This week we started in France at our second destination and ended with us back in the UK and under quarantine for two weeks. I have been updating last weeks post with some of the photos I took. You can see it here if you would like to see it with pictures – Our French Road Trip: 366 Week 33 {2020}.

Tuesday – 18th August

Today we left our Eurocamp site early and headed the two and a quarter hours to a little village I found in my guide book. Typically it was the sort of place which had tiny streets and hidden car parks but Rochefort-en-Terre was so pretty. Full of dark stone buildings with tons of flowers we really enjoyed walking around it. We also ate lunch there and I was seriously tempted by a bag that looked like a pineapple. I also treated Harry to a much loved wooden transporter we saw in a tiny wooden toy shop.

Our next campsite Chateaux Le Foret was another couple of hours on. We were staying with a small family run business Votre Vacances. I was instantly impressed with the accommodation. It’s a lovely peaceful campsite. Our first stop was to the little bakery a short five-minute walk away to pick up some fresh bread for dinner.  I couldn’t help but be tempted by the strawberry tarts too! Late-night playing Quirk with Charlie – he’s got addicted to it.

Wednesday – 19th August

Waking to rain our plans for the day went out the window. But a quick google I found an aquarium close by and we headed there for the morning. It was a large space with a lot of big tanks. Busy but everyone was compiling with the social distancing rules and wearing masks. By the time we had finished the weather had improved considerably and we headed back to the campsite.

Next door there is a treetop adventure called Le Grand Defi. Charlie had seen it when we first arrived and was desperate to have a go. I will be writing up a post about it when I get a moment. They have courses which are suitable from the age of two so I thought Harry would also like to have a go. But when it came to putting the harness on, he point blanked refused. So it turned out to be a pretty boring three hours for him. He can be so stubborn. But Charlie loved it and it was so convenient having it right next to the campsite.

Thursday – 20th August

Today we explored the campsite first thing before anyone woke so I could get some photos. The boys spotted the pool and the slides and were desperate to give them a go asap. So the morning was spent at the slides. They had a slower longer one which was suitable for Harry and then a short fast one that went into a deep pool that Charlie loved. It was the first time during our break I wished I could be in two places at once so I could keep an eye on both of them.

In the afternoon we headed out to the salt marshes. I didn’t think we would be there that long and had planned to visit the local beach and have tea there. But in the end, we stayed into the early evening the boys loved it so much. They even got the opportunity to harvest their own salt which they both thought was amazing. As we left so late we ended up trying out the restaurant on the campsite which actually wasn’t too bad and reasonably priced. Plus the boys could play on the bouncy castle which was right opposite.

Friday – 21st August

So sad our last day in France – but we did go out on a high. I had booked some tickets for the mechanical elephant in Nantes before we left the UK. The other attractions at the machines you just needed to queue up for on the day. It was a wonderful day out and again something I am hoping to get to share here when I get round to writing about it.

We went into the museum first, but it was really interactive with lots of demonstrations of the mechanical animals.  It took about an hour in total and included a huge spider which was a right spectacle.  After this the boys were hungry so we headed to get hot dogs and a drink before our booked ride on the elephant. I had no idea that it also sprayed water and loved to drench both the spectators on the floor and its passengers.

After our ride, we headed to the carousel where the boys could choose which animal or sea creature they could ride on. Charlie chose a rather scary looking one that hung from the ceiling. You had to be 135cm to go on these ones and he made it by a hairs whisker.  I am hoping his school trousers will still be long enough when he goes back in a couple of weeks.

It was the perfect end to the holiday.

Saturday – 22nd August

Started the mammoth unpacking and the washing. I think it will take all week for me to get straight which is just as well since I have next week off work.

Sunday 23rd August

Had a lay in! So tired probably something to do with the drive home. Also started to look at the vegetable patch it’s gone a bit mad since we were away. Our sunflowers are now over 7 ft tall! Hubby has been harvesting while we have been away so we made some squash soup to freeze and also some base tomato sauce since it seems they all went red at the same time. We have lots of work to do in the garden so will be spending some time in the next week out there trying to get straight and ready for the Autumn.

Blog posts this week

None. I had plans of getting lots written while away but it never happened. Travelling with kids on your own is hard when they are still so little. Hoping to make up for it next week and get some posts scheduled for when I go back to work.

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  1. I am often amazed by how much you pack into a week and this one is no exception!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday in France and fitted in so much to your trip. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy at home with all the washing and your garden to sort out. x

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday in France and fitted in so much to your trip. Love the photos. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy at home with all the washing. It does seem never ending x

  4. Rachel Craig Reply

    You seemed to have quite a bit of variety in activities, etc.

  5. Love the mechanical elephant, I’ve never seen anything like that. Looks like the kids had a fab time at the salt flats and on the zip wires and great to come home to a harvest

  6. Wow, sounds like you had a great time in France. Those mechanical elephant and spider look amazing. The salt marshes are an awesome experience as well. The zip wire over the water would give me a panic attack though. 🙂

  7. That really is a stunning village. We loved Nantes when we visited but we arrived just after a bank holiday so never got to see the elephant as it was being cleaned

  8. Sounds like you had a good time! Rochefort-en-Terre certainly does look pretty!

    Wow that elephant looks amazing! Would love a ride on that.

  9. Wow the mechanical elephant looks amazing – I’ve not seen anything like that before. Charlie looks like he really enjoyed the tree top adventure.

  10. Spectacular pictures as always. I want to travel to France now. The architecture in the village is amazing! The aquarium looks amazing. Wow, visiting a salt marsh must be very interesting. Woah!!!! Those mechanical animals look amazing, especially the elephant. Well that’s a carousel I’ve never seen before. Such vibrant produce!

  11. They have a mechanical elephant in Calais at the moment (not sure if it’s a permanent thing or not) – it’s only half an hour away from us so we really should make the effort to go and see it ! Looks like you had a great time and did loads of fun activities 🙂

  12. Rochefort-en-Terre looks like a very pretty village. Charlie looks like he was having fun on the treetop adventure – what a shame Harry didn’t want to put the harness on. That mechanical elephant looks so interesting – what a fun experience. Glad you had a lovely holiday – the washing is never fun when you get back though! Looks like you’ve got a lovely harvest from your vegetable patch though. #project366

  13. Sim @ Sim's Life Reply

    It looks like you had the most amazing time and I am seriously jealous! The villages near my parents are very similar, the brick work and architecture is amazing… as are the patisseries! Nom nom nom!
    The salt marshes look awesome, I totally get why you stayed longer than expected, it does actually sound and look quite fun! The campsite looks fabulous too… and the weather! Hope quarantine is going quickly for you and you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  14. Rochefort-en-Terre looks gorgeous! What a fantastic holiday. I really love the photos with the mechanical elephant, what a unique attraction. The spider looks a bit scary though! I would have picked out a sweet treat and not just settled with bread too! Strawberry tarts sound fab.

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