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We are very lucky to have a wickey sandpit in the garden. Which means the kids get plenty of opportunity to play in the sand on a regular basis. It is a fantastic medium for play and learning especially for pre schoolers. With Kipper going to school in September I am keen to encourage as much learning through play as possible.  So here are 10 sandpit activities to try with preschoolers.

10 Sandpit Activities to try with Preschoolers

  • We are big fans of Imaginative Play and a sand pit is ideal for creating various different settings. Such as a desert safari scene with play animals. A building site with diggers or a dinosaur world full of volcanoes.
  • Mark Making – sand is brilliant for encouraging little ones to mark make. Even before they can form letters. Straight lines, squiggles, circles what ever they feel like doing. Either with finger or a twig.
  • Letter Formation – moving on from the above activity if they show interest and want to then sand is a great medium for letter formation. We are currently teaching Kipper how to spell his first name, he really enjoys writing in the sand. More often preferring it to pen and paper.
  • Hide and Seek – sand is great for hiding little objects in. Once they have found them all then you can extend play further with our Toddler Memory Game.  We have also played this using a toy metal detector which also helps with understanding different properties.
  • Pretend to be at the beach – what is there not to love about being at the beach. We have been missing our beach trips. But at least with a sandpit we can pretend by building sandcastles, decorating them and adding little paper flags.
  • Get creative with Shell Art. We tend to collect shells and interesting looking stones from our travels. They make great materials to create pictures in the sand. You can add flowers, leaves, sticks, the kids are only limited by their imaginations.
  • Water Play –  my two love adding water to sand. Just grab a watering can or a squeezy bottle and let them make pictures and have fun. My eldest really enjoys creating moats for his sand castles.
  • Sand Art Pictures – using PVA glue paint a picture with glue before sprinkling sand for the sand pit over the top.  If you don’t happen to have any PVA glue at home the it also works with paint and adds extra texture.
  • Make Sand Mudpies – we are big lovers of Mudpies here. Making them in the sand pit you can create a whole different pie using props such as pebbles and flowers to decorate. You may even want to set up your own restaurant.
  • Spray Paint Art – they boys love it when we get our home made spray paints out. They work just as well on sand as they do on paper. Plus they add a new dimension to many of the activities mentioned above.


Photo Credit – FATMOOSE

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Photo Credit – FATMOOSE

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10 Sandpit Activities to try with Preschoolers


  1. Lyndsey cooksey Reply

    This is great! I love that it’s universal and cna be used as a bench. What lovely activities there are listed too. Oh I wish I was on a beach now!!

  2. As a kid I used to love the sandbox in our yard. This was so fun to reminisce.

  3. Bhuveaneswari Hari Reply

    These are fun activities and will the kids busy doing holiday season.

  4. These are some great activities and that fat moose sandpit is pretty neat.

  5. I like these ideas especially the spray paint one for my youngest grandson !

  6. These are all great ideas. There’s nothing more fun for kids than playing in a sandbox. I love the closeable design of this one.

  7. One of my friends son is recently having his birthday. I guess I have found something which he would love.

  8. Carrie-Anne Brown Reply

    this looks fantastic! would love to win for my little boy

    • Amber Spilsbury Reply

      Amazing post! That sandpit is just amazing and some great ideas to keep the little one entertained, especially whilst all our groups are not running

  9. Nigel Soper Reply

    Lovely sandpit – I wish I knew how to keep the sand ina sandpit clean

  10. Alana Walker Reply

    My kids would love this. They don’t have a sandpit of their own, but its one of their favourite things to do when we go anywhere that has one.x

  11. Sarah Roberts Reply

    Fabulous ideas, l love sandpits always reminds you of being at the beach

  12. Bruce Schinkel Reply

    Such fun sandpit activities! I can’t wait to share them with my nieces and nephew .. .they’re going to love it!

  13. I love these sandpit ideas! I used to love playing in the sandbox as a kid. It’s definitely a fun way to have some imagination.

  14. Elizabeth O Reply

    My niece really loves to play in the sand when we are in beach. They enjoyed it so much making a castle or whatever they like.

  15. I love the one about pretending to be at the breach. I can imagine a sand pit, kids in swim trunks and a water hose. Makeshift beach!

  16. Ursula Hunt Reply

    This is a great sandpit, I love the cover feature, it would be great for my grandchildren to play in

  17. looks like so much fun! I love playig with sand when I was little, I wish I had similar ideas back at my time

  18. Thank you for all the sandpit activity ideas! I organise play sessions for disabled children so these will be great for me to try 🙂

  19. Kelly Wheelhouse Reply

    I love the activity ideas! My little boy likes playing with sand, but only has a little table so this would be perfect for him 🙂

  20. Hide and seek is so entertaining, especially if there are little treats involved for the one who finds the most hidden treasures in the sand.

  21. Oh boy, sand and kids go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. These are great ideas.

  22. Elicitfolio Reply

    These are such great ideas! I think I want to try hide and seek ! My niece would love this game!

  23. Reply

    I don’t have little kids anymore but this looks exciting! Kids will surely have fun ! !

  24. Sandpit ideas are really very interesting and amazing to do..Thanks for sharing these unique and lovely ideas …Great work..Will love to check these out..

  25. Steven Morrissette Reply

    Really cool activity for sandboxes. And I love that raffle item the sandpit looks great.

  26. Elizabeth O Reply

    That is so cool. Kids really loves to play on the sand while they are in beach vacation. and for sure they will love this sandpit.

  27. katrina Kroeplin Reply

    that looks awesome. my kids love playing in the sand. def have to look at this!

  28. Charlotte isobelle Reply

    My little one would love this for when he’s a bit older

  29. I was running low on ideas so this is a great list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. betsy ferguson Reply

    I love the clever, well thought out design – perfect for my grandkids x

  31. Karen Usher Reply

    Perfect for summer holidays, with no holidays booked this year, I would love lots of outdoor activiites to take place. This would be amazing, I can imagine hours spent building castles and creating masterpieces out of sand!

  32. Jayne Townson Reply

    What an amazing sandpit, this would be lovely for my garden, thanks for the chance to win.

  33. Natalie Burgess Reply

    This would be amazing for my boy and girl, such a lovely prize xx

  34. Kelly O'Donnell Reply

    I would love to win this for my four year old. He’s been begging me for a sand pit.

  35. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Would love to win 2 children, I’m currently saving to get something for the Garden as their is nothing at all in the garden for them to play with atm 🙁

  36. Lindsey Stuart Reply

    This sandpit looks super! I love the wooden design, very nice, my little girl Sadie would have great fun with this.

  37. Id love to win this for my nephew, he would be in his element in his own sandpit

  38. Aww loving these!
    My daughter loves playing in the sand in the garden but she’s got a plastic one her grandparents brought her, when she sits on the edge it keeps tipping up! It’s great entertainment though haha!
    This would be fabulous for her 🙂

  39. Patricia Barrett Reply

    My grandson would love this – thanks for the competition.

  40. Kelly Smith Reply

    Aw my niece loves sand so would love this thanks ❤️ Would keep her happy for hours x

  41. Kathleen Marsden Reply

    What a wonderful gift for my grandchildren. It looks really well made and they’d have hours of fun

  42. Susan Willshee Reply

    We currently don’t have a sandpit but the other day we poured some building sand into a tray and both Leo and Daisy played with it almost all afternoon.

  43. This sandpit looks fabulous and would be hours of fun in the garden!

  44. jen english Reply

    My son and his family are moving into their first house today so this would be perfect for their first garden.

  45. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    This would be perfect for Lil’ Peewee – we’ve finally stopped feasting on sand!!

  46. daniel Oliver Reply

    I have a lil boy with needs that wouild absolutly love this type of sand pit –

  47. A really nice sandpit and having a lid is important when you have pets.

  48. Wow – ive not seen one of these pits where the closed position turns into a seating area, very cool!

  49. My son and daughter would really enjoy playing with this. Thank you for offering it as a prize.

  50. Terri Dudey Reply

    This would be perfect for my 3 plus i think our labrador would enjoy it too lol xx

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