I didn’t do as I  intended this week and write this post as the days go by. So it is all blurred into one. With the weather bad I can’t even navigate the days by walks.  At the moment we are in an area of the country where we are not on a local lockdown which I am grateful for. Although our days this week have revolved around work and school and with a quiet weekend planned we could well be.

Monday – 28th September

I had all good intentions of making sure I took a photo every day… and failed on day one. Mondays are not inspiring to me at all.

Tuesday – 29th September

I have been wearing a mask on the school runs for some time now. However, I have noticed that there are still a lot of people who are not wearing one. We had another communication out today citing the announcement last week.  I can understand if you can’t wear them for health reasons. But I do not understand the sheer bloodymindedness of it infringing on my rights.  Which is what the school gossip mill is speculating for lack of compliance. The boys are in morning and afternoon clubs now so our pick up and drop off during the week has been simplified as they are both in the same place at the same time. Unless its. Tuesday where we pick them up slightly early because of football.

I had planned to take a picture of Charlie in his cubs uniform… but him leaving the house coincides with Harry’s bedtime so I missed the opportunity.

Wednesday – 30th September

Charlie was in a foul mood this morning because Wednesday is the second day of PE for the week. He hates it because he has a dance.  It is new to them this year and not his thing bless him.   Normally he takes all of his classes in his stride. But not this. I think he is also struggling as the teaching this year seems stricter than before.  I was inspired to do a Harry Potter gift guide as well as my usual gift guides this year and we had this cute little fellow turn up. It was the only picture I took today.

Thursday – 1st October

Our internal work IT systems moved from one system to another overnight on Wednesday. It wasn’t too much of a disaster although today the new system was really slow.  Frustratingly so and did nothing for my motivation.  Hopefully, they will fix whatever it is in the background so that next week can be more productive. The only photo I took was in the evening when I was sharing my Christmas photo props with a friend. These are still my favourite. I got them from paperchase last year  for a bargain price in the sale

Friday – 2nd October

I had no plans today for my Friday off. I had contemplated popping into town to survey some of my favourite clothing shops. But I don’t really need anything and the weather was foul. So I decided to spend the day trying to catch up on the blog.  I have been busy in the background these last two weeks sourcing gift guide items and working on my Christmas campaign. Both of which seem to be taking up my all evenings.  So I spent some time finalising and chasing up brands and also catching up on comments.  I was surprised by just how fast the time went.

I did have an hour off to watch a  Netflix show called the Originals. It was the first episode. Can’t say I am sold on it. But since its the only time I get the remote to myself  (we only have one TV in the house by design) it seemed like a good opportunity. I will watch another episode next week and see how it goes.  After these last few months, it felt like a little bit of luxury to have it all to myself!

Realised when I picked the boys up from school it was PE day for Harry. No wonder the teacher gave me a funny look when I dropped him off this morning in his school uniform. Must have missed that communication with both schools we seem to get about 10 a week. Will have to pay more attention in the future. Whoops, #mumfail. Not that Harry seemed to care, he has decided he doesn’t like PE at all.  On a more positive note, I did have a proud mum moment as Charlie got another 100% on his spelling test this week, making two weeks in a row. I know this is only a small milestone, but the effort we put into trying to learn spellings over lockdown seems to be paying off. It was the one thing we had to really struggle with to get him to do and although those days were so stressful balancing full-time work and homeschooling this feels like a little bit of a pat on the back.

Saturday – 3rd October

Had hoped to get out in the garden today but it threw it down all day. And I must admit I am a fair-weather gardener. So instead I decided to tackle my draws and wardrobe.  Its been long overdue and a task I have been putting off.  It took me the best part of four hours but I went through all my clothes in our room. And now have two large black bags of donations.  Which I am unsure where to gift them to since many of the charity shops are not taking any more at the moment.  I was impressed with myself for being ruthless. Since we have changed our mind on moving  (again) the walk-in wardrobe is some time away so I need to make everything fit in the space I have.

Keeping along this theme I also went through our coat rack and Hubby got three bags of Charlie’s clothes out of the loft to see what we wanted to reuse for Harry.  I am hoping to donate some of the younger bits to a friend and I have a little pile of sentimental bits which I am hoping to sew into a blanket at some point.  The one thing I hate about clearing out is now I have to live with bags everywhere until we can find someone to take them.

After we sat and introduced Monsters Inc to Harry.  I used the opportunity to do some more of my diamond painting. I have a couple of craft projects I want to start but will not be until its finished. I am now a full two thirds through it.  I am never doing another one…

Sunday – 4th October

With Harry now having reading homework to do,  the morning was spent with both boys mainly doing homework before watching a Disney movie.  We had a photo to take for an Instagram campaign so we eagerly watched the weather and kept darting out every time the rain stopped! Hence the featured photo for this weeks post.

In the afternoon I had booked for us to go pumpkin picking but the weather forecast showed rain all day.  When I had booked there was at least a couple of hours in the afternoon where it looked okay. The kids were still desperate to go so,  but the husband was not keen which meant I ended up taking them on my own. It was a complete washout. They were only meant to pick one each but   I  am such a sucker that we ended up with one large one and then half a dozen small gourds.   At least they look pretty by the fireplace.

Blog posts this week

Not a very successful week on the blog front. Although I have launched my 12 weeks of Christmas Campaign which has taken a lot of work!  I am very excited about it though and keeping everything crossed it does well.

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  1. Sim @ Sim's Life

    A Steiff Dumbledore?! How was I not aware of this sooner?! The Ski has asked to start watching all the Harry Potter films again, this is how I know it’s Winter time. It’s our annual thing! 🙂
    I’m with you, I’m not doing anything that inspiring that necessitates pictures, it still amazes me how life has changed so much! Look at all those pumpkins!!!! We are still yet to have ever been pumpkin picking, sorry to hear it was a wash out but good to hear you picked up quite a few! Sim x

  2. loopyloulaura

    I have been finding it tricky to take pictures every day now that I’m working and everything blurs into one! Shame about the soggy pumpkin picking #project366

  3. Love the photos, especially the pumpkin field. I’m sure the Christmas campaign will go well too. I need to get to a pumpkin patch if we are ever allowed out x

  4. Karen Langridge

    Sorry to hear the weather didn’t go to plan with the pumpkin picking! I have been seeing lots of pictures of pumpkin fields and it is making me keen to try and visit one. But hopefully on a dry day. I haven’t braved thinking about a Christmas gift guide yet, but maybe I should… although I have probably left it a little late now.

  5. We went pumpkin picking today and despite no rain being forecast, we got caught in an epic rain shower!

  6. Sorry to hear Charlie isn’t liking PE. Hopefully they’ll change sports soon and it’ll be something he loves. I bet you forgetting PE day for Harry has given him an idea for next week ! lol. The pumpkin field looks great, even if it was wet. Glad the boys had fun. Good luck with the Christmas campaign on the blog. I can’t look any further forward than next week at the moment so Christmas seems absolutely miles away ! lol

  7. It looks like your guys had fun with the inflatable musical instruments. I hated PE in school, so I sympathise with Charlie.
    It’s so tricky now to find a charity shop which takes donations, they only do it on certain days and at certain times, so inconvenient. I brought a bag to one charity shop only to find that nobody was there, even when it was supposed to be a donations day. Thanks goodness, a shop nearby took my things, as I didn’t fancy bringing them back home.

  8. Love that cute little Dumbledore and the photo of the Christmas baubles. Oops to sending Harry in in school uniform on a PE day – easily done though. Well done to Charlie on his spelling test. Having a sort out is satisfying but frustrating when you can’t get rid of the bags easily. I need to do it at some point but keep putting it off for that reason. #project366

  9. The weather was so miserable a lot of last week. I feel your pain with clothes in bags around the house. Our Bags2Schools collection was due to be end of March, so I’ve had bags in the house since then. Thankfully they’ve fitted a collection back in in November.

  10. I love that first photo. The boys look like they’re having fun with the inflatable instruments.
    I don’t understand those people who can wear masks and don’t. Idiots!
    Those Christmas baubles are so pretty. x

  11. Glad the boys enjoyed the pumpkin picking even if it was very wet. The mask thing is difficult – someone with a genuine issue can look the same as someone who doesn’t give a stuff. Makes me glad my school run days are over.

  12. Lindsey Martin

    Looks like a tough week. I keep missing pe days too! We’ll get it right one day I’m sure.

  13. Priscilla Stubbs

    Love the photos, especially the pumpkin field. I’m sure the Christmas campaign will go well

  14. I’ll have to find a pumpkin patch near me, never been to one, managed the lavender firsts for the first time this year. Just googled and there are 5 near me. That’s a good clear out you had, but yes just hanging around now waiting for stuff to be distributed. Whoops to Harry’s PE day and well done to Charlie with the spelling test

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