look round. So needing the reassurance more than anything.

Ride Three

There had been a break of over a week since we had last gone out on the bike so I was worried that he may have forgotten it. But he got straight on. At the beginning of the lesson he still needed some support to kick off. But almost straight away he was riding without anyone holding onto the seat or placing a hand on his back. Turning posed a few issues initially and he seemed only to want to turn to the left, but by the end of the ride he was turning to both left and right without coming off all by himself. He was also racing his brother building up quite a speed considering he had only just learnt.

Each session was roughly about half an hour. He still needs some help with kicking off and he is a little wobbly but he has effectively learnt to ride a bike in three weeks. Having never been on a pedal bike before and without ever having stabilisers. I am sure it will not be long until he is giving his brother a run for his money on some of our usual bike routes.


Our Conclusion

I am super proud of him picking it up so quickly. Another milestone ticked off the list, my little boy is definitely growing up.  I know each child is different but comparing this to the experience we had with Monkey it is so much more positive. Kipper found it a lot easier and he picked it up so much quicker and there were no tears of frustration. I am sure this is in part down to his Frog 48 and the fact it is so lightweight. Plus it has been designed specifically for children progressing to their first bike.

You can see his progress in action over on instagram story highlight.  I would not hesitate to recommend a Frog bike it has made a massive difference to Kipper’s learning experience. And above all he loves it wanting to go out on it all the time and therefore representing very good value. When it comes to kids bikes you get what you pay for. I can really see it when I compare Monkey’s existing bike from a well known high street retailer with Kippers new Frog 48. I am sure it will not be long until Monkey needs a new one and I know which brand will be at the top of my list.

Because not only will I be able to hand it down to Kipper. But actually because Frog bikes are so good they really hold their resale value. So once the boys have finished with theirs instead of filling landfill we will be able to sell them onto another family. Have your little ones learnt to ride yet? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

The Best Kids Bike To Learn To Ride

The Best Kids Bike To Learn To Ride


  1. Susan Willshee

    I wish I’d had a frog bike when I was little. I’ve never been confident on a bike. We even rented cycles when we were in Lanzarote a few years ago because the main stretch of seafront had a lovely flat cycle lane. I got about 10 meters from the hire station before I fell off!

  2. Anthony Harrington

    excellent! cycling very popular with all ages since the lock down

  3. Andrea Fletcher

    Lovely photo’s. That looks like a great bike.

  4. This looks like a great bike to learn how to ride on

  5. I remember teaching each of my 4 kids how to ride a bike. There is such a sense of joy and freedom when they finally do it on their own.

  6. Lavern Moore

    These are some great tips for how to stay motivated and inspired to learn how to ride a new bike!

  7. Ruth Harwood

    We’ll be teaching my little girl to ride a bike soon – hope it works out well, my son has balance issues and never could manage it!

  8. I’ve been seeing so many more people go bike riding in the last few months – it’s such a nice outdoor activity.

  9. Lush Fab Glam

    Learning to ride is such a beautiful milestone for the little ones and it’s great to find a bicycle that makes it that much easier.

  10. I still remember when I learn biking I was almost 8 years old and it was an experience that I could remember till now. I think the little bike is just so cute and ideal.

  11. Looks like a fantastic bike and one which I wish my daughter had when we was learning to ride a bike as she took a while to pick it up. She is very good at it now though.

  12. Nigel Soper

    The problem is that children tend to grow quickly and outgrow their bikes. Then you have the dilemma of whether to buy a new bike for the next member of the family or encouraging them to use a hand me down. Then something deep inside tells you to show your love to No 2 as you did for No 1 . Then No 2 outgrows their bike … and then before you know it you have shed full of bikes all too small for all 3 or 4 children. Someone should invent a bike that grows with the child!

  13. Elicit Folio

    saving this Pin! My niece was just telling us that she was looking for a new bike. I want to make sure I surprise her with one of good quality. I will order this one for her!

  14. Catherine

    Wonderful memories! It’s funny how of all our childhood memories, we all remember learning to ride our bikes. It’s a sweet moment to treasure.

  15. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    You made me recollect my childhood days and the days when my son was learning to ride a bike. It’s really fun. The best part is kids learn so fast. Coming to the post, the bike is so cute. Your kids enjoyed a lot, that I can clearly make out after reading the article and looking at the pictures. You have done a good review.

  16. Melissa Cushing

    Love this and this looks like a greta bike for learning to ride! I had a Huffy bike as a kid and the training wheels eventually net upwards so the I ended up learning to ride without them which is too funny…. but honestly teaching your kid to ride is so rewarding! Enjoyed this and thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. My son is still too young to learn how to ride a bike but I’ve never heard of this bike, this is awesome…Bookmarking it.

  18. I have always thought these were really cool and such a good way to learn. Bike riding is such a fun way to have a little freedom as a child and explore.

  19. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    That is a nice looking bike! We also got a bike for our grandson for his 4th birthday, also his bike has training wheels. Your son can ride very well. I hope my grandson would get better at riding his bike so we can take the training wheels off.

  20. Well done! My daughter doesn’t know how to ride a bike yet but we are learning. Having a lightweight bike is a must for us. It’s easier for kids to use and it’s easier for you to carry it home when the kid is tired or doesn’t want to use the bike.

  21. lynn neal

    Well done Kipper you are doing an amazing job!

  22. Tracy Nixon

    It looks like it’s a great bike and what a great time to start learning!

  23. The other day in the park there was a child who had to learn to ride a bike and no adults and children who helped him properly, as I would like you to read this blog post of yours!

  24. My youngest is now 8 years old, so this actually gave me some fond memories of all of my kiddos learning to ride their bikes. 🙂

  25. i remember being so scared learning to ride my bike. i am sure many parents will be grateful for this post so they can find a great starter bike for the kiddos.

  26. What a great little bike! This post brings back so many memories. Learning to ride a bike is a fantastic experience and one every kid should have. The frog 48 looks like a great option.

  27. Daniel Sierra

    Learning to ride your first bike is a great experience! I remember falling a lot but it was worth it! This bike looks really nice and the red color is beautiful, I need to start shopping for my kid’s first bike And the frog 48 looks like a good place to start

  28. I wish I learned how to bike at a young age. I never knew how to ride and I keep falling. I think it’s best when kids learn it at an early age.

  29. Jazz Fulcher

    I wish this had been around when I was still a kid, I need to learn as an adult

  30. My baby is 100% not old enough for this but my husband and I were legit just having a bike (for him) convo a minute ago!

  31. Lyndsey cooksey

    Oh bless him, he looks so confident! I’ve not heard of frog bikes before, I shall pass this review on to my nephew who will be turning 4 in a few weeks.

  32. Oh my goodness! this post just brought me down memory lane with my kiddos (who are now 10 and 11 years old). I remember when they learned to ride thier bikes, such a dear diary moment for parents ; )
    looks like a great bike to learn how to ride!

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  35. Melanie williams

    Aw this takes me back to when my parents taught me to bike ride…such happy memories for sure x

  36. Mel Pennie

    What a great little bike, and looks like you all had fun . I can always remember my Nan holding onto the back of my bike when I was learning . . . many years ago now!

  37. I have run after 6 kids hanging onto the back of bikes to get them to ride. Fun times! I love the look of these frog bikes with the addition of pedals when they are ready.

  38. Kipper looks so confident as he goes for his biking sessions on his Frog 48! I like that this bike is light, easy to maneuver and that there is an app to really help with purchases especially in this pandemic time.

  39. I’ve never heard of these before, but they sound amazing! My youngest daughter learned in 5 minutes. It was crazy. Like she had been riding her entire life.

  40. What a neat bike! This sounds like a great way for kids to learn to ride bikes. Your little guy is adorable, and I love his helmet!

  41. Margaret Gallagher

    Brilliant – my great neice will be getting one for her 4th BIRTHDAY – thanks for the info

  42. Looks like it was a beauiful da to teach him how to rid, kids learn fast he should be having fun soon

  43. My niece is coming up to the age to start learning to ride a bike. The Frog 48 would be ideal for her!

  44. Learning to ride a bike can be very tricky but so much fun they have mange to do it.

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