Short week this week as we go away on Saturday for half term and I wanted to keep all our holiday photos together. There have been times this week when I have wondered if we would make it, to be honest. However, I am looking forward to having as much of a break as possible.

Monday – 19th October

Busy day in the office.   Not much else to report outside of that. With Wales going into lockdown for 17 days I am wondering if we will get away on Saturday as planned.  No photos today. Still lacking with motivation on Monday.

Tuesday – 20th October

Stupidly busy day today at work. Partly because I was on the road in the afternoon seeing a  client. It was nice to get out but I am still surprised by the lack of cars on the road and in the car parks.   Came home to a message from the school confirming that a child in one of the boy’s schools has tested positive for Covid. Thankfully not within their bubbles.  But it is still a little too close to home. Obviously, it was always going to happen at some point but I had hoped we would get through to half term… praying no one has a  positive test in the boy’s bubbles.   As that will put a stop to our break away.

Charlie had Cubs tonight and they were doing pumpkin carving. He brought his home and was very proud of his creation.  Apparently, if we do make it to Kent it is coming with us!

Wednesday – 21st October

Workdays are blurring into one…  Pretty boring day trying to fit in some washing in between phone calls. The evening I spent taking some photos for my gift guides… every year I forget just how much work they take!

Thursday – 22nd October

The last day at work before any break is always full on. Trying to make sure anything outstanding is finished and any cases are babysat in my absence.  We had a virtual meeting at the end of the day where we said goodbye to a work colleague who is leaving to go on paternity leave. My business offers up to 40 weeks of paid leave.   He will be taking it. Unfortunately, this was not the deal when I had the boys, although I shouldn’t sniff at the 10 weeks I did get. It was more than some of my friends at the time.

We had a virtual baby Pictionary quiz to celebrate and we have all taken part in a sweepstake on gender and size. I still remember doing that with the boys. No one got the weight with them, they were heavy at 9.2 and 9.4 (I am only  5ft!). It was a  good end to a busy day.

Stayed up to gone midnight to book National Trust for the way back from our trip.  It came online about ten past, by the time I had booked half the tickets had already gone at the time we wanted. I took a picture of Harry’s artwork  that the school are making into  Christmas  cards

Friday – 23rd October

After the school run, I headed to Tesco to buy some yoghurt. Harry needs a specific type because of his dairy intolerance. He won’t eat anything else. We have already done a full shop to arrive at the house we are staying in but they did not have the yoghurt. I was also tempted by the Harry Potter onesies and I brought some cake to go with my tea.

The rest of the day I did some blog work, caught up on the last of the gift guide photos. Although I know items will probably arrive while we are away. Things do seem to be a bit delayed this year. I did also start writing one of the guides. I am going to have to try and write the others while we are away. I thought about packing but decided to get up early on Saturday instead.

Picked the boys up from school with a chocolate treat. Harry came running out with a flower he had rescued on the way in this morning. The teacher had kept it safe all day so he could give it to me. He was rewarded with two very larger conkers I had found on the walk up from the car.

After school, Charlie and I went to see my mum and see their dog. He’s getting old. he has good days and bad days and it was important for Charlie to see him.   It could well be the last time. Today was a good day.

Blog posts this week

Ummmm. None other than my normal living arrows post.  Although I am still working hard on my   12 weeks of Christmas Campaign.  There are only a couple more to update now. This weeks giveaway is a family-friendly, pet-friendly stay in a cottage at Camber Sands…  It looks beautiful

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  1. Natalie Crossan

    Absolutely love the Christmas tree picture! 🙂 Such a lovely idea

  2. Andale Seaworne

    Oh no, I hope the situation improves. Cool mosaic. I hope your son doesn’t have covid. Cool pumpkin, you can name it Kent too 😉 your photos are amazing as always. That’s very good to give 40 weeks paid leave, I hope those 10 weeks were sufficient for you. It’s a shame you couldn’t find the yogurt. Poor dog

  3. Carly Belsey

    You must have so much energy to work as hard as you do with two children. I wish I could be the same.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Loving the pumpkin – another fab week

  5. loopyloulaura

    Love the Christmas artwork and I’m impressed by the pumpkin carving as I found it really tricky! #project366

  6. Karen Langridge

    Love Harry’s artwork for Christmas cards. That tiled squirrel artwork is very fab too. I love the effort you go to with your Christmas gift guide photos, sometimes I am very lazy and use stock photos they send! haha. Must try harder and dig deeper in terms of motivation. But Winter I just want to hibernate.

  7. Sim @ Sim's Life

    There are Harry Potter onesies?! I need to check these out!
    The lack of cars on the roads and in car parks is weird, but I’m totally not complaining as it certainly makes life easier!
    Harry’s hand print Christmas tree is ace, what a fabulous idea! I’m still struggling to get excited about Christmas, but love seeing all the decorations when out and about.
    I reckon the conkers were an awesome swap for a flower… how lovely that the teacher kept it safe all day! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely half term!

  8. The pumpkin looks great. It’s a shame all the usual Halloween stuff was cancelled this year. Work sounds busy but at least you had a nice break to look forward to 🙂

  9. I am a bit annoyed with the National Trust, we have just renewed our passes but everything we want to do has been fully booked . obviously I was not organised enough

  10. Love the pumpkin!

    Sounds like its been busy at work. Hope you manage to get your guides done!

  11. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It’s worrying when you have a Covid case close to home. I’m glad it wasn’t in the boys’ bubbles. We’ve been lucky so far but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Love Charlie’s pumpkin and Harry’s Christmas card. The virtual meeting saying goodbye to your colleague before he goes on paternity leave sounded fun. Hope you are having a lovely half-term. #project366

  12. Lovely creations from the boys this week. Good luck getting all the gift guides and everything written. I’ve not got past 1 of mine, but my blogmas posts are getting there.

  13. It sounds like you have been busy at work.
    There has been one case at my youngest girls school and I know what you mean about it being too close to home. It is such a worry.
    I hope you have a lovely break away x

  14. Elaine Livingstone

    long past time fathers got time off after the baby is born, why should dads not get to bond and enjoy?
    Christmas guides are hard work, not my cup of tea.
    How lovely of the teacher to keep your flower safe

  15. Hope you get all your gift guide items. To be honest I think mine have arrived quicker this year, but maybe I’ve just been better about chasing up non-arrivals. Hope you have a lovely trip.

  16. Fab pumpkin from Charlie and love Harry’s handprint, bit early for xmas crafts, but guess it needs to be done now if they’re to be turned into cards. Hope the pumpkin survives the weekend away and you have a fab time

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