The overwhelm is real here today and I am looking forward to a weekend at home to get on with some gardening jobs. As well as sorting and cleaning as the house seems to have suddenly become beyond messy. To be honest it is never a showroom since we are both trying to work full time, home school, and have a preschooler at home that enjoys emptying and trashing every room in turn. Even the bathroom is no longer a sanctuary. It came to a head this week when Kipper got banned from the playroom for two days. He needs to learn to clean up after himself. It has worked for a little while …

We had a busy weekend with some trips out on a socially distanced basis and I seem to have a fair amount of blog work on. Or at least posts that I want to write. Which traditionally I have done in the evenings. However, since lockdown, I just do not have the energy by the time the evening arrives. So I am now trying to fit it in at the weekend instead and it seems to be working better. My goal this week is to catch up on our lockdown diary which I am about two weeks behind on…. If you want to read what we go up to last week then you can do so here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 366 Week 25

Saturday 20th June

Caught up in the garden in the morning. there is always something that needs weeding. With the heatwave planned this week, I also wanted to try and move some things out of the greenhouse. Although I never managed everything I wanted to do. Our second lot of peas have gone in the garden and I am hoping to plant out the Brussell sprouts soon since they have gone a bit mad. We had planned to start to dig up some of the potatoes too as the plants are starting to die back. Maybe we will get a chance in the week.

In the afternoon we went to Wakehurst Place for a socially distanced meet up with my parents. It was decided last minute so I could only get mid-afternoon tickets. As they are operating timed entry only. I forgot how big it is and we could have done with some more time if I am honest. Thankfully it was open until 6 so we did manage couple of hours.

Sunday 21st June

We planned a trip out for Father’s Day as soon as the gardens and National Trust places use to started to open up. We went to Leonardslee Gardens which is very close to us and meant we could still get home and spend time cooking a nice dinner. It was very hot but the boys enjoyed seeing the Wallabees and they had model boats on one of the lakes. Unfortunately, Kipper fell over and grazed his knee which is the first time he has done it for a long time. It was quite a bad graze so he spent most of the time on the husband’s shoulders.

We did have roast pork belly to make up for it when we got home.

Monday 22nd June

It was my birthday today! I was working. I do normally take the day off but there didn’t seem much point. Plus it would all still be waiting for me on Tuesday. I was spoilt by the boys and had a couple of bunches of flowers delivered. Including some lovely peonies which are my absolute favorites. After work, I did escape with Monkey to do a spot of strawberry picking which was a lovely way to end the day.

Tuesday 23rd June

Not a great day, this is the state of our lounge after I had been on a work call for on and half hours. Guess who tied it up after. This has got to be my least favorite part of the lockdown the continued mess of the house. Didn’t do anything after work tonight, a rather boring day altogether to be honest.

Wednesday 24th June

We did manage our outside time today, I find by Wednesday that we all really need to get out in the fresh air. The boys were not their usual happy self at being outside and I am not sure if it was the heat. Or that they are starting to bore of the same thing day in and day out. We did manage to find some ladybirds during our walk. Monkey is fascinated with them and would like to buy some to keep as pets. I have explained that this is not possible but he thinks they can live harmoniously with the stick insects!

Thursday 25th June

By far the busiest day of the week. I took no photos today other than the below for our game of Scattergories at work. We have a zoom call every Thursday where we have a quiz or similar. I hosted this week but the kids were restless and wanted to join in. Once the kids were in bed we set about getting the kitchen ready for Monkey’s birthday. Setting up streamers and a Harry Potter platform 9 3/4 wall. And I have to ice the cake and wrap presents too. It was nearly 1 am by the time we had finished and headed to bed. The only benefit of being up at that time was that I managed to get some National Trust tickets for next weekend. I can’t believe it took fourty minutes.

Friday 26th June

Monkey’s birthday! He was up at 4.30 am! Although it didn’t open presents until near seven. We had a couple of hours at home in the morning and then headed out on an adventure with Goboats. We had previously had a trip with them when we visited their Paddington hire location. So we knew what to expect and knew it would be a safe day out as its only us on the boat and everything is cleaned down thoroughly. It was very hot but we all had a lovely time out on the river, oggling at the amazing houses and watching people on the river.

When we got back we had an Indian take out, a direct request from the Birthday boy. Before settling down and watching Harry Potter Two. Monkey had never seen it before and loved it. I had brought some Harry Potter treats for him to have as we watched it. There were jelly slugs, a bottle of butterbeer, a chocolate frog, and some Bertie Bots beans. Monkey was not a fan of the butterbeer but thought it hilarious you could get grass, pepper, soap, earwax and vomit flavoured jelly beans. More so when he could trick his dad into eating them.

We’ve also promised toasted marshmallows and star gazing once the weather gets more reasonable! It started raining when we got home and I think it has been going ever since!

Stay safe x

Blog posts this week

I am quite impressed with myself and would like to think I may have turned the corner with writing since I have actually wanted to write this week. I think it is because I could write about some days out again. Since we have been lucky enough to visit a couple of National Trust places over the last couple of weeks. It goes to show that’s where my heart is and that sharing crafting and recipe posts really isn’t me. Let’s hope I manage to continue next week!

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  1. Jazz Tattersall Reply

    I think everyones house is a mess right now I know mine is a little messy

  2. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Another busy week for you. Don’t worry about the mess that can be sorted. Those strawberries look delicious

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a stressful time with trying to keep your house tidy. Eek! Naughty Kipper. I hope his ban from the playroom helps him learn to clean up after himself.
    You have been busy in your garden. My peas went out in the garden a few weeks ago and we have pods on them now. Hooray!
    It sounds like you’ve had some lovely days out.
    Happy belated birthday to you! Those strawberries look amazing!
    Good grief! That is a messy living room. I would have been furious!
    Happy birthday to Monkey! It sounds like he had a lovely day. How fab to have the Harry Potter treats.

  4. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Beautiful week – inspiration for our family to start to explore

  5. Your blog posts have been very enjoyable to read. Lots of adventures again this week and such a lovely birthday for Monkey.

  6. The board ride looked great for Monkey’s birthday. My slot at NT was rained off yesterday. Gutted as it was going o be my first time out other than going to the local shop since March. Tried again for somewhere else this coming weekend, but gave up queuing.

  7. Happy birthday to you and Monkey, glad you managed to have some family time. I don’t miss those days of the lounge and bedrooms being so untidy, these days I’m often looking for something to do, but not tidying daily at that level

  8. I am totally feeling the same, absolutely utterly fed up! Fed of following my daughter around and tidying up after her, banning her from something sounds like a fabulous idea. Poor Kipper, I bet he missed the playroom, bet he has started tidying up now though! 😉
    Happy Belated Birthday to you also – hope you had a fantastic day!
    Strawberry picking is awesome, eating your own fruit, it always tastes that little bit sweeter! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  9. It gets overwhelming when the house reaches that ‘beyond messy’ point, doesn’t it? I can certainly relate to that! What a busy week you had. Lovely to get out for a socially-distanced walk with your parents, even if you were limited on time, and to go out for Father’s Day. Poor Kipper. I hope the graze healed quickly. Glad you had a nice birthday and those strawberries look delicious. Glad Monkey had a lovely birthday too – getting out on a boat sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. #project366

  10. My house is getting messier too even without a child as young as your two. Hope you can get it back under control without expending too much energy. Happy belated birthday!

  11. Happy birthday to you and Monkey!

    Ouch to the grazed knee! Has been nice to get out to National Trust places for walks.

    Can relate to the ‘messy’ lounge pic!

  12. Happy belated birthday to you and Monkey, glad you had a nice day. I really want to take mine strawberry picking, they eat them non stop so it might save some money too

  13. Happy belated birthday to you and Monkey! I think almost everyone’s house with children is messy these days.
    I bought Bertie Botts jelly beans in the past, and then we threw them away. My kid happened to try the vomit jelly bean and was actually sick. I don’t think this revolting flavour should have been added to the mix at all.

  14. It sounds like you have managed to do some lovely things this week. Fruit picking is one of my favourites. We don’t have any days out places open yet in Wales, but that changes soon thankfully! A birthday trip on the river how fantastic. Will be a birthday to remember.

  15. That’s a lot of cleaning. Amazing pictures as always. Awww poor Kipper. Happy birthday! Wow, look at all those strawberries! Scattergories sound interesting and also setting up Platform 9 3/4. What a lovely birthday! The river looks amazing, Indian food is great and Harry Potter treat!!! I want some too!

  16. Glad to see you managed to sort out a great birthday – the boat trip looks lovely. The vomit jelly beans are disgusting – just too realistic ! Your photo of your trashed lounge made me laugh – yep, we’ve all been there, especially during confinement !

  17. Our house is a tip all the time! I am making to effort to tidy as it only lasts seconds! Roll on September when I have the house to myself and can declutter and also donate to charity all of the baby and toddler toys as Zach will be at infant school. #project366

  18. The board ride looked great for Monkey’s birthday. How nice. It’s nice ot be able to get out and about a bit. xx

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