‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We are away this week in Cornwall and keeping our fingers crossed that the sun decides to come out. On our drive down I wanted to try and find somewhere to break up the journey so we went to Stonehenge. It was on our travel bucket list this year, although I was expecting to go in April. I was a little apprehensive that it may be really busy but it wasn’t too bad at all with everyone abiding by the social distancing rules.

There is quite a long walk up from the car park to the stones and on the way, you walk past a field. Which is full of hay bales. I have often seen all those beautiful photos on Instagram of kids with hay bales. And all the kids were climbing on them on the way up so we decided to join in being careful not to damage them. They are really quite high and I had to give Monkey a hand in getting up! But he was desperate.

Kipper, on the other hand, decided to have a full-blown conversation about something that he felt passionately about. So it wasn’t exactly an insta worthy pose (is there such a thing?). Although it did remind me that he is growing up quickly and has opinions of his own now!

We are here for a week and have some fun day trips planned. Having to book the majority of things in advance at least means we know what we are doing and when. Hope you are having a lovely second week of the school holidays and I look forward to seeing all your adventures.

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  1. adrian price Reply

    i spent my school holidays hay baling –so these pictures bring back memories of hard work

    • Lyndsey cooksey Reply

      Hope you all have a wonderful time! They do grow up so quick and I love his photo on the bale of hay! Bless him.

  2. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    Lovely photo’s. Hope you have a lovely holiday in beautiful Cornwall.

  3. The hay bale makes a great seat and viewing spot, what a good find!

  4. I’ve never seen those hay bales up close – only in fields as we’re driving along! What an adventure! I’m loving following your holiday on Stories x

  5. adrian price Reply

    lovely picture–but it would actually play havoc with my hayfever if i was there

  6. Ruth Harwood Reply

    I wanna pretend to be a kid and play on the haybales right now! I’m the kind of person who loves kicking up leaves in autumn and putting on voices talking to my cat and the kids just calling them pet names just to annoy them hahaha!!

  7. Emma England Reply

    I’ve never actually been to Cornwall. Hope you all have a lovely time.

  8. I hope you had a lovely holiday and you got some of the weather that we’ve been having up here. I love the hay bale pictures – they do look pretty big though!

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