How is there only five weeks left of the year… I feel like each day goes by in a blur and I am not sure really what I achieve one week to the next. Its just work, chores, sleep, work, chores, sleep! I know everyone else is in the same position but this week I have really struggled with finding joy in the little things.

Monday – 16th November

Workday, no breaks! Determined to make some for the rest of the week. The only photo I took was this one of the boys shrunken letters to Father Christmas. To serve as a reminder! Of course, the elves have taken them back to the North Pole to let Father Christmas know…

Tuesday – 17th November

Today’s photo was taken on the spur of the moment after I had done bedtime. We are moving him out at the weekend as we start painting so it will be the last one of him in his cot-bed. And before you ask he has always slept outside of the covers even in the middle of  Winter!

Wednesday – 18th November

Still, nothing overly interesting to report other than the slight hysteria at realising the stick insects. Which are finally on the way out (they only have a life expectancy of around 6 months) have multiplied. The tank they are kept in is not suitable for baby ones. Which we promptly found all over the lounge, on the doors and when I went to bed. I even found one making an escape for it up the stairs… I’m not a fan and so not impressed and they will all now need rehoming!

Thursday – 19th November

A treat for the school run… spent most of the day in a meeting for work.

Friday – 20th November

Spent the day catching up on some blog work. It is starting to slow down which I am not complaining about. Contemplated going to M&S food but I was only going to buy something festive and thought better of it. Instead, I did take the boys to a garden centre after school to pick out their annual Christmas decoration. I timed it so it was close to shutting time and it was quiet. I needed some other gardening bits for the Winter which I could have brought online but the postage would have cost a fortune. I managed to capture this at the exit. I have a feeling it could be as about as festive as we get this year.

Saturday – 21st November

In some ways, I am appreciating the slowness that lockdown is forcing us to adopt. The husband did all the rubbing down and did the gloss work today in Harry’s bedroom. Apart from one corner where the wardrobe is.  It took most of the day so while he was busy doing that I did a deep clean of the front room. I always like to do a proper clean, pulling all the units out and rearranging the furniture to make way for the tree.  Although lugging around sofas on our own is hard work! I also used it as an excuse to sort through some old toys etc. It always makes the room look so much bigger moving one of the sofas from under the window. Although inevitably we always turn it back around again. I definitely felt like I had deserved a glass of wine with Strictly that evening.

Sunday – 22nd November

Hubby started to paint the ceiling in Harry’s bedroom so I kept the boys entertained for most of the day. I wanted to deep clean the kitchen as part of the Christmas prep but didn’t manage it. After being yesterday and generally letting me get on with it. The same was not going to wash for today. Instead we played Anki and did some craft. It is nice because they can now play it properly together. I did manage a little bit of  Christmas shopping online. The boys are done now, but I have no idea what to get the husband…  We normally go for experience based gifts for each other. Saving our money for trips away but with everything as it is I am not sure we will bother this year. Afterall we still have a star gazing and zipline experiences from last year which were our presents to each other! Oh and a promised trip to the lavender fields in France.

Blog posts this week

It was nice to get back to writing some content I actually wanted to write this week. I even managed a couple of printables. I am hoping it will continue to slow down on the run up to Christmas now. I would like to take a few weeks off

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  1. Awww I admit it, I had a giggle at the stick insects ! Hope you managed to collect them all back up. It’s definitely a bit of a rubbish year. We only managed to get the tree up this week as I’ve been too busy at work otherwise but nobody really seemed to care. Maybe it will all pick up when we finish school at the end of the week 🙂

  2. I hardly seem to snatch any time ever to get on with my own things!

  3. Andale Seaworne

    Yeah I’m surprised too. December came just like that. Cute letters, own set of knives to cook with? Interesting…… I’m loving his cot. Hi, insect. Cute lollipops. I’m loving the annual Christmas decoration. Aww so many trips cancelled but atleast you can all get better presents

  4. loopyloulaura

    Ooh I didn’t know much about stick insects or that you had some! The pace seems to go from manic to calm which is tricky to cope with (for me anyway) #project366

  5. Sim @ Sim's Life

    Hope you are feeling better and having a good week! I know the feeling though, a total lack of motivation to do anything… more of a ‘what’s the point?’ moment. As daft as it sounds, we all need a break! Despite the slower pace of life this year it has been non-stop!
    Awww you get a special annual decoration too! Our tree is so mismatched due to random baubles, but it makes me love it even more! Those reindeer lollies are beautifully decorated, bet they tasted amazing too! 🙂 Keep smiling chick! Sim x

  6. Karen Langridge

    Those chocolate lollies look good! What a lovely surprise for the boys when they left school. Not sure I would be overly keen with stick insect babies everywhere either. Hope you find them a fab new home though. Good plan cracking open the wine, living room looks great.

  7. Caroline Tokes

    Its nice finding things to do at the moment

  8. Oh I think I would freak out slightly if I had stick insects all over the house! Those chocolate treats for the school run are so cute!

    Have to agree that the lockdown forcing us to slow down a bit has been good.

  9. It’s funny how children often seem to like to sleep on top of the covers – mine often do the same! I don’t think I’d be impressed at finding stick insects all over the house either! Sounds like that glass of wine was well-deserved. I really need to have sort out of the lounge ready for the Christmas tree but keep putting it off. Good luck with getting Harry’s room decorated. #project366

  10. natalie crossan

    OOH it’s begining to look a lot like Christmas!!

  11. Making room for a tree can be difficult when you have young kids.
    Don’t think many of us are feeling overly festive, I for one will be making no effort this year at all as none of the grandchildren will be here.
    Oh dear at the stick insects breeding and escaping, I remember my husband storing maggots in the fridge as it is suppose to make them inactive….can vouch it does not!!

  12. Natalie Crossan

    Cheers to you too! I’ll raise my glass!

  13. Pippa Ainsworth

    The garden centre trip looks lovely, it seems so strange not to be doing that sort of trip much this year.

  14. Margaret Gallagher

    So much fun and joy – I’ll join you in raising A glass

  15. Glad you’ve managed to get some work done ready for Christmas, I’m struggling with gifts for my husband for Christmas. I’ve still got my spa weekend from my birthday in June to use

  16. lynn neal

    Your room looks lovely and cosy ready for winter!

  17. Sandra Fortune

    It would be lovely to have a holiday on a narrowly looking out for that one!

  18. Kim Carberry

    So sorry you are struggling at the moment. I do hope things are better for you soon.
    The letters to Santa are just adorable. Now my girls are older I really miss the little things like this.
    Eek! I wouldn’t be happy to find stick insects around the house either. Rehoming them sounds like a good idea. x

  19. Erica Hughes

    Had to giggle at the stick insects. We experienced a similar problem when the crickets, they were food for the chaemaleon (looking after while a friend was on holiday), escaped and I found several on the stairs. Hope the decorating goes well.

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