Last week has been a bit of a blur. Getting used to getting back into the routine (still). We have intentionally taken it slowly but last week the boys also went back to their childcare before and after school. It makes it a long day for them and we have struggled a little. So much so that I took no photos until Friday! I am struggling with motivation in all areas at the moment, although I have stopped reading the papers and listening to the news which is starting to help. Who knows how long it will be until we will be in lockdown again. I am trying not to think about it.   But with all the days blurring into one, I am going to have to start writing this daily again, as I can not remember what else has gone on at the beginning of the week by the end of it!

On Tuesday clubs started again at school. Because of the virus, they only have clubs on one day a week for each year group. Charlie has a lunchtime club and then football after school. Since starting cubs the day has moved from Thursday to Tuesday so it makes it a very busy day! But he is loving it and since we don’t know how long cubs is going to be able to go ahead he is definitely making the most of it.

Friday – 25th September

Today I met my mum for a coffee in the morning at a local garden centre. Before heading home to pack. After school, we travelled up the country to the Suffolk coast for the weekend. In theory, is a two hour and forty-minute drive. However, the m25 was closed so we needed to find a way around it which meant the journey took over five hours. By the time we arrived the kids were knackered and starving.  It was dark and pouring with rain while we searched for the lockbox!

Saturday – 26th September

Today we spent the day exploring the local town of Aldeburgh. The weather was not the best but we had wet weather gear and it seemed silly not to make the most of our visit.  It is such a pretty town with its multi-coloured buildings and old-world feel.  I do not think we really did it justice, but the wind was bitterly cold.  We headed back to our house at lunchtime before going back out to the little yacht lake to play with some little sailing boats. The boys enjoyed it and the fact the house was so central meant we could get out of  our wet clothes quickly!

Sunday – 27th September

We woke to rain again. But not to be deterred packed up the cars and headed to Southwold. I wanted to see all the lovely beach huts. Only when we got there it was still raining despite the forecast for better weather. We contemplated staying and walking down the pier but then it was a long way home in wet clothes. So instead we drove home and put Harry Potter on. Perhaps not the end to our break we were expecting but Charlie was happy!

Blog posts this week

No blog posts this week other than my Living Arrows post.  I still have tons to wrote about so more posts to come next week hopefully.

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  1. I am missing our travels, we used to love getting away for weekend breaks, even if the weather wasn’t great. You are lucky you have childcare options, all ours have disappeared here

  2. Sorry you didn’t have the weather for your break away and that your journey there took so much longer than it should have. I like the dog statue and the sound of the little yacht lake. That’s nice your clubs have started back. The ones here are a bit slower off the mark. But hoping things change soon.

  3. Oh no. What a nightmare with the M25 being closed! Seems like you still managed to have a good time, even with the rain.

    Loving the colourful houses!

  4. Sounds very hectic and tiring! My youngest is just exhausted from school right now and it is affecting his behaviour in the evening. We’re not enjoying the bad weather 🙁 #project366

  5. Sounds like you had a very busy week. Lovely to get away for the weekend but such a shame it rained so much. Sounds much like the weather we’ve been having here – boo !

  6. That was a long drive for you to get to Suffolk! It sounds like you enjoyed the weekend in spite of the rain and the stressful journey there and it did look like such a lovely place – I love those colourful houses. #project366

  7. Sim @ Sim's Life

    The M25 is a nightmare at the best of times, but something always happens when you need to get somewhere! Where you stayed looked gorgeous but a shame about the weather, it is definitely set in for winter now! 🙁 Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  8. The weather doesn’t look like it was the greatest for your trip and the journey sounds a bit nightmarish with small children. Pretty spots to visit though.

  9. What a shame about the weather after such a long drive! I’m getting more depressed by the day with everything that’s going on. It now looks as if we will have to cancel our North Wales trip at the end of October which will be the final nail for me I think #366

  10. Andrea Fletcher

    Such a lovely part of the country that we have yet to visit.

  11. I have stopped watching the news too. It was stressing me out too much with all the what if’s. I’m quite happy to bury my head in the sand for a calm life.
    It sounds like you have had a busy week.
    What a lovely place you visited. Shame about all the rain though. x

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