Back to work this week after a wonderful week in Cornwall. Thankfully it is Summer so it was quieter than it has been for a number of weeks so not too stressful. Although it did have its moments. Mainly related to our plans for the rest of the Summer holidays and will we, won’t we? As I write this we have made a decision. I am not sure its the right decision but its a decision and one I am happy with.

Monday – 3rd August

First day back at work. I had all good intentions to take a photo today and failed. Really didn’t do much other than work and the boys chilled out after our busy week last week. I did manage a couple of loads of washing since the weather was behaving and I need to make sure all the clothes are washed for our forthcoming trip.

Tuesday – 4th August

Another day at work and another load of washing. The TV is now providing entertainment for the boys. At the end of the day, we harvested a few more bits from the garden for dinner. Including these spring onions which are the first ones, we have pulled. Typically I did not stagger them so most of them are now ready. I think we may try to pickle some of them as there are only so many onions you can eat.

Wednesday – 5th August

Needed something to break up the monotonous week we are having. After dinner today we went out to a local pub for some food. Although we hadn’t booked and they were really busy with bookings. The garden is big so you are not very close to anyone it just meant we had to wait for food. Its the first pub meal we have had since lockdown. The only photo I took was of the menu! I couldn’t work out why they were so busy until we got the bill and realised they were participating in the government scheme. Which meant we all ate for £22!

Thursday – 6th August

Last day at work for three weeks! Our systems had an update overnight so we had to log off on time which was a tad annoying as I tend to always work late when I am off on hols making sure I have everything done before heading off. Feeling all kinds of stress about the news and travelling into France which is where we are meant to be off to on Monday. It is hard to know what to do for the best. The kids are desperate to go. The places we are staying are rural campsites with lots of outside space and self-catering. We do have two hotel stays for one night which are my only concerns as they are both in small towns.  I want to make sure they can go back to school when all the others start back (assuming it all goes ahead of course) so the downside is that we may have to cut our trip short by a week. Really needed this glass of wine!

Friday – 7th August

Today was a very special day. Hubby turned 50 in January and for his birthday I had arranged an experience of a lifetime. Today was the day that it came true. We were a bit worried with everything that it may get cancelled since it had already changed date and time. But instead, we had the perfect weather for a trip in a Spitfire. He has wanted to do it since he was 10 years old and from all accounts, it surpassed all expectations. It did look very impressive on take-off and landing but I am not sure you would get me up in one. Monkey, on the other hand, has decided that this is what he would like when he turns 18! I guess I had better start saving now… 

Saturday – 8th August

Spent the day getting ready for our trip away. Popped into town to pick up some Euros and post some parcels. It was the first time I have been into town since before lockdown can’t say I will be rushing back. I was surprised by just how many of the shops had shut down already though. The boys also got their hair cut. Another first since lockdown – other than the home attempt. It was long overdue from the photos below!

Sunday – 9th August

Spent today finishing the packing. We get the Eurotunnel early tomorrow morning so decided to stay more local to the tunnel so that we can all get some shut eye!

Blog posts this week

Managed a few posts this week in amongst the crazy – which is just as well since I can not see much writing going on for the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Another interesting week . Well have to try and take advantage of the cheaper food deal .

  2. Rachel Craig Reply

    Nice to get a little bit of ‘ new normal’. Good that you got the benefit of your meal out at a discounted price.

    • Rachel Craig Reply

      A week in photos :- seems you have been busy. You have been productive, the spring onions look great. Well Done ! Real asset to have a vegetable garden. Nice that you managed to get the benefit of the ” Eat Out to Help Out” scheme, and it was a positive experience. We have just recently booked for such an opportunity.

  3. Susan Willshee Reply

    I’m very impressed by your crop of spring onions. We are having a similar problem with our tomatoes. We thought only one or two plants would come but all of them have now fruited so I think we will be making lots of chutney with the tomatoes we can’t eat quickly enough!

  4. Jazz Tattersall Reply

    I’m loving the eat out to help out scheme had one meal already going out again next week

  5. Ahh great to get a half price meal out, especially if it wasn’t expected ! The Spitfire looks cool. It’s funny that your son wants a go now ! Good to see your spring onions are growing well. Where are you going in France? I’m sure it’ll all be fine. We’ve decided not to come across to the UK, due to confinement rules potentially changing, plus the price of the ferries and the tunnel being put up, but it’s so hard to know what’s going to happen, isn’t it ?

    • Andrea Fletcher Reply

      The Spitfire is amazing, my husband would love that. Well done on the spring onions, I tend to forget to stagger planting and end up with loads of stuff.

  6. You have done so well with your garden. The spring onions look fab!
    I am liking the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. We had a stop in Starbucks today and it should have cost over £25 but it came to just over £12! I love the sound of all of the food on that menu! Cider battered haddock & chips would be my choice.
    Wow! What a wonderful treat for your hubby!
    Have a fab trip x

  7. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    That fighter plane loogs magnificent z greatvfimforcyouall

  8. Hope your trip to France goes well and you can relax. I forgot to stagger my beans, peas and tomatoes so I’ll be giving a lot of it away for sure. The flight in the spitfire sounds great, but you wouldn’t get me up in one

  9. Laura Pritchard Reply

    Onions are looking good! We didn’t grow those this year but might try next!

  10. Ruth Harwood Reply

    I’d love to fly one of those – bet the pilots were brave as! The wine don’t look bad either!!


    My Grandad and Great Grandad were in the RAF so would have loved to see this.
    The boy’s haircuts look fab.

  12. Lovely spring onions. Interesting menu. Dining is open here too on booking basis. I hope the trip to France turns out to be great. It’s good that you chose places with outside space. Wow, that’s a wonderful gift to ride in a Spitfire!! Cute haircuts

  13. Oh the Spitfire ride looks fantastic. I hope you have a great trip to France. I know quite a few people there at the moment. I don’t think I’d have any concerns about the virus, but it would be a pain to self isolate when you get home, especially when levels there aren’t as high as some areas here.

  14. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    wow them onions look lovely , some fantastic photos this week

  15. Spitfires have a special place in my heart as my grandad built them during WW2. He couldn’t fight due to a heart murmur cauued by childhood polio but was determined to help the war effort. What an experience for your hubby! #project366

  16. OMG, that must have been an amazing experience for your husband – that is my dream too…….I bet it cost a fortune but you have inspired me to look into it. My grandad was obsessed with spitfires and its rubbed off on me

  17. Our town was suffering before lockdown with closures on the way so dread to think what’s actually left (card shops, hair dressers, charity shops and coffee shops only probably!). Good the boys were able to get hair cuts. N needs another one, but I don’t really want to have to queue for ages at his. Might have to go somewhere they’ll do appointments instead.

  18. Your spring onions look good. Mine are still quite tiny. How amazing for your husband to get to have a flight in a Spitfire – what a brilliant experience. Hope you are managing to enjoy your trip away. #project366

  19. What a welcome surprise not really you were on the offer day until you went to pay! The spring onions look amazing! They will be so good in a salad. Wow at the spitfire experience what a birthday gift! Think my eldest would enjoy something like that when he is older.

  20. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    Great update. so glad to read you were able to get out for a meal.

  21. sandy lynn ralph Reply

    wow the spitfire looks like an amazing experience indeed

  22. I’m very impressed by your crop of spring onions. That is awesome. I’ve never been able to grow anything. Love the spitfire too x

  23. Tee Simpson Reply

    What a lovely wewk. We have been trying to get out more too. Those spring onions look fab!

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