Tough week this week. Not for any particular reason than there was a lot going on at work. Plus it seems people are forgetting about the fact we have two young kids at home. I do not think it is helped by the fact that some schools are now opening up all together or that their kids are back in. So because life has suddenly got easier for a few does not mean its changed here at all. In fact the boys seem to get more feral by the day. Regardless of the house rules we have, discipline from both of us and more tech bans than I care to remember.

Back to school is definitely not happening here. Monkey’s school. has come out and said no more kids until Sept.  We were on the fence about sending him back anyway but the thought of the next how ever many weeks stretching out in front of us is rather daunting. Plus the over riding pressure to ‘make the most of it’ just adds more to the mental burden. Although I agree we should never take anything for granted. Juggling two full time jobs, homeschooling and generally everyones mental well being is hard enough. Being told on social media to ‘make the most of it’ is really not something I need to hear or take on board right now.

Saturday 13th June

This morning we went out to see my inlaws on a socially distanced basis. We have not seen them for over four months since one of them was really quite poorly at the beginning of the year and needed an operation. Every day we are grateful that operation happened prior to lock down. But it has made us acutely aware of our own movements and the risks we bring. We all sat in the garden and had a cup of tea to celebrate a birthday. A little bit or normality starting to creep back into our lives.

The afternoon was spent in the garden. Pottering around planting out some more vegetables and starting to put the gravel between the beds. With the gravel going in it is finally starting to look almost finished. Although there is still a lot of work to do in other areas, but we should take the little wins where we can.

Sunday 14th June

After getting up early last Friday I managed to bag some tickets to Mottisfont National Trust. It is a little bit of a birthday tradition. I am so pleased we went as it was managed very well and we didn’t feel encroached on at all during our visit. The roses thanks to the extra heat and the recent winds were not looking their best (as they do not dead head there), but it was still a lovely day out. The boys allowed a rare photo of the three of us. Excuse the grey hair!! I have not be brave enough to try it myself at home yet.


Monday 15th June

After a lovely weekend Monday came round with a bump. Just like many other days it was a real blur of work, homeschool and arguments about both! Right at the end of the day I took Monkey out on his bike to  let off some steam. Looking at his feet flat on the ground in this photo I am wondering if we will need to put the seat up or look to get him a new one!

Tuesday 16th June

No different to Monday really just work and home schooling. At the end of the day we needed to change the stick insects brambles over. The boys went out to cut some in the lane. It was fun and games to get it transfer over,  as they are now so much bigger. Plus we have a couple that like to try and escape. Who knew they could move so fast!

Wednesday 17th June

After not doing much after work on Monday and Tuesday this week I was determined to give the boys some attention. So we headed out right at the end of the day and although it threatened rain a couple of times we actually stayed pretty dry.

Thursday 18th June

All day remote team meeting at work today. It actually worked quite well but just by definition meant I wasn’t able to respond to clients queries. So ended up having to catch up at the end of the day. So no outside time with the kids at all today. I did spend some time on my diamond painting once they were in bed. It is quite time consuming. I just hope it looks like it should do by the time it is finished otherwise there will be a lot of wasted hours…

Friday 19th June

My favourite day of the week and we headed out towards the beach again. This is the last of the pre-booked slots so we will have to decide whether we are going to book some more or not. On the way we pass a field where we found poppies last year. Being a lot earlier than last year there was not as many. But still enough for a photo stop. Plus it was empty!

After we continued our drive  to the beach. The boys went in the sea twice, built castles and ate our picnic. And although the weather looked like rain when we first arrived it was beautifully sunny by the time we left.  The views were beautiful and a reminder than we do not need to go abroad!

I am hoping this coming week should be a little quieter work wise, it is my birthday on Monday and Monkey’s on Friday – which I still need to do all the prep for! Wish me luck.

Stay safe x

Blog posts this week

Still not up to writing at the level I was pre lockdown. Don’t know whats wrong with me as I have plenty of draft posts!


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  1. It is nice to see a few more people again. I think you’re right about it being more stressful if things are opening up and people are expecting you to get on with it, but children are still off school. I love your veg patch – very organised.

  2. I love the photo of the boys with the poppies, it’s beautiful!

  3. Sorry you have had a tough week. It sounds like the boys are really testing you.
    How lovely that you got to see your in laws.
    Your garden is looking great! It’s nice when you can see everything growing.
    Lovely photos x

  4. Jazz Tattersall Reply

    The garden beds are looking fabulous how much longer do you think you need

  5. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Sorry to hear you have had a rough week. Those photos of the boys are great and I love the poppy field.

  6. Nigel Soper Reply

    I don’t know how you find the time to remember, photograph, and record everything. whether rough times or fair.

  7. Lovely to see Mottisfont. We visited in the winter, so one day I must go back for the roses. I’ve booked for Upton next week but it’s not the best NT property.

  8. Yes, I do wish you luck! Sometimes, when I’ve read you weekly roundup, I wonder how you manage to do so much with your work, your blog, your home, your garden, your blog and more. Your beautiful photos belie the effort involved. Enjoy the week and enjoy your birthday.

  9. Carly Belsey Reply

    Juggling it all is very hard. I have been lucky enough to send my daughter back and she is like a different child. She was getting quite emotional at not seeing her friends and although it’s very different and only for a few hours a day, she loves it. I hope September comes around quickly so that life can get back to normal for you.

  10. Sarah Roberts Reply

    The Poppy field looks amazing! its so hard to know what to do for the best these days everything is so uncertain

  11. We have not managed to get to our local poppy field yet and I am worried it will be too late by the time we manage it. Beautiful photos

  12. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week. It is strange with some things changing and more kids going back to school, while for a lot of people things haven’t changed at all.
    Your garden is looking amazing now. You’ve done so much work on it!
    Your trip to the beach sounds so nice and that’s a lovely photo of you with the boys.

  13. Sorry, you have had a tough week. It sounds like the boys are really testing you. I am really sorry. How lovely that you got to see your in-laws. Your garden is looking great. xx

  14. Sorry its felt a bit tough. This this week was better.

    Looks like some lovely outings were had though. Garden is looking fab! x

  15. Hang in there. I hope things become easy for you. Don’t listen to everything that social media says. The garden looks great! You and your sons look adorable in the picture. I love their rain jackets. I don’t know about the wasted hours but the diamond painting looks great so far. The beach looks lovely. I miss going to the beach as it’s not in Islamabad where I live, I have to go all the way south to Karachi for that

  16. The empty beach at the end of the post looks glorious. I miss seeing the sea, and don’t think we’ll be able to go to the beach this year at all. Sorry to hear that it was a tough week, but it must have been lovely to see your in-laws. I wish I could see my Mum from a distance, actually just a thought of it makes me all tearful.
    Love the poppies field. Your garden is so well-organised and neat! The diamond painting looks intricate.

  17. Love the poppy field picture! I need to visit fields like that when lockdown is over. We still can’t travel very far in Wales sadly. But I know its not forever. Sorry you have had a tough week, sending you a virtual hug! x

  18. Love that photo of the boys in amongst the poppies – what a gorgeous shot. Sorry to hear that it was a tough week. It is so hard trying to juggle working from home with having young children at home. Your garden is looking great. How lovely to have a day out at Mottisfont. I haven’t been there since my student days and it is on my list of places to take the children to at some point. How lovely to spend time at the beach. It looks lovely and quiet. Hope all the prep for Monkey’s birthday went well and he had a lovely birthday. #project366

  19. The beach, poppies and National Trust photos are all beautiful and do show off some of the great places to visit without needing to go abroad. Which is just as well, given the fact that summer is here and we’re still not really out of the lockdown ! Your week sounds really busy at work. Hope next week is calmer !

  20. What a gorgeous picture of you and the boys! However it’s the poppy field pictures, absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing to see how nature has thrived during lockdown… and the crazy weather!
    So glad you got to see your in laws and enjoy a brew with them! My mum had a minor op brought forward to just before their lockdown and then that was it, if we needed to get out to France we were goosed. It has been a seriously hard stretch – I’m with you, people stating ‘make the most of it’ and similar garb… seriously, I’m a single mum who has worked every day whilst trying to keep an 11 year old motivated to home school. There’s a reason there are no pictures of me… I’m totally grey! 😉 Hope you are all well and you and Monkey had awesome birthdays this week! 🙂 Sim x

  21. Don’t listen to other people, you just do what you need to do to get work and family life as balanced as possible. The poppy field looks stunning, love to see family even if it is from a distance. I don’t feel the need for a holiday either living in an area where people pay to come and visit, no doubt not too different from where you are, you have beaches, I have rolling hills. I went into lockdown with grey hair, don’t dismiss the idea of it, even my hairdresser thought I’d dyed it lol

  22. Completely understand about the difficulty of working with kids around. My husband hides in the garage all day to work so I am trying to work, get home learning done as well as all the cooking and cleaning. My kids won’t be back until September although Zach started back a preschool today for 2 sessions a week #project366

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