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I don’t know about you but I am fast running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained at home. Many of my imaginative play ideas have already been used several times over. Both the boys and me are getting pretty bored of them if I am honest. So I was delighted when I found out that Soltan have launched a new imaginative play pack.

The play pack is co-written by Harry and Izzy Judd and psychologist Emma Kenny. Harry Judd is the drummer from pop group McFly. Harry and his wife Izzy have two young children so are talking from experience,  with both of them having written books they have decided to team up with Soltan to share some much loved family games. They are joined by Emma Kenny who is a psychological therapist focusing on mindfulness. She believes that by starting children on a mindfulness journey when they are young, it will help enhance their overall mental health and wellbeing.

I have been using the imaginative play pack with the boys. It is packed full of activities and games that help to encourage children’s imagination and creativity. We are lucky to have a garden, but the ideas are just as relevant for balconies or local green spaces. The best part about the Imaginative Play Pack is that is free and you can download it from

Our experience of the Imaginative Play Pack

The boys had a lot of fun this weekend trying out one of the activities. They opted for Nature Inspired Works of Art. I really like the fact that all the ideas and games use simple things that you can find around the house or in an outside space. Perfect for the current environment. The boys set about finding things in the garden to create their work of art. The picked up twigs, flowers, leaves and petals to make their creations.

Monkey decided to make a picture of his daddy for Fathers Day. He chose twigs to make the face and decided to use leaves to fill in the face. Declaring that daddy is now green and finding it hilarious. He found a red leaf for the mouth and insisted on making sure he had a blue beard.

Kipper on the other hand had decided to create me. He was all about the glue!  But never the less he enjoyed telling me all about what he was up to. It gave us the opportunity as a family to spend some time outside being creative. Which is something that neither of the boys really like to do. I have always struggled to get them to sit and draw or colour in. So this was a great activity for them, encouraging them to turn our garden into a playground. I was quite surprise by how resourceful they were with the materials they found. Although I had to draw the line at the huge rocks they wanted to include.

The benefits of being outside

Like many parents I really notice the difference in the boys mentality when we have spent time outside. They are happier, more amenable and bicker less. Meaning that as parents we are also less stressed. Playing outside is important for children’s creative and imaginative development. Our experiences are backed up by Soltan’s research. In their report they revealed that 57% of parents report their child being happier with a huge 96% say that their child sleeps better when they spend a substantial amount of time outdoors.

One of the things I have always been aware of when we are spending time outside, is making sure the boys and my skin is protected. We have been using Soltan Kids Once 8hr Protect & Play SPF50 Suncream which offers up to 8 hours of sun protection.

Soltan Kids Learn to Reapply UV Detection Stickers

I have also discovered the new Kids Learn to Reapply UV Detection Stickers. Coming in packets of eight there is enough for a weeks supply. Designed with skin mimicking technology the sticker will ensure that enough suncream has been applied and then will change colour as the suncream wears off. Changing from clear to purple as the boys go from protected to not protected letting me know when it is time to reapply suncream. As  the stickers are both water and sweat resistant one sticker will last all day. This really helps to give me peace of mind when playing with the boys outside. It also means I can focus on what we are playing rather than worrying about their suncream. Find out more about the stickers and the Soltan Kids Once range on the Boots website.

So with the boys now fully protected from the sun I can not wait to try out some of the other activities in the Imaginative Play Pack. The nature memory game has been requested next so we will be trying that out after home schooling this week. Don’t forget to download your own copy here.

What have you been up to in your outside space these last few weeks. I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. adrian price

    this pack looks a very good idea for lock down

  2. Lea Luminarias

    I agree a lot with everything you’ve written, especially when doing activities outside that’ll make kids and people happier (and especially when surrounded with nature). Activities that require more physical movements will enhance focus and less prone to stress.

  3. Christopher Mitchell

    I don’t have children just yet, but if I did, I’d be all over an activity like this. It looks like it’d be a ton of fun for kids and parents alike!

  4. Matt Taylor

    This play pack is awesome! I remember growing up and always playing outside in the backyard, using my imigination, but there weren’t any play packs back then, haha.

  5. The kids rarely go out because of the pandemic. There are days, though, that we let them ride their bikes as they go around the village. They need Mr. Sun, too 🙂

  6. Lyanna Soria

    That’s amazing! Sounds like a wonderful and interesting activity to do with the kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this.

  7. Emman Damian

    It’s nice that kids are fueled with curiosity. Good job in enabling them to explore.

  8. katrina Kroeplin

    those are great activities to do outside, plus get some great coverage. i’ll have to check it out.

  9. this looks like something my kids would love too! thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Love the idea of the detection stickers as I don’t think we put on enough sunscreen, anyway.

  11. Shannon Gurnee

    That looks like so much for fun them! I want to play outside too!

  12. I like the whole idea of giving the kids an outlet to their imagination in such a natural way! Loved the post 🙂

  13. I muss the imaginative plays days now that I am a mom of a teen 🙁 Love that this sun protection brand is sharing such great activities for kids

  14. Kisharose

    This post was so enlightening! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Margaret Gallagher

    Perfect for our gorgeous summer of fun – great timing for this mini heatwave – SOLTAN is great for allergy skin too

  16. I love the imaginative play outside. Indoor play sometimes is not good its summer enjoy the weather.

  17. so great for kids! when i was little i loved playing outside!!! I still do know as an adult

  18. WorldInEyes sounds like an amazing and helpful activity for children..Thanks for sharing this…this is really a perfect way to keep them safe and to make them more productive and creative…

  19. Lavern Moore

    Boots Sultan looks like it can spark any kids imagination. It will keep them busy for hours on end!


    What a cool idea! I love to see kids engage with this kind of activities.

  21. Playing in sun with frest air is really great. And I love this cool little activity pack in here.

  22. Krysten Quiles

    Imagination is SO important for kids, I love being able to explore it with my nephew. Thanks!

  23. This is a great reminder to get outside when we can and also be more imaginative when playing. I mean, I don’t have children but I have a friend with boys who I think would enjoy something like this!

  24. tweenselmom

    This i s a really nice way for kids to learn and use their minds, it also seems like a fun activity to do outdoors! This was a great read, thank you so much for sharing these with us!

  25. I love that you promote SPF!
    When my kid was younegr I felt like I was the only mother on the playground who used SPF on my kid, I always tried to re-do the SPF after 4 hours and they always looked funny at me…

  26. Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Well, I haven’t been doing much other than live within my homestead.

  27. Maxim Dsouza

    This seems amazingly creative and fun. Stimulating creativity and innovative thinking at an young age can really help kids take a giant stride forward in the future.

  28. the joyous living

    sounds like a terrific project for your boys. it definitely seems like the one with the glue had a lot of fun hehe. i remember loving being outside getting flowers and leaves to put on paper to make sun prints.

  29. Jay Aguirre

    Ooh such a cool little activity pack. Definitely a cool way to get kids thinking and playing in a creative way.

  30. Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    The connection between being in the outdoors and better mental health generally is definitely something that has been proven in many studies around the world and it’s great that this activity got them engaged in spending time outdoors. The Imaginative Play Pack sounds like a fabulous resource for parents to get children out of the house and playing in a creative and constructive way. Your boys look like they had a wonderful time and I’m sure the other activities will likely bring about similar levels of joy in the future.

  31. Ana De Jesus

    I love the idea of starting children on a mindfulness journey when they are young, as it will help enhance their overall mental health and wellbeing. What a cute activity box from Soltan.

  32. Fiona jk42

    We love playing outdoors with our granddaughter, and often gather materials to use in our craft projects. One craft that we like is to decorate cheap photo frames. We first paint them a nice colour, then glue on sea shells if we’ve been to the beach, or leaves and dried flowers if we’ve been to a local park.

  33. Sandra Fortune

    This is a brilliant idea using nature to.make pictures they did very well

  34. Jazz Tattersall

    Oh I love mcfly do you think I can get him to sign the book

  35. Laura @ Kidlette

    These photos are so adorable! Love the activity and those stickers are a great idea!

  36. Experimentative play like this is perfect for getting little brains working. It allows kids to be creative while playing, and that makes learning fun. I love this.

  37. I love to see this kind of creative play encouraged. The kids don’t realize it, but they’re learning while they play. That’s so great!

  38. That is a pretty cool activity box, very creative. “You” look great made out of leaves 🙂 I use Soltan as well as my current sunscreen.

  39. I love imaginative play, it really helps the children and adults to connect to themselves and the environment. Imagination is super important as it fuels creativity and learning because it is so much fun. They looked like they enjoyed it all, especially the outdoors.

  40. Someone is enjoying playing outdoors. I am an outdoor person too and love to keep busy outside during summer.

  41. looks like so much for the kid and very educational. I think this combo is the best

  42. Celebrate Woman Today

    This activity is so precious. Look, how your child picks the materials needed for his creative work! Unforgettable memories are in the making.

  43. Gervin Khan

    It is so important that our kids are protected while enjoying and learning outside our house.

  44. Catherine

    How wonderful that it encourages kids to get outdoors and explore their surroundings! So important and fun!

  45. Melanie williams

    This is such good timing with the whole lockdown and imaginative play is super important for sure. Even better that you are outdoors too x

  46. Pati Robins

    learning though fun plus fresh air? there is honestly nothing better than that

  47. being outside is important for kids and imagination play is great.

  48. Marie Phillips

    It’s great to have ideas to keep our kids busy in productive ways. And it’s great that they are spending good time outside!

  49. James Travis

    What a great ideas, always important for children to have some fresh air and get some Vitamin D in their system.

  50. Talya Stone

    What perfect timing with the pack – sound like this is going to come in very handy in a lot of households as we reach the end of homeschooling and have a long stretch of summer holidays ahead of us to keep the kids occupied.

  51. Melissa Dixon

    We have always used this one brand that shall remain nameless but it has stopped working for us. I need to pick this up because it is important to us to protect our daughter’s skin. Thank you for sharing.

  52. lynn neal

    Lovely to see the boys makng pictures wth the flowers and leaves they have collected!

  53. Lyndsey cooksey

    Aww what a great way to learn through play! Lovely photos and well done boys with your art work! A great resource

  54. kumamonjeng

    This will certainly spark up the children’s imagination and I am sure they also learn and having fun.

  55. Priscilla Stubbs

    You can’t beat playing outside. The boys are clearly enjoying it

  56. Carly Belsey

    What a great idea. We did something similar which was creating a picture out of everything we could find in the garden to do ith my daughter’s favourite book, Red Riding Hood, it turned out really well.

  57. Staying safe in the sun in so important especially for kids. Boots Soltan is a great product to have around.

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