‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Weekend two of lockdown. The weeks seem to already be merging together and the weekends going far too quickly. The weather hasn’t been great so we have spent most of the weekend sorting out ready to decorate a certain little man’s room.  For the smallest room in the house, it definitely holds a lot of stuff. Which is now being stored in Charlie’s bedroom and the bathroom. The freeze has been removed and the next job will be filling and sanding. I am hoping we can get it done quickly to avoid too much disruption.

On Sunday lunchtime there was a break in the weather so we headed out for an hour or so for a walk in some woods which are close by.  The boys love going there as there are lots of tree stumps to climb on and a rope swing. It has been so wet that there was also a little stream to explore. Thankfully they were kitted out in waterproofs so had a whale of a time. The weather was pretty changeable so we didn’t stay out long. But it was still nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Unsurprisingly no plans for next week or the weekend.  I  am hoping for a quieter week workwise and the opportunity to start getting things sorted on the Christmas front. I’ve organised the advent calendars but outside of that nothing else yet!   It will be good to have something festive to focus on. How are you going with the Christmas preparations, have you started getting organised yet?


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  1. Glad to hear you managed to get out – my boys just want to hibernate every weekend at the moment!

  2. We managed to head out briefly last weekend too! I was so pleased it was dryer this weekend x

  3. Charlotte Stein

    Sounds like you’ve been very productive. I’m with you on the weekends going by far too quickly x

  4. Posts like this make me realise what a fair-weather outdoors person I’ve become – we never go out when it’s wet anymore! Must change that. Love their matching coats x

  5. Andrea Fletcher

    Nice to be able to get out for a walk, my grandson loves nothing better than splashing in puddles.

  6. lynn neal

    You are wonderful at turning the simplest outings into an adventure!

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Lots of fun – the weather wont hamper your adventures

  8. Alexandra Neagu

    glad to see you’re having a good fresh time in nature these days 🙂 me and my fiance also take walks into the woods here in Surrey…more like playing in puddles and mud really
    also we haven’t started on X-mas yet, I bet we’ll end up like in 2014 when we’ve purchased a 1$ xmas tree on clearance at 22:00 on the Eve

  9. Carly Belsey

    That looks like a fun walk in the woods. It was awful yesterday wasn’t it!! We managed to have a break in the weather in the afternoon so I took my daughter to the beach to get some fresh air.

  10. Priscilla Stubbs

    The boys certainly seem to be having a good time. Good luck with the decorating

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