Stay at Home Autumn Lockdown Bucket List.  We are lucky as we are currently in an area of the country which is not in lockdown. However, I can not see this  Autumn planning out like previous years and do think things will be slightly different this year. We have had a recent taste of lockdown again as we have had to quartine for two weeks after visiting France during the Summer holidays.  It has made me realise regardless of if we end up in official Lockdown or not.  That we may have to adjust our normal Autumn activities.

Also having two weeks of home it gave me lots of time to think about what the changing of the seasons brings.  And have come up with this list of  Stay at Home Autumn Lockdown Bucket List ideas.  All these ideas can be done at home, during one hour of exercise or easily on a social distanced basis. I have even pulled together a free printable© to share with my readers.

Stay at Home Autumn Lockdown Bucket List

  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Enjoy  sparklers at home
  • Have a small bonfire and toast marshmallows to make Smores
  • Get dressed up for Halloween and have a spooky buffet at  home
  • Design some leaf art
  • Make leaf bowls
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • Make some toffee  apples
  • Do some stargazing
  • Make the Christmas Cake & mincemeat  in anticipation of Christmas Day
  • Collect horse chestnuts and have a conker fight
  • Go blackberry picking and make a crumble
  • Make the most of the vegetable and fruit harvesting  by making jams and  pickles
  • Plant some vegetables for Winter, onions are easy to grow even without a dedicated vegetable patch
  • Learn about the changing seasons  by making a poster of a tree and using tissue paper to dictate seasons
  • Make some Winter liquors  ready in time for Christmas with plums, oranges and sloes
  • Go on a woodland walk and get some photos in the leaves
  • Make some Halloween decorations
  • Watch some Halloween movies 
  • Create some Autumn scented play dough

What is on your bucket list for this season? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Autumn Lockdown Bucket List

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  1. lynn neal

    Lots of great ideas here, I love the scavenger hunt one!

  2. Maria Hughes

    Carving a pumpkin is one of my favourite Autumn things to do – especially when we make a lovely pumpkin soup afterwards!

    Although this summer has been so different, I am still ready for the season change and looking forward to the autumnal delights!

  3. Anthony Harrington

    We enjoyed a pumpkin hunt last year, can’t believe we are now approaching Autumn, been a very odd year.

  4. Laura Pritchard

    We’ll definitely try making toffee apples!

  5. Sandra Fortune

    Love this time of year getting ready for Halloween and Christmas some great tips here

  6. Priscilla Stubbs

    Great ides there, I will try and make my own Christmas Cake this year and we’ve been blackberrying and made bramble jelly and put some blackberries in the freezer for making crumbles laster on

  7. Gemma Hendry

    Fantastic ideas, especially making some halloween decorations and toffee apples

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