‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Our photos this week were taken during our stay at our second campsite. The boys wanted to try out the pool and slides one morning and had a blast. Although holidaying on your own with them both meant I spent the morning feeling like I needed eyes in the back of my head. Since Harry liked the slower twirling slide and Charlie the fast short one that went into a deep pool. Now he can swim and is sensible enough but even still.

That was probably the biggest challenge of taking the boys away on my own. We did have a lovely second week though and although I am still disappointed we didn’t get to have the complete holiday we were hoping for. We are grateful that we got away and made a lot of memories on our trip which will see us through to the end of the year. As I expect our other plans will be cancelled because of the pandemic.

As we are still meant to be in France I have a week off work this week. Which is a bit odd and of course we are in quarantine for two weeks. The plan is to overhaul the house, sort and declutter both the boy’s rooms and get Harry’s ready for new furniture. He’s decided he wants to have green walls! We are also hoping to spend some time in the garden. Now the bees nest has gone we have one more raised bed to fix and I would like to make a start on moving things back into the greenhouse ready to over Winter.  Plus there are lots of vegetables ready to preserve/cook etc. Yesterday we made squash soup and a base tomato sauce. I would also really like to decorate our downstairs loo but I am not sure if that maybe a little too much…

Oh, and I have two dozen blog posts to write…  so although it may not be the end to the Summer holidays we envisaged it’s still going to be a busy one.

Hope you have a lovely week


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  1. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    You certainly had a fun filled holiday. Hope the decluttering goes well

  2. Catherine Booker Reply

    You definitely sound like you have enough to do without decorating the loo too!!

  3. Lyndsey cooksey Reply

    Very busy for you! Lots of lovely memories made and photos to cherish.

    • Rachel Craig Reply

      Nice that you managed some holiday. Good that the children enjoyed being active in the water / swimming pool, etc. Yes, keeping young children safe is a Responsible role, time consuming and takes concentration. Particularly when the children are active, they can be fast!

  4. Denise Dunn Reply

    You have two very handsome boys! Looks like they’re having so much fun!!

  5. Ah it must be disappointing not getting the holiday you’d planned – quite glad we had been disorganised as ever and not booked anything! Just getting away in some capacity is good though, looks like you had lots of fun 🙂 #livingarrows

  6. Can you please start a blog series about planting fruit and veg? I need some help and inspiration for growing more next year! your time away with the boys looked lovely x

  7. Such a shame you had to come back early but it’s looked like you’ve had such a nice summer regardless. I hope you’ve managed to tick loads of your list this week x

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