‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

I am cheating a little with these photos as they were actually taken last Sunday on our way back from Cornwall.  We drove past a sunflower field and so much to the boy’s disgust I had to turn around and go back. It is the first one I have ever come across one in the UK. Although I wasn’t allowed to stay very long I did manage a couple of photos of the field itself and of the boys. And for once I actually appeared in them.

As you read this, in theory, we should be in France for the next three weeks.  I have written this post before we left on Sunday. But with all the changes constantly, part of me is wondering if we will actually make it. If we do I am hoping to find some more sunflower fields.

Hope you have a lovely week


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  1. Ruth Harwood Reply

    Oh I do love your pictures! The field of sunflowers is amazing!!

  2. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Those sunflowers look amazing. I hope your trip to France goes to plan

    • Rachael Sexey Reply

      wow what a treat I would absolutely love to see all those sunflowers

  3. Eileen Hindley Reply

    Love the sunflower photos have never seen a sunflower field before looks amazing!


    Those photo’s have just blown me away. Absoloutely beautiful.

  5. Alex McKay Reply

    Love the sunflwoer picture. Id love to see this whole field of sunflowers 😁

  6. Christine Hall Reply

    I found a packet of seed that came in a magazine last year, I planted 5 seeds 2 have grown 12ft high with multi blooms, 1 came out with a red inner petals a tinge of yellow on the tips, 1 am over the moon with it’s dark red / maroon petals, I hope to save some seeds for next year.

  7. Lorne Bedford Reply

    I remember seeing a similar field in France when I was a child on holiday. Stunning!!!

  8. Alison Barker Reply

    Lovely photos, just been to a sunflower field at Rhossilli beach, it was gorgeous.

  9. Maria Messruther Reply

    I hope you have managed to get to France and there is lots open for you all to do. Love the sunflower pics makes anyone happy seeing their petalled faces turning to the sun 😀 x

  10. Janie-Fleur Matcham Reply

    Gosh what a difference a few weeks makes, people coming back from France now have to self isolated from today. These uncertain times ever changing but one thing is for sure nature never fails to amaze. What a wonderful memory at a time of uncertainty

  11. Karen Usher Reply

    This looks absolutely amazing, I love sunflowers, they bring an instant smile to my face. I need to visit this place!

  12. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, I would definitely have stopped off too x

  13. Charlotte Hoskins Reply

    What gorgeous photos. I also seem to end up with a roll full of photos of the kids and the odd dodgy selfie of myself!

  14. Rebecca Jones Reply

    These photos are a delight! I’ve never seen a sunflower field myself, but this week you’re the fourth family I have heard of that has visited one!

  15. I was also so pleased to find a sunflower field this week, such happy flowers. I do hope that the news hasn’t ruined your holiday, sending love x

  16. Tee Simpson Reply

    That sunflower field looks amazing. I would have turned around and drove back too!

  17. Katrina Adams Reply

    These photos are just so pretty! Such a gorgeous backdrop to your wonderful family.

  18. Rachel Craig Reply

    Sunflowers :- are lovely to see. The colour can brighten us, and cheer our Spirit.

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