This week seems to have gone by pretty quickly in a blur of working and homeschooling. With very little else to keep us occupied. The house is still a bomb site and I have literally given up on the kids bedrooms. Having lived now for over 100 days in lockdown I don’t know why I am surprised. But as the saying goes a tidy home equals a tidy mind…

With countries starting to open up we are now faced with a different quandary. Do we or don’t we? Although we have had a lot of trips cancel this year both in the UK and abroad, Jersey, Cornwall, Spain, Croatia to name a few. We still have a couple of plans for the Summer months which at the moment are still on. But do we? To help dip our toe in the water we have arranged a long weekend at the beach on a beautiful self-catering resort which I am looking forward to.

Saturday 27th June

Spent the morning in the garden, there is so much to do with the veg beds now that I am not sure one day is enough at the weekend. I cleaned out all the plants from the greenhouse as it is just too hot in there for them at the moment. It means I can plant up the remaining gherkins and a couple of extra cucumbers we were not expecting. Although it is a bit late in the season in theory we should still manage to get a crop. We also moved the tomatoes outside. We have lots of tomatoes but they are not changing colour yet.

At lunchtime, Monkey had a virtual party with some friends. It was a magic party and I was actually really impressed. They learned some great tricks which we easy and yet impressive at the same time.

The weather tuned in the afternoon so I spent it trying to get straight for the week ahead in blog space and actually managed to write two blog posts. Amazing which I can do when I am away from the TV!

Sunday 28th June

More garden time and blogging predominately. We have started to harvest our potatoes as they had started to die back. Plus we pulled some rainbow beetroot, the last of the radishes and some more cucumbers. For kids, this is definitely the fun bit of gardening. There is something about homegrown potatoes they taste so good. I have purposefully been staying away from carbs bu made an exception for these!

Monday 29th June

Slow start to the week. Monkey has pretty much had enough of homeschooling and spent the morning playing with some of his birthday presents. I found these magnets on Amazon which both the kids are crazy for and they were significantly (like a quarter of the price) than the branded version. He was very impressed with his plane and wanted a picture.

Tuesday 30th June

Not much going on. Managed to add a newsletter sign up to each of my blog posts in the evening. For someone who is not very technical when it comes to behind the scenes blog stuff, I was pretty impressed with myself. A bit sad that it is the highlight of the day though. And my new birthday slippers which I have been wearing a lot more than I imagined I would this time of year.

Wednesday 1st July

Wednesdays are fast becoming my second favourite day of the week(behind Fridays). After work, we ventured out for a walk which has become our habit. Although like usual it rained and this time because it had been so warm in the day we did not have our welly boots on. So got drenched. By the boys really weren’t that bothered by it.

Thursday 2nd July

Another day full of work and home school. Thursdays are always busy as I try and finish everything up for the week. I also have end of week reports to complete which I try and do as the week goes along. But inevitably they end up waiting until Thursday. The only photo I took was of the peonies which I treated myself to at the beginning of the week. I was lucky to find them online since the season is almost over.

Friday 3rd July

Today we went to a local strawberry picking in the morning to a small local place. I was surprised by just how busy it was. Despite the fact we got there first thing. The kids enjoyed it. Although I lost my mobile phone within a couple of minutes of being there. It slipped out of my pocket and into one of the bushes. Thankfully I found it with the help of another family. Although I was a little panicked!

At lunchtime, we headed to Wisely I had only managed to get afternoon tickets which was fine. But I was shocked by just how busy it was.  I suppose it is because we are use to National Trust properties which seem to have it much more under control. The kids enjoyed running around the Pinetum and I liked looking at the flowers. Plus they had some pretty cool sculptures which we enjoyed finding.

Stay safe x

Blog posts this week

Not sure if this is going to be a habit but again I managed to publish posts each day last week. Which is a minor miracle and I can not promise to keep it up.

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  1. My tomatoes aren’t ready yet either and my potatoes have a little way to go – I guess we are a bit further north than you. The sculptures do look very cool – art and sculpture seems to be a bit of a theme for this week’s 365 posts generally.

  2. adrian price Reply

    despite the lock down it looks like you’ve kept yourself s really busy


    I have two trips booked in August, one to Somerset to visit my sister and another to Glasgow! Don’t know if we will be going! You have been very bust during Lock down , the children look like they are having a lot of fun!

  4. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Another interesting week. Enjoyed the harvest photos. You can’t beat the taste of home grown veg

  5. Your Home grown potatoes look good they taste so different to shop bought I’ve had a lot of strawberries this year you can’t beat fresh

  6. Shame about Wisley being busy. I’d have thought they’ d have had similar ticket method to NT. Although you can’t guarantee how long people stay so if everyone stays for hours, it will get busy. I think it’s getting to that time of year when at school it would be more fun, wheteras they’re still home schooling so its not feeling like wind down

  7. Love the pic of the potato harvest – I still have fond memories of helping to dig up the potatoes when I was a kid. It all seemed so magical somehow ! And you’re right – they definitely taste better 🙂 Glad to see you got out and about a few times, despite the rain ! We’re in the process of planning a week in Belgium, travelling around by train- I think you should be ok now, planning a trip away, obviously dependent on where so that you can avoid the crowds.

  8. It must be hard to decide whether to travel or not. I’m glad we have nothing planned.
    The virtual party sounds fantastic, what a treat.
    It looks like you’ve been very busy in the garden. x

  9. It looks like your garden is coming good with all the veg you are harvesting! I don’t blame Monkey for being fed up of home school now. It has been a long time! It is a difficult decision whether or not to travel. We cancelled a short break to Amsterdam because the kids were supposed to be away on school trips, but of course their trips got cancelled!

  10. Friday sounds like a nice day out, but sadly every where worth going is busy now.
    Looks like a good harvest of veg there, yes out of the ground taste so much better.
    Very difficult decision whether to go away or not. Biggest worry for me going abroad would be in case things change and you cant get back.

  11. How lovely to have a long weekend at the beach to look forward to. Glad Monkey enjoyed the virtual party. So lovely to be able to harvest some of your veg from the garden – definitely the best bit about gardening! That’s a very impressive magnet creation. We have some of these and Sophie loves them. Love your birthday slippers, they look very comfy. Lovely to have a day out at Wisley although it being very busy sounds a bit off-putting. #project366

  12. Another busy productive week for you, your greenhouse is lovely so good for getting all your seeds going!

  13. I am so bad at gardening, your veg looks great. The sculptures do look very cool, art and sculpture seem to be a bit of a theme for this week’s 365 posts. I need to get out more x

  14. Nicely done on sorting out the newsletters – it’s not sad at all, it’s a new skill you wil never forget now! 🙂 Blogging certainly allows us to learn each day!
    I’m so jealous of all your home grown veg, especially the potatoes! I really do wish I had the time and patience! It must have been a panic to lose your phone like that but glad you managed to find it again! My phone is an extension of my right hand these days, I wouldn’t even remember what day it is without it! 😉 Hope you are all well and having a lovely week! Sim x

  15. I am so envious of your spacious greenhouse, mine is tiny. Your potatoes look good! It is such a feeling of achievement when you harvest the fruit/vegetables you’re growing, isn’t it?
    Our tomatoes are not red/yellow yet either.
    We have a week booked later in the summer in Cornwall, and so far it looks like it might happen, that is, if nothing new would prevent us from going, or they would cancel. Hope you manage to get away.

  16. How lovely that you are starting to benefit from all your hard work in your garden in lockdown! Looks like you have lots of lovely veg. Attractions are starting to open up here, but we have mainly stuck to walking in rural places. Although I can’t hide away for ever that’s for sure.

  17. We still need to go strawberry picking, hoping we get a chance when the kids finish school. Well done on your veggies, very impressive, your greenhouse is so organised!!

  18. adrian price Reply

    another activity packed week for your kids –they never get a chance to be bored

  19. I have had fruit picking on our summer bucket list several years in a row but still not managed it. The one nearest us is super strict about not eating any and my 3 cannot be stopped! We haven’t done our potatoes yet but hopefully soon. #project366

  20. I hope you’re able to go on all the trips you’ve been planning. OoOO self catering resort? Sounds exciting! The sculpture looks amazing. OoOoo may your greenhouse flourish. Awww nice for him to meet his friends. True, TV and phone can be very distracting when trying to get work done. It does sound exciting plucking out vegetables you’ve worked hard to grow. OoOo I love these magnets! The flippers are so cute! Lovely peonies and strawberries sound like fun! Glad you were able to find your phone

  21. adrian price Reply

    i must try growing some veg –but i tend to view gardening as someone once said “Outdoor housework” eg not much fun

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