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24 Harry Potter Advent Activities for Kids.  My eight-year-old is Harry Potter mad so this year I have decided to make Christmas extra special. By filing his advent calendar with lots of  Harry Potter-themed activities.  Obviously with him at school and both of us working from home, some I have tried to include some activities which are simple. Then some more complex and time-consuming ones which are perfect for the weekends.

24 Harry Potter Advent Activities for Kids

  1. Put on some Harry Potter Tattoos*
  2. Hunt for some Bertie Bots Beans*
  3. Make a Sorting Hat Origami Game [Free Download]
  4. Take a Harry Potter virtual tour using google maps  – for free! See  Harry Potter UK filming destinations below for ideas
  5. Go wand hunting in the woods just make sure you get your  Wand Permit sorted! [Free Download]
  6. Make chocolate frogs using an Offical Harry Potter Mould*
  7. Take a Harry Potter Wordsearch [Free Download]
  8. Hunt for some Harry Potter Badges*
  9. Play a Harry Potter board game*
  10. Create invisible ink  – 5 ways to create it with  wikiHow
  11. Make Butter Beer Fudge  – we have tried this Delish Recipe
  12. Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt   [Free Download]
  13. Make golden snitch bath bombs
  14. Practice some Harry Potter spells  either with a  Spell Book [Free Download] or by practising wand motions [Free  Download at the bottom of the post]
  15. Have a go at divination  – you can find more at this Divination Class
  16. Make your own dragon egg  –  you can find some inspiration in this  Telegraph article
  17. Design and make your own  Harry Potter snowglobe  – using a Harry Potter Lego Figurine*
  18. Create Troll Bogeys – find out how-to here.
  19. Visit a Harry Potter filming location 
  20. Make some Harry Potter Potions
  21. Watch your favourite Harry Potter film
  22. Make your own firebolt
  23. Get dressed up as your favourite  Harry Potter character
  24. Have a game of ping pong Quiddich

I am sure that Charlie will love all these in his advent calendar this year.    What are your favourite Harry Potter activities? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Free Printable

24 Harry Potter Advent Activities for Kids Free Printable

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Harry Potter UK Filming Destinations Bucket List

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Harry Potter Free Printable


  1. Natalie Crossan

    Some excellent ideas for my Harry Potter obsessed kid!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Managed a few of these – next year well do more

  3. blair villanueva

    Thanks for these ideas! My stepdaughter will surely enjoy these. She loves Harry Potter!

  4. My daughter just turned 6 and I am still not sure if it’s the right age to introduce the mighty Harry Potter. We went to Scotland last year and she was mesmerized with everything about Harry Potter. I am planning to do these activities with her till she is fully prepared to read it.

  5. This is so timely that kids can play and dress up for Halloween at home. I always love the HP costumes.

  6. Knycx Journeying

    What a fun list and so many activities, even I wanted to do them myself! I am also a Harry Potter fan and now the great book passed through generations and still a hit. How wonderful! – Knycx Journeying

  7. Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    Harry Potter is still one of my most beloved stories. I’d love to be a kid again and take part in these activities.

  8. Mosaics Lab

    oh that is the coolest and awesomest thing i read today! My kids are huge fans of Harry Potter, well me too lol…Can’t wait to do some of these activities if not all of them.

  9. ivanamearns

    These all sound lovely, I will definitely check out the dragon eggs making activity, that sounds really lovely.

  10. Hang Around The World

    Harry Potter is one of my favorite movie ever so for me this post is so cool. How many cool activities you can do, love them all. – Paolo

  11. I’m so happy to try the butter beer fudge I can’t even imagine!!!

  12. Harry potter will never get old, these activities sound so fun, I also wanna engage, lol I’m still such a harry potter fan

  13. Coming from a mom and a huge Harry Potter fan- I LOVE this! I can’t wait to try these with my kids!

  14. Uhhhh Are these really just for kids? Because I would totally do these as an adult who loves Hary Potter!

  15. Seyi Ogunsola

    My sis will so love this list for her kids. Sharing with her right away – thanks

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