This week brought our second week at school and  Harry’s first full day.  Our days have very much centred around trying to get into a routine.  With two kids at different schools, with different pick and up and drop off times I would be lying if   I said it has been easy. But I think we are just about there.  Although I can not help but think as soon as we have managed that it will all be thrown up in the air again.   I am waiting for a positive COVID test in one of the boy’s year bubbles as there are 120 children in each. Although by the sounds of things it is so difficult to get a test it could be that we will never know….

Monday – 14th September

The boys seemed happy to go to school this morning. Although Harry was only in for a  two and a half hours.   It was really hot which did not help with the concentration levels,  one of the downsides of working in an orangery.  Harry was desperate to get the sprinkler out once his brother returned from school. Although  Charlie wasn’t interested in actually playing in it. Not that it stopped  Harry having fun.  I think it will be the last time it comes out this year.

Tuesday – 15th September

Not overly impressed when he was told it was school again today. For another two and a half hours… although he perked up when  I promised to go via the conker tree.   Not sure what we are going to do when it has given up all its conkers by next week! He has been happily going to stand in line and doesn’t need any encouragement.  And is normally at the front of the line when it comes to picking up.  Decided to book myself a flu jab this week, as the boys will get them at school and the husband via work. I don’t normally bother but I would rather avoid getting anything that could be mistaken for the dreaded virus.  I booked it via the  Tesco website which was super easy.  Charlie went back to cubs today. I wanted to get a photo in his uniform but didn’t quite manage it as he raced out the door. Just a little excited about seeing his friends.

Wednesday – 16th September

Busy day at work, it seems to be picking up. Which is usual this time of year.  Harry was in for the morning again.  Being in a meeting the husband was meant to pick him up but he was engrossed in a work task and completely forgot. Opps. Thankfully the school was understanding and Harry were no worse for wear for it.  It was his last half morning. In the evening I went to get my hair done since I had cancelled the appointment due to being in quarantine when we got back from France. It was a complete mess and I looked more grey than I did when we were in lockdown.  I think it was because the sun had bleached the colour.  So she had to put a colour wash over all of my hair and not just do the roots.

Today’s picture was from the driveway that the husband finished last weekend. I thought I had better get a picture in case the bad weather washes some of it away.

Thursday – 17th September

Today Harry was in school for lunch. The realisation that he will be going every day is starting to dawn on him.  I didn’t take him or pick him up today as I had my first team meeting in six months. It was nice to see everyone but with the constant threats in the press about national lockdown it makes you wonder if we will be able to do it again.  Plus we have two weekends away coming up which it sounds like they may not happen if we have to go into lockdown.  And then there is half term…. I know I should only worry about the things we can control but I can’t help it.

Friday – 18th September

My first day in eight and a half years without a child at home on a Friday. I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be. I am guessing with everything going on it and the fact they have been at home for so long has had an impact on my sanity.  Once both boys were dropped at school, I headed to Tesco to get my flu jab.  I went out for lunch with a friend which I think is the first time I have done that for over six months! Despite lockdown being lifted, we don’t eat out much at all. And I think have only been to a pub once or twice.  The meal was very nice! Since we had to get the kids from school we both opted to try  Seedlip which is a non-alcholic spirit similar to gin. I  have been threatening to get a bottle for a while so it was good to try it out first. Since it is actually the same price as gin!

There are various different versions and this was the  Grove 42 which is meant to be like a mandarin flavoured gin. I am not sure if it really is as I have never tried gin with that flavour. It was quite refreshing and I could see me having it at home. Although I think I am going to try out the spiced one next time we are out since that is meant to be the best before buying a bottle.

Saturday – 19th September

Today was spent in the garden… honestly, I never knew gardening was so much work.  Charlie and I went to the garden centre to get a bulb planter. I struggled last week putting the daffodils in so after watching gardeners world figured I would treat myself to one. Of course, we also came home with some swede plugs and an apple tree. Both reduced and looking sorry themselves. Plus I brought some green manure seeds on the chance that at least a couple of the veg beds maybe empty over winter.  The bulb planter did help a little bit and I managed to finish putting in the daffs and crocus in much quicker than the other weekend.  I need to think about my alliums and tulips as the beds where they are going to go are currently either being dug out or overgrown!

We were also busy in the veggie garden. The pesky cat had dug out most of the onions so they needed to be put back in and then covered with wire.   To stop him doing the same thing.  Our snowglobe onions had turned up in the week so they went in.   The potatoes were not doing anything so I took them out. I think we need to read up on how to generate seed potatoes of your own from a crop.  The swede plugs went in, as did some more cauliflowers, cabbages and brussel sprouts.  All of which needed to be covered with white netting since we still have cabbage whites in the garden. I also weeded the strawberries that I had rescued. Many are sending out runners now and so I helped them along a bit.  Plus added some pineberries, which are white strawberries that are meant to taste like pineapple.  The boys helped on and off.  With intermittent screen time. We are all shattered from the week at school so we let them pretty much do what they wanted.

Our winter crops are – spring onions (winter sowing variety), leeks (winter sowing variety), red cabbage, white cauliflowers, calabrese,   red, yellow and white onions. Plus we are expecting some garlic and savoy cabbages soon.

We also harvested our first globe artichoke. There are a couple more which will be ready soon. Time to find out the best way to cook them…


Sunday – 20th September

With all the talk of lockdown coming we decided to head out to Scotney Castle which is a National Trust property today. We had thought about starting my much longed for flower garden. But it could be that we will have plenty of time to be getting on with that in the coming weeks. I only booked tickets on Saturday so was pleased to see there were plenty available.

We had a lovely couple of hours walking around. I tried black coconut ice cream for the first time and the boys were happy to pose for some photos. Unfortunately, the walled garden was closed so we didn’t see the dahlias and large pumpkins of previous years. But the castle and house looked beautiful in the sun and the boys found plenty to explore.

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  1. Andale Seaworne

    Cool sprinkler. Here cases are rising and a few colleges had been closed but thankfully mine is still open. I went out a few times to eat but usually i get takeout as I avoid sitting in a closed, populated environment. Great work on your vegetable garden, the artichoke looks great. Black coconut ice cream? I want to try that

  2. It’s tough getting back into routine, especially with all the different drop off and pick-up times. You’ll get used to it soon ! Nice that you found some me-time to go to the hairdresser’s – I should probably try and book in a visit too ! Scotney Castle looks lovely. Well done on finding a well-stocked conker tree – long may it last ! lol

  3. Gorgeous pic of Scotney Castle. My youngest has been at school for a few weeks now and I was worried how he would cope with school dinners as he is a nightmare eater but he loves them! #project366

  4. Good idea sampling a drink before buying a whole bottle. My mum enjoys different flavoured gins, I bought her quite a few gin miniatures last Christmas so she could find a flavour she really likes. I do like your picture of Scotney Castle it looks lovely!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    A wonderful week filled with so much joy and love

  6. Glad you are settling into the new school routine and that Harry is getting used to it. Gardens are a lot of work – I spend quite a lot of time on mine, but there’s always so much to do.

  7. Sounds like a lot done in the garden and a good back to school routine and settling in.

    My girls have staggered times but thankfully they are on the same school grounds now so I am not rushing around to different schools.

  8. Love the photo of Harry playing in the sprinkler, so sweet. Too cold to do that up here. The conkers are fab too. The castle looks like a great day out xx

  9. Scotney Castle looks beautiful, I have not heard if it before. We have been conker hunting too.
    I paid off our October holiday this week but not sure if it will go ahead, fingers and toes are crossed for good news

  10. Sim @ Sim's Life

    Good to hear you enjoyed your first childfree Friday out and about – I’m with you, totally not emotional at all, if anything it feels like a relief! Love the fact you were bribing Harry with conker picking, there are some corkers in his collection! How lovely C & H got their names in the cement, what a fantastic idea! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  11. lynn neal

    Getting in a routine is tricky at the moment with things often changing!

  12. I envu you getting to Scotney, I fell in love with it when we visited a number of years ago. I’m glad school is going ok, hard when the penny drops about it being every day. We’re in the same boat, two trips lined up next month and I’m struggling to get excited about either of them as can see it all falling apart #366

  13. Love the photo of Harry playing in the sprinkler. Lovely to be able to get it out one more time before autumn sets in. Lovely photo of the conkers. Hope Harry is settling in well to full days. Sounds like you had a very busy day in the garden on Saturday. I need to start planting my spring bulbs at some point. Lovely to have a day out at Scotney Castle – it looks like a beautiful place to visit. #project366

  14. The gardening sounds hard work, but it’ll be worth it in the spring with the bulbs. lovely Harry is enjoying school, made me laugh though when he realised it’s becoming a permanent arrangement.

  15. I need to book in a flu jab for me too. I’ve never had one before, but it’s probably a good idea. N’s one at school isn’t until December which seems a bit late! Hope Harry’s getting used to school now.

  16. I am glad you are finding a bit of a routine. It is hard for when they’re only in school for a few hours at a time.
    You’ve just reminded me that I need to book our flu jabs. We got the letter last week.
    How exciting for Harry to do a full day at school. I hope he’s enjoying it.
    Fab photos x

  17. Andrea Fletcher

    Sounds like another busy week. Those are great conkers, my grandson and I love to go conker picking.

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