A bit late this week with this post! I am not surprised really since it was the first week of the school holidays and we are both still working full time. Honestly, the juggling act is just as real as when this all started. And yes I think I mention it in every post! I must admit we have used tech as a babysitting service this week. I have given up on limiting the number of hours, with no homeschooling to keep them entertained we had little choice.  The only thing I am grateful for is the fact that I have a few weeks off coming up and at least I know it will be better then.

Saturday 18th July

The weekend was basically spent in the garden. Knowing that the next few weeks we would be at home a lot less I wanted to try and get ahead with some of the things we needed to do. So on Saturday I did a lot of weeding and planted some new perennials into the annual bed… I know! For some reason, some of the cutting flowers just hadn’t liked the bed. So had not survived long. I think it was because of the amount of ash in the soil had made it very alkaline. So I have planned some lollipop verbena which is about as hardy as you can get to see if it survives better. I also planned on sixty-odd brassica plants  – Brussels, cauliflower and cabbages which will go out in the garden towards the end of August. The idea is that they will be ready to pick over the winter months. Although not having done this before I am not sure if they will survive or not!

Sunday 19th July

More weeding, a blog project that needed everyone’s help and harvesting some of the veg. We dug up the last of our early potatoes. These seem to have done a lot better than the first earlies. We also picked courgettes (the size of marrows – whoops) and beetroot. Plus the first of our yellow tomatoes.

Since I had not staggered the beetroot very well we have ended up with a lot at once and the courgettes as always have gone mad. Which meant Sunday afternoon was spent making chutney and pickling some of the beets and courgettes. The courgettes we make a spicy pickle with which is great with salads and burgers although has to be kept in the fridge.  We have added balsamic to the beetroot this time as we found an old bottle at the back of the cupboard. Probably purchased on a wine run to France when it was worth doing which means it is very old!

The rest of the week …

The last week before we go away is always stupidly busy workwise.  So we did very little. In fact the only photos I have on my phone is from when I took the boys for a little walk on Wednesday after work. I am trying to still stick to this habit. But I feel as we come out of lockdown it seems less acceptable to take an hour off in the afternoon to get some fresh air and always end up feeling a  little guilty. They did enjoy feeding the ducks though!

The rest of the week went by in a blur. I was intending on getting on top of the packing but as ever left it until the last thing on Thursday evening. The only exciting thing that did happen was that Monkey swam up to Cubs. He has really missed his weekly Beaver sessions and although he could not see the whole pack there were six of them due to start in September at cubs. So they held a socially distanced ceremony and he came back clutching a whole handful of badges for me to sew onto his camp blanket. Considering he has only been going for little over a year and he has missed so much with COVID I was quite shocked by just how many he ended up with.  To say he is excited about starting Cubs in September is an understatement.

As we are in Cornwall for the week, I have decided to end this weeks post on that high note. I like where possible to keep the break together, although the weather forecast is not looking great. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that we do get some sun at least towards the end of the week. We may also have the opportunity to extend it by a weekend so it would be really good if the sun comes out!

Stay safe x

Blog posts this week

Well it was always too good to last, wasn’t it? I only managed two posts this week but that’s not surprising with my workload at the moment.

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  1. Have a lovely time in Cornwall! Hope the weather is not too bad (it’s always raining when we go). The flower in rain drops is gorgeous. We have problems with acidic soil in the garden, so I tend to add ash to it.
    I’m a bit envious of your big courgettes/marrows, I’d love some to cook stuffed marrows. The shops here only have courgettes.
    The duck is amazingly colourful, what a beauty.

  2. Ahh! I think using tech as a babysitter is totally acceptable in your situation. It sounds like things are quite hectic.
    Your garden is looking amazing! It looks like it takes a lot of work to keep on top of though but totally worth it when you are getting all the veg from it. x

  3. Tech as a babysitter is quite acceptable when you’re trying to work – it’s what I was using during confinement ! Have a lovely time on holiday. The break will do you all good, whatever the weather ! Well done on all your work in the garden. Your veggies are very impressive 🙂

  4. Sean Langridge Reply

    Juggling work and kids is always going to be hard, so its fair to use technology so you get time to work! I am amazed at what you have managed to grow! I wish I had the patience to do it! Enjoy your holiday!

  5. Well done to him on moving up to cubs. It always amazes me how many badges they all seem to get nowadays compared to when I was in brownies and my brother was in cubs. The harvest looks pretty successful

  6. Your potatoes looks amazing and I like the sound of your pickled courgettes. How lovely that Monkey got to celebrate moving up to Cubs. Hope you have a lovely week in Cornwall and the weather isn’t too bad.

  7. Your garden is looking great, so glad he hard work is paying off!

  8. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    Your veg plot is looking amazing. We have an allotment which we love, so nice to pick your own fruit & veg and cook it straight away.

  9. I use tech as a babysitting service at times too – it’s the only way sometimes to manage to juggle working from home with keeping the children entertained. Love the photos of your harvest – looks like you’ve been very productive! The spicy pickle sounds nice and a good way of using up some of the surplus. How lovely that Monkey was able to have a socially-distanced ceremony to mark him moving up to Cubs. Hope you have had a lovely week in Cornwall. #project366

  10. Well done on finishing cubs, the sewing badges is my least favourite part. Cubs is more fun as they get to do some fabulous activities. Well done on your garden haul too, great work

  11. I really love your garden. You are reaping the rewards with all those gorgeous vegetables. You will be pretty much self sufficient at this rate. I am so impressed! Our garden needs so much work and I always put it off.

  12. Hope the weather was good for your trip to Cornwall. Love the garden allotment and the produce you’ve grown. I didn’t stagger the peas or the beans, but I’m hoping a late planting of both will work

  13. What a fabulous close up of the duck! It sounds like it has been crazy with you – don’t worry about using tech as a form of babysitting, it has to be done! Hope you get to enjoy some awesome activities when you have your time off… and hope the sun shines for you too!
    I am so jealous of your allotment, all those potatoes but huge courgettes and beetroot too – I do love a good beetroot, walnut and feta salad… nom nom nom! Hope you are all enjoying your lovely home grown veg! Hope you are having a lovely week too! Sim x

  14. I am grateful I have a term time only job so things are less stressful now, but also now we have no home learnng the kids are more bored! #project366

  15. Hope the weather was kind for your Cornwall break. Good luck with the brassicas – I haven’t done them seriously enough, but I’ve found them quite hard. This year I’m trying some in the polytunnel.

  16. Laura Pritchard Reply

    We’ve been growing our own vegetables over lockdown!

  17. Rachel Craig Reply

    Your garden has been quite productive. Vegetable garden is a wonderful idea, and a great asset. Have known people with allotments :- Some tended to gift extra / surplus tomatoes. Sharing is Caring.

  18. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    You have such a nice garden and you have grown some lovely things.

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