24 Lockdown Advent Activities for Kids.  Each year I pull together some advent activities to go in the boy’s wooden advent calendars. Last night I started doing the same, trying not to leave everything to the last minute as usual. I have written these posts for several years I did not anticipate it being difficult. In fact, I was just planning on using last years one as may of our Christmas traditions are the same each year. However, I was reading through the advent list and it became apparent that a number of the activities we couldn’t do. Even if lockdown is lifted at the beginning of December with both boys at school there is a chance we will find ourselves having to self isolate. So determined for this pandemic not to affect the boy’s advent activities I have written a new list for this year.

As we both work our advent activities go into a little jar that sits next to the advent calendar so that we can do them throughout the festive season. This works really well for us and it means that we do not need to stress about fitting things in during the working week. There is one big activity that is missing from this list which you may want to add. Which is – write your letter to Father Christmas. This is because we have already done ours on the basis that Father Christmas may have trouble getting all his supplies in this year…

There is also a free printable at the bottom of this post.

24 Lockdown Advent Activities for Kids

  1. Make paperchains
  2. Have an indoor picnic under the Christmas tree
  3. Decorate a gingerbread house
  4. Bake some Christmas cookies
  5. Create salt dough ornaments
  6. Make reindeer food
  7. Draw a picture to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve
  8. Play Christmas bingo
  9. What a Christmas film
  10. Pick out a Christmas tree
  11. Wear new Christmas PJs
  12. Decorate the Christmas tree
  13. Choose a new Christmas decoration for your room
  14. Make a snow globe
  15. Play with playdough and festive cutters
  16. Decorate a mini tree for your bedroom
  17. Choose a Christmas craft
  18. Make snowflakes
  19. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
  20. Make Christmas crackers
  21. Paint ceramic decorations
  22. Sing and dance to Christmas songs
  23. Make Christmas footprints
  24. Open your Christmas Eve Box

Free Printable

Christmas Labels for 5 year olds

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What are your favourite advent activities? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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24 Lockdown Advent Activities for Kids



  1. Caroline Tokes

    I love these ideas to keep the kids busy

  2. Fiona Karbal

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have pinned to share with my daughter and granddaughter.

  3. Natalie Crossan

    Absolutely loving these festive ideas – I am plagued by my daughter going I’M BOREDDDD every 5 minutes after school!

  4. Carly Belsey

    Oh fantastic, thank you for this great list of ideas, I shall be using this for sure.

  5. Pippa Ainsworth

    These are lovely ideas, I’ll definitely be using some of these in December.

  6. lynn neal

    Lovely ideas here to help to keep them entertained!

  7. Priscilla Stubbs

    I will pass those tips on to my granddaughter for things to do over Advent with Arlo. I think their Christmas tree will be up earlier than that though!

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