All the days are blurring into one and if I don’t take any photos then I can not remember what did we did what. Amongst the work and schooling. I am seriously going to have to come up with some plans for the Summer otherwise I fear our whole year may end up this way. I also read the startling news that when the kids do eventually go back in September it may not be on a full time basis. It does make sense when you think about it  I just hadn’t thought about it. And the fear of that juggling act when we are likely to both be back at work fills me with dread!

Saturday 30th May

After our day at the beach on Friday Saturday was a bit of a let down. We had planned on throwing ourselves into the gardening project again. But the weather was so hot that none of us, especially the kids felt like spending time out there. Which consequently meant some plants that I should have put in the ground never made it and have been slowly suffering in the greenhouse.  It did at least force the kids to play together when I turned off all tech!

Sunday 31st May

It was too hot again today even if we took the parasols to the veggie beds. Instead we spent some time in the field opposites on bikes. And Kipper actually learnt to ride, it was the third time we had taken him out of the bike and he loved it. We were very proud of him since we haven’t used stablisers at all. I tried to catch up on blog work but again lacking the motivation.  The kids played with the sprinkler in the afternoon and Monkey decided he was so hot he wanted to put his head in a bucket of water?  I suppose it is a quick way to cool down.

Monday 1st June

Back at work. Not so many struggles with home schooling as Monkey could do his maths which he enjoys. Kipper and I finished a stain glass window craft for his room. All the stickers are numbered so its a great way to help him with recognising larger ones. I could do with the same using letters as I am worried with him not going back to nursery that he will not be ready for school and we don’t have the time during the day to sit and go through books with him.

Tuesday 2nd June

Other than taking Kipper down the lane to get some pictures with his balloons it was uneventful. Of course getting a picture with the balloons was easier said than done. He decided he wanted to wear his four balloon rather than pose.

Wednesday 3rd June

Some time in the garden after work watching Kipper learn to rollerblade. He loves his skates and wants to go out the front like his older brother. But at the moment he struggles to stay upright. Although he is starting to get the motion on the grass.

Thursday 4th June

Didn’t take a single photo today. By the time Thursday comes along I am shattered. The highlight was a zoom call with work which we do most Thursdays only this time we played Scattergories. I have not played it for years and it was really quite funny. Its given me an idea for playing something similar when we have zoom calls with friends. I didn’t take a single photo today.

Friday 5th June

The weather forecast wasn’t great so despite protests we didn’t head to the beach. I did manage to book a couple of car park slots at another local beach which is limiting numbers and a visit to my favourite National Trust property for my birthday. Although if Kipper hadn’t woken me up at 6am I may not have been able to when they opened as many of the times had already sold out. Every cloud has a silver lining! May have to set my alarm for next week as we missed out on our closest property they got snapped up that quickly.

Other than that the day was pretty non distinguishable. I have very little motivation at the moment and spend most of the time just feeling meh. And being treated with contempt by the eldest. I am hoping it is just a phase! We did make some cupcakes in the morning, although I think the self raising flour was old there didn’t seem much rise left. Although Kipper enjoyed icing and decorating them. We also went out for a walk locally and I planted the sunflowers that we have grown from seed. We didn’t do much else in the garden although planning on spending most of the weekend in it. The fact that it is meant to be cooler is perfect gardening weather.

Blog posts this week

ha ha ….. still no closer to writing a post a day! I have been more active on Instagram though so at least I am still trying to maintain one social media platform…

My goal next week is to have more than two posts written and to try and complete one of my craft projects.

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  1. I love the wayy Kipper is looking at his refection in the balloon!

  2. Lyndsey cooksey Reply

    Another love week for you. I agree with the weather, it’s been a bit hot to go out and do some gardening. I’ve loved reading about Kipper learning to ride his bike! Those cupcakes look delicious too 🙂

  3. Nigel Soper Reply

    A big well done not only for your parenting but for writing and publishing the blog too

  4. Jazz Tattersall Reply

    I love working in the garden when it’s hot, it’s so calm

  5. A lovely summary. This year must be one of the most challenging ever for parents. Hope the plants in the greenhouse survive long enough for you to plant and enjoy them.

  6. Gemma Massey Reply

    Well done kipper and that’s so nice to see play time without technology

  7. I wouldn’t worry too much about Kipper being ready for school. My sister in law (who has taught reception, nursery and year one for years) says that number and letter recognition aren’t that important as they do lots of that. It’s better to have a good vocabulary and a sense or understanding of time and lengths of time (apparently quite a few kids have no idea about that). Well done to Kipper on learning to ride a bike – I wish H had learnt that easily.

  8. well done Kipper on learning to ride the bike and learning to roller blade. I had blades for Christmas, they’re sitting unused now in Dubai, never mind. Glad you got the car park slots and some days out booked, what a good idea to limit numbers on the beach

  9. Amazing lovely pictures as always. I agree, it will be a strange scenario when we get back to school or work. Must feel amazing to put one’s head in a cold bucket of water. The stained glass window looks amazing. Kipper is so adorable. Happy birthday! Good thing you were able to go to the beach. Cute little cupcakes

  10. Well done to Kipper for mastering the bike! The stained glass creation looks lovely. I wouldn’t worry about Kipper being ready for school. All of the kids are in the same boat and the reality is that schools’ expectations of children when they start school are a lot lower than we expect them to be as parents! They don’t need to recognise letters or numbers, they just need to be able to go to the toilet and put their own coats on and off.
    It’s good to hear that the local beach is having booked parking spaces to avoid overcrowding.

  11. Another love week for you. Our weather has been pretty rubbish. Well done Kipper learning to ride his bike. Those cupcakes look delicious too xx

  12. I have LOTS of pics needing edited for a blog post but never get round to it. Also need to take garden pics for another post, and never get round to it either, I just want to craft and let the rest of the world pass me by. Stop the world and I will get off!!!
    Hopefully the contempt is his way of dealing with this.
    The cakes look nice.

  13. Don’t worry about school – he’ll pick it up quick enough 🙂 Great to see the fun you’ve been having outside, with the bike and the roller skates. The balloon pic is cool too – very cute !

  14. Sim @ Sim's Life Reply

    What a gorgeous stained glass! I used to do stain glass crafting when I was younger, should do some with Liv!
    I am chuckling at Monkey sticking his head in a bucket of water… last weekend was gorgeous though – a complete change this week though, where has the sun disappeared to? That’s crazy you have to book car parking slots for the beach, but I guess it does help limit the masses!
    Well done to Kipper on his 3rd outing on the bike, he will get there with the roller blades – though even as an adult I would be like a giraffe on ice!
    Hope you have had a lovely week! Sim x
    PS… So glad you managed to get some of the Harry Potter fabric bundles from Aldi! 🙂 They are gorgeous!x

  15. I do wonder how things are going to be with the children going back in September. I can imagine it may not be full-time and things are going to be very different for quite a long time. Well done to Kipper for being able to ride without stabilisers. Love that stained glass window craft. Glad you managed to get tickets to visit your favourite National Trust property for your birthday. #project366

  16. Great picture of Kipper with the reflections in the balloon. Big well done to him for learning to bike. I agree, things won’t be the same again in September. You’re so clever to do the stained glass decoration, it looks lovely.
    Glad to hear that you managed to book the slots to visit places you want, even if it meant you had to be woken up too early.

  17. Ooh I love the stained glass craft: will have to look out for one for my three. I am finding blogging strange: I either have a dozen posts on the go or none! #project366

  18. I really love the stain glass window craft, might have to get some of those. I agree with you, think we will have to think carefully about how to make things more interesting in the summer holidays too. It seems like this is our new life for awhile yet x

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