Its been a long week! Although the days are still seeming to roll into each other at an alarming rate and I can not seem to shake the feeling of just being overwhelmed all the time. I think working from home is finally starting to get to me.  However, on a brighter note, I did manage to get a photo every day this week. Even if they are predominately gift  guide photos.  I tend to publish my gift guides the first week of November so have been using the evenings to capture photos.

Monday – 12th October

Normal workday. I can not pretend that Mondays are my favourite day of the week at the moment. I am struggling to keep on top of everything, there’s so much to do I am being really ineffective. And then that makes it worse. I need to try and break the monotony and get a plan of action. Especially at it seems it will stay like this now for the foreseeable.

This evening we have booked to go away over half term to Kent.  After having to cancel Italy and the fact that the announcements meant both our area and the area we are staying in, is in tier 1 we decided to chance it. It may end up being foolish but they will move the dates if needed. So we shall see.  Of course, this was all done prior to some areas having their tiering changed towards the end of the week.

Tuesday – 13th October

I decided today that I needed to start taking control of my work-life balance. I cleared out a load of old emails so I can actually see the demands that are coming in. My intention is to get it down to under 100. I am also going to start setting myself little goals each day so I feel like I am achieving something.

We had parents evening virtually which was good actually. I did think it may be a bit odd but it was fine and actually meant we kept to time.  Charlie got a glowing report and had settled into the new way of schooling easily. He is doing very well especially at maths which is something they are wanting to try and progress even further.  I am just grateful that homeschooling does actually seem to have helped him.  He enjoyed cubs tonight, they have set up big tents to make sure that they can continue on a social distance basis.  Their task was to make bird feeders which are now hanging in the garden,

Wednesday – 14th October

I did it my inbox is now under 100 emails and I am already starting to benefit from feeling like I am being more proactive.  Let’s hope this is me turning the page.   I absolutely love this nutcracker we have been sent. I have always been a sucker for traditional wooden decorations.

Thursday – 15th October

More proactivity at work – yay.  More gift guide photos in the evening this time for my men’s gift guide. Not really much happening today other than the announcements in the news about other areas going into tier 2. I really hope the whole country doesn’t go into lockdown again.

Friday – 16th October

Today I popped into town to pick up dessert for this evening.  I met two friends for a socially distanced meal.  It is the first time we have been together since February.  I also picked up some alcohol-free spirit, which is reminiscent of gin. I must say it was very good and  I intend on buying another bottle since it is currently on offer.   My alcohol intake has definitely gone up this year what with lockdown, working from home, homeschooling and not going out much so not needing to drive.  I think it will do me good to reduce my intake and this way  I won’t feel like I am missing out.

The rest of the day was spent trying to catch up on chores and also blogmin. Its such a busy time of year with all the Christmas posts to write.

Saturday – 17th October

Took the boys to Brighton this morning to have a look at some of the street art. I chose a carpark close to the area we wanted to explore and stayed away from the centre. I think it is the first time we have been down to Brighton since January.  The boys loved hunting for the works of art. This is probably my favourite but it was a hard choice as there were so many lovely murals.

In the afternoon we started to get the garden ready for Autumn. Clearing out a couple of the veg beds and picking the last of the courgettes, beans, corn, squash and pumpkin.  I do think this is the busiest time of year in the garden. At least if we do not get away over half term we will have plenty of things to keep us busy!

Sunday – 18th October

Today was a chore day. Although the boys spent most of it in the garden continuing to help sort out beds.   The large flower bed my husband started to dig in earlier in the year has been finished off. Ready for me to add some plants in the coming days. We are not going to buy anything new, I have some perennials which I have been growing on since the Spring. Plus we want to move some shrubs about.  Our plan will be to have large borders running straight down each side at some point. I want to try and recreate a little bit of Wisley, but whether   I manage it or not who knows. Plus I am under no illusion of the work involved.

The boys and I also played with a VR   Ocean set we have been sent. Which is absolutely amazing,  you even get a kiss from a polar bear.  Plus I tried making brownies in the Pressure Cooker we had been sent as part of the gift guides. Having never used one before I was a little dubious, but I have been assured by Charlie they are the best ever. I also had a little helper that enjoyed licking the spoon clean!

Blog posts this week

I managed to write a couple of posts this week.

Plus I have been updating  12 weeks of Christmas Campaign. This weeks giveaway is night in an amazing looking hotel in Buckinghamshire for two adults and two children. I would love it if someone I know wins so if you get a moment head over and enter as it can be taken anytime until the 31st of May next year.

I am planning on trying to get all my gift guides written in the evenings this week, so I don’t need to worry about doing anything over half term. But I am wondering if that’s being a bit ambitious!

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  1. Carly Belsey

    Great photos. Especially the pumpking one. I hope you managed to get it all done before half term.

  2. Andale Seaworne

    Must be tough working at home alongside with taking care of the family. I hope you all have a safe trip to Kent. True, so much spam emails keep coming that the important ones get lost often. Great work, Charlie! cool nutcracker. The gift box is amazing! Wow, that Simpsons/Avengers Street art is so awesome!!! Great produce. Hmm, brownies in a pressure cooker, I wonder how that’s done….

  3. Well done on your emails (I have over 9000 in my personal one that I’ve had for over 20 years!) It is so tricky to work out a work life balance especially right now. I hope you manage to get to Kent and have a relaxing half term #project366

  4. Karen Langridge

    The street art looks great, I will have to visit one day my boys would like seeing that. We are in lockdown here in Wales, so no going anywhere for the next two weeks at the very least. Awww that VR set sounds very cute, although I wouldn’t want to kiss a polar bear in real life! Your home grown pumpkins and squash look amazing! I want to plant some pumpkins.

  5. Love the Frugi jammies – I used to work with them when they first launched and am obsessed with their clothes. I am gutted that Eliza and Isaac are now too big for them 🙁

  6. Wow, your harvested pumpkins look fantastic! Big well done!
    I soo need to sort out my Inbox, I have about 450 unread messages, and over 8,000 emails too. One day I will need to begin tackling it. Bravo, Charlie! When our kids do well in school, it’s such a boost, isn’t it?!
    Frugi PJ are so colourful!

  7. Hope your weekend away comes off for you. i too need to get a routine going again, just feel I’m ticking over at the moment, going to start with a pile of paperwork and bills first.

  8. We had a virtual parents evening this week too – it is a bit strange but good to have an update! Well done to Charlie on his glowing report, glad he is doing well. Love the frugi pyjamas and the wooden nutcracker. Lovely harvest from your garden. Hope you manage to get away over half-term and have a lovely time. #project366

  9. Glad you have been able to book some time away. Those PJs are just gorgeous – tempted to ask if they do adult ones!

  10. The brownies sound interesting. I’ve never used a pressure cooker. Hope you manage to get your other posts written ahead of half term. I’ve still got half of my Christmas posts to write and get scheduled

  11. I don’t know how you juggle full time work with everything at the best of times so try to be kind to yourself. Glad you managed to cull the emails to see a bit of light. Love the Frugi pjs – I’m so gutted that my son is in his last few tops of theirs, a world of grey and black awaits us now – make the most of bright clothes!Hope you get to Kent, we should have been in Wales 🙁 #366

  12. Fab parents evening! Well done!

    Wow you do well in your garden for veggies!

    I need to give those brownies a go!

  13. Hmm brownies in a pressure cooker? I’d have been dubious too ! Glad they came out OK. Good luck with all the gift guides.

  14. So sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I hope things are better soon.
    It sounds like the parents evening went we. Well done Charlie.
    The photos for your gift guides look fab! The Nutcracker is adorable. x

  15. Priscilla Stubbs

    An interesting week I didn’t even know you could make brownies in a pressure cooker!

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