Week two of lockdown passed pretty much as the first did. Unsurprisingly pretty non-eventful although stupidly busy at work has meant far too many hours in front of a screen. I am struggling to write or do anything blog related in the evenings when spending so much time on the computer during the day.

Sunday – 8th November

We were planning on spending more time in the garden but the weather had other ideas. Instead, I caught up on all the remaining gift guide photos that I needed to take.   I also managed to get the two outstanding written and scheduled.  When the weather did clear the boys had some sparklers in the garden.

The afternoon  Charlie sorted out some of his shelves and we tidied up in readiness for Harry’s stuff being moved into his bedroom temporarily. In tidying, I ended up going through all his school books from last year. I keep a few and then discard the rest. I am not even sure if he will want them as an adult.

Monday – 9th November

No photos today.   Such a busy day at work and then a busy evening on social media promoting the gift guides.  Not in the best mood as I was holding onto going to Lapland in Dec but one of the resorts we are staying at has closed its doors for the season. I totally get why and it was inevitable. The kids didn’t know so it’s not as if they will be disappointed but that doesn’t stop us feeling that way. The rest of the trip is still on at the moment.  But I think we will probably look to reschedule now for 2021.  As it is a once in a lifetime trip and we are both of the opinion if we are going to do it we should do it properly.

Tuesday – 10th November

Still busy at work.  Too busy really and I didn’t learn from last week not taking a break.  There’s really not much more to add other than the husband was feeling the same. So we ended up opening a bottle of wine with dinner. I do not really like rose wine but we tried one my husband had to in our Naked Wines order and it was really nice.  I think we will save the other bottle for a more special occasion than a Tuesday after bad days at work!

Wednesday – 11th November

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to do a Remembrance Service with the Scouts this year because of the virus. Instead, they were asked to put on their uniform and stand on the steps in the evening to remember.

Thursday – 12th November

I  was looking forward to the end of the day and the end of the working week. I am hoping that next week will be better and less busy.  I have fewer video calls booked in so may actually be able to get some of the admin done. We tried to put a new unit together in the evening which we have brought for our hallway to store shoes. Only to discover one of the panels are broken. It wasn’t expensive as it’s likely to get bashed where it is but I still expect it to be in one piece! So we didn’t put it together and now we have a large cardboard box in the lounge which will stay there until we hear back from the seller.   Took this picture of my desk first thing for  #widn tag.

Friday – 13th November

It was Children In Need a school today the eldest could wear what he wanted. The youngest goes to a different school and they needed to wear spots! We didn’t have anything with spots on so he ended up wearing one of the under layers with raindrops on. It was as close as we could get.  This photo was taken on the way in.

After the school run, I spent the day blogging before pick up. It amazes me how quickly the time passes.  Charlie got 100% in his spelling test this week so we took a trip to the sweet shop on the way home. They love choosing chocolate! We watched Polar Express after dinner. I  think we will be getting festive a lot earlier than usual this year.

Saturday – 14th November

The weather really wasn’t very good today so we decided to not to spend any time in the garden. Instead, we set about clearing out Harry’s bedroom to allow us to decorate it.  It is the smallest bedroom in the house, but we have packed a lot into it. So it took us most of the day to clear it and find a home for everything.  It is split equally between the bathroom and  Charlies room which is probably the largest in the house! Just as well! There is only the bed and wardrobe left now. The wardrobe needs to be taken apart ready to go into storage. The same with the bed. Although it will stay there until we actually start painting.

Tomorrow we will be spent filling in all the holes, removing the nursery freeze and getting it ready.   Paint colour also needs to be chosen, I think we are leaning towards green since its someone’s favourite.

Sunday – 15th November

The boys woke this morning to a surprise visit from the elves! Its a bit early this year but the excitement was deafening in the house at 6 am. I don’t think they are staying very long. Just long enough to help the boys write their Christmas letters so they can take them back to the North Pole. Harry has decided he wants hugs and family of toys just like us. Cute! Why can they not stay this way? Charlie is at a bit of a loss for ideas, after discovering the new game he wanted is not available on the switch.  Hopefully, it won’t take him long to come up with some alternatives.

Late morning we headed out for a walk in the woods.  The weather was changeable raining one minute and then sunny the next.  The boys enjoyed running around in the stream, climbing tree stumps and swinging on the rope swing. On the way home, we stopped off at the DIY shop to get paint for the bedroom. Ended up taking a punt on a green colour for the walls. Normally we would do some tester pots but in the current environment, I don’t want to visit more than we have to. We also brought some ceiling paint and gloss for the woodwork.  Before curling up on the sofa and watching  Ratatoue and having a homemade curry for dinner.

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  1. Kara Guppy

    Sorry to hear that your Lapland visit has been cancelled. It is probably be for the best as so much of it is interactive. It will be something to look forward to next year

  2. What a pity the plans to visit Lapland might be put on hold until the next year. We’ve never done Elf on the shelf (not a fan, sorry), but the letter to Santa made me smile, it’s very itemised and specific. Good to know what you want for Christmas! 🙂
    The cat looks gorgeous! Big well done to Charlie for 100% spelling test, that’s fab!

  3. I’m sorry that the resort you were planning on going to in Lapland has closed for the season. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. Well done to Charlie on getting 100% in his spelling test. I love that Harry wants hugs and a toy family of you for Christmas – how adorable. Good luck with decorating his room. #project366

  4. Such a shame about Lapland, but makes sense to postpone til next year. I think 2021 will be rammed with everyone’s cancelled events. I’ve got 4 theatre shows and a Christmas lights event I must push back already.

  5. Karen Langridge

    That is so precious wanting hugs for Christmas. These days with mine its the hope for expensive consoles! Can I get them to settle for hugs. They do grow up fast don’t they! My elf has now retired. Think this might be our first year without Eddie. But we did it for quite a few years so I don’t mind.

  6. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Gutting about Lapland, think I’d be inclined to reschedule the rest too. I’m toying with the idea of our Elf coming to stay permanently this year as a ‘you’re finishing Primary school’ thing. Going to see how my son reacts to him, although he’s counting down to his arrival. #366

  7. Fozia S

    Sorry to hear the lapland trip has been cancelled but understandable. Such a shame though.

    Love the picture with the sparkler!

    The letter is so cute

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Beautiful week filled with so.much joy and love

  9. Sorry you’re postponing your holiday, but good that the boys didn’t know about will save you a lot of hassle. I don’t envy you trying to decorate a child’s bedroom whilst having to find a home for everything elsewhere. Great idea to have the elves visit early to write their Christmas letter, I’m sure many more things will be added to the lists

  10. We have just had the message today that my son needs to self isolate for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, it’s going to be a long fortnight!

  11. Pippa Ainsworth

    This week has passed by so slowly here, my youngest is self-isolating because of a bubble bursting at school. He goes back on Tuesday but we’ve just had the call to say the oldest has to self-isolate from now. Fun times!

  12. Nadia Josephine

    I am glad to see you haven’t been letting this lockdown stop your adventures

  13. Sandra Fortune

    I can imagine it was hard for you not been able to go to Lapland with you loving travelling so much but this has been a hard year . I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy as long as the boys are happy. My daughter and son in law and my 6 year old grandson have got corona virus which is pretty awful . Myself and my husband have to isolate until they’re better . Thankfully they’ve not had to be hospitalised and are coping at home

  14. It doesn’t sound much fun spending too much time in front of a screen. I hope things at work calm down soon.
    Lovely photos! How exciting to have the elves visiting so early. x

  15. Natalie Crossan

    Looks like you’ve had a busy week! I can’t believe it’s elf on the shelf time again!!

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