Here we go again. Weeks are still merging into one. My business has confirmed we will not be back in the office again this year. Both boys are still at home and the video which the school released at the end of the week pointed very clearly to the fact that Monkey will not be back this term. I got on the scales and have put on more than one or two corona pounds. The realisation that I need to do something about it now before it becomes an issue hit this week. Which started in earnest on Wednesday this week. We have also started to venture out more in a safe social distancing way. With another trip to a different beach and a National Trust property.

Saturday 6th June

We had planned on doing a full day in the garden but I only managed to get the asparagus in and some carrots before the heavens opened.  So we all retreated inside. Since we had nothing better to do we decided it was time for a haircut. It was the first one so far this lockdown and it was met with some uncertainty by the boys. Daddy ended up doing the cutting and I the entertainment during the process. It really was only a trim! I then had a go at cutting the husbands but talked myself out of it pretty much before I began. Knowing I would not be forgiven if it was un-rescueable by the hairdresser….

Sunday 7th June

We spent the day in the garden. The morning mainly weeding the veg beds and planting out some more seedlings. The boys initially started to help but got bored quickly.  So I ended up leaving the husband to it and doing craft kits with Kipper instead. Monkey was happy mixing cement and laying some paving slabs between our beds. The slabs and cement are old from when we pulled up the previous patio about seven years ago. But surprisingly still useable. I have discovered since starting the garden project that the husband doesn’t throw anything away.

Monday 8th June

Mondays seem to come around far too quickly at the moment. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything I want to get done done? After work we took a quick walk around the block Monkey found this giant dandelion. I have never seen one so big. He couldn’t wait to blow it so this was all that was left by the time I managed to get my camera out.  When we got back I took photos of our roses. If we do end up moving then this could be the last time I see them bloom. I am thinking of trying to take root cuttings using potatoes. Apparently this is the easiest  way!


Tuesday 9th June

After work I took the boys to ride their bikes. Kipper has been desperate to get over to the field to give it another go. He struggles with stamina at the moment but can now ride round the whole field on his own. Although getting going is still tricky for him. It is lovely watching them race together across the fields. Sometimes the age gap still feels so big but then at other times I can see it reducing.

Wednesday 10th June

The boys and I went out for a walk after work today. We went to a garden which we have not been to since well before lockdown. It was a good bribery technique to get Monkey to complete his school work. Although the weather was not the best they still enjoyed running around. Watching them lark around and enjoy somewhere which is not the footpath next to our house was heart warming. I also liked to see some of the flowers in bloom, feel like we have missed a lot of the flowers already!

Thursday 11th June

Busy workday for me meant I could not take the hour I normally do with the boys. I attended a virtual coaching course and discovered that I much prefer to give a solution rather than coax it out of them. I need a lot more practice. I had an exciting delivery this week. I ordered a paint by diamond picture back in the middle of March when we first went into lockdown. I have been chasing it ever since. It finally turned up and I could not wait to give it ago. I think it is going to take a long time to complete…

Friday 12th June

I had booked the car park at a different more popular beach after our first trip out two weeks ago. Of course I hadn’t thought that the glorious weather we have been having would disappear! But when we woke and it wasn’t raining we decided to go anyway. Of course it didn’t last long but we had picked a spot near some bushes so could shelter from the rain. It wasn’t long until it started spitting. But we got a bit longer before the downpour.  Because of the weather it was empty and we managed to eat our picnic so I am calling that a win. Plus it gave us enough time to get home to make yet more cupcakes and have a bit of a tidy up. By the end of the week it always looks like a mini cyclone has raced through the house…

Blog posts this week

A little more productive this week although I still haven’t managed to get to some of the many drat posts I have. Who knows I may find the motivation this week?

Have a great week and stay safe  x

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  1. We trimmed the boys’ hair at the start of lockdown and I have had to do around their ears again this weekend. My split ends are awful so I’m hoping salons open again soon. I’m going to try the diamond painting once I’ve finished my cross stitch set #project366

  2. Enjoy your diamond painting, we did some smaller ones and I thoroughly enjoyed them, I would love to get a bigger one like this. It is a shame the weather has been so hit and miss, fortunately it looks like warmer weather is on the way! We haven’t done anymore gardening lately, I love how your enthusiasm never waivers.

  3. My boys badly need haircuts, but I am scared to do it for them. I am also not sure when I will be back at work, I go in next week for half a day to talk about it. We shall see. I am also working on the corona lbs!! :O #project365

  4. Tee Simpson

    What a busy productive wwek. Good job on the haircuts. We are trying to keep active to as I feel it is so impotant at the moment!

  5. Loving the boys’ raincoats!!! they look happy here!!! looks like fun!

  6. Well done on the haircuts ! I took Pierre to the hairdresser’s yesterday and he shaved most of it off – it looks so different as it had got really long ! Better for the summer though. The bike riding is coming along well. Lovely to see the boys having fun together. The trip to the beach sounds better really as at least you could avoid the crowds 🙂

  7. What a striking blue wall, a perfect background for a bit of modelling. 🙂 Well done on the haircuts! My guys’ hair needs trimming again, but I’ve been postponing it, as the previous hair-dressing session didn’t go that well. Well done to Kipper who’s getting more confident on a bike. I haven’t been on the scales, I really don’t want to know.

  8. I haven’t been brave enough to go near the scales but I’m sure I have put on one or two corona pounds too! Love the boys’ coats. Kipper has done so well with learning to ride his bike, it must be lovely for him to be able to ride it all around the field now and race with his brother. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the beach even if the weather wasn’t so great. #project366

  9. Another interesting week, I love the boys expressions when about to have a haircut. So cute. I really hope the weather improves x

  10. It doesn’t like my girls will be going back anytime soon. Eldest has been given GCSE books to start on them at home and the youngest has had a goodbye newsletter from her school (she is in Year 2 and changes school for year 3). Sad for the youngest that they won’t get a proper goodbye but the school have promised to hold a party when it is safe to do so.

    Well done on the haircuts! Don’t think I would touch my husbands hair either

  11. Good that you have been able to get out and about to some different places this week. I’m with you on the lockdown pounds – need to shift them – wish I could get back to swimming.

  12. Lovely pictures, and some tongue sticking out 😛 corona pounds? cute. Cute haircuts. OoOo it’s understandable; I love blowing dandelions as well! OoOo diamond painting sounds cool, as I’ve seen other project 366ers doing it too. Glad you were able to enjoy your picnic. The beach looks lovely

  13. A definite win indeed! I still can’t get over the fact you need to book a car parking space at the beach, however I imagine it would have been lovely and quiet at the weekend! Glad you got to enjoy your picnic before the downpour!
    Loving the boys clothes in the top image, such awesome colours and prints – do love bold prints! Not as much as I love that rose though, how beautiful! I cannot wait for my tea roses to bloom in the garden, shouldn’t be much longer and the purple roses willbe out! 🙂
    That’s mental that you will not be back in your office at all this year, how do you feel about that? Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  14. More lovely photos and another busy week! Loved your closing comment about a mini cyclone through the house. Sounds familiar.

  15. Loving the haircuts. Kipper’s doing really well with his bike. It’s always starting off that’s the hard part to learn.

  16. Margaret Gallagher

    Super fun and joy for you all – brilliant week

  17. My friend made me a gorgeous diamond dot picture of flamingoes, I’ve done a couple of cards from pound stretcher, thought I’d just use one colour at a time, but it makes sense to complete a row at a time as I found I strayed from the dots and didn’t have space in some areas. Love you still managed to get to the beach despite the rain. That rose is a lovely shade of red, my mother would always take her plants with her from garden to garden

  18. Carly Belsey

    Well done for cutting the boys’ hair, I was so nervous when I did the other half’s and my 12 year old son’s hair, I really messed up the back of my sons but he forgave me eventually haha. At least it wasn’t busy on the beach when you went, even though the weather wasn’t great.

  19. Andrea Fletcher

    Sounds like you had a good week with lots of interesting activities.

  20. Jazz Tattersall

    Such beautiful roses how do you keep them so healthy

  21. Nigel Soper

    i love the pictures of the boys – so reminiscent of ours when they were a similar age

  22. I suppose it’s good that you know where you stand with not going back into the office and with Monkey not going back to school. I think all of us have probably put a bit of weight on during lock down. I know I have. Eek!
    It sounds like the haircuts went well.
    Fab photos. It sounds like you’ve had a busy week. x

  23. lynn neal

    I’m glad you mnaged to get the haircuts done, I have had a go at my fringe but it is a bit wonky!

  24. Elinor Fisher

    I have never heard of Paint by Diamond before and it looks a great hobby to do during lockdown so now I think I will try it too!

  25. ashleigh allan

    Looks a good week, shame about the weather for the beach but at least you got some time there!

  26. Well done on getting the haircuts done! My boys had theirs shaved right at the start of lockdown, and my daughter and husband cut his between them! Kipper is doing brilliantly with his bike riding! It must have been nice to get out to some different places this week. It’s good that you have the confirmation that you won’t be in the office for the rest of the year, as at least you have certainty.

  27. Ruth Harwood

    Love that the boys look so happy doing different things without other kids – lockdown is awful for all of us, but worse for kids, I think xx

  28. Priscilla Stubbs

    Another interesting week to read about. I love the boys’-expressions when about to have a haircut. I finally allowed my husband to cut my fringe which didn’t turn out too bad. The weather should be better this coming week

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