‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”


Weekend three of lockdown. The weather wasn’t bad this weekend but we didn’t leave the house! Partly because we have started the decorating of …..the long-awaited nursey. Which is now Harry’s room. It has not been touched for over eight years. He has a very strong remit. Green and rainbow! And he is very particular in what he wants and doesn’t want. He is also struggling a little to let things go, such as the really old faded curtains.

To be fair most of the decorating has been done by the husband so far. On Saturday he did the gloss work and today he has done the ceiling. Which has meant I have been keeping the boys entertained. This weeks photo was taken on Sunday when we got the Anki out. After deep cleaning the lounge on Saturday and moving the softas around ready for the Christmas tree, there is a lot more space. So the boys had fun racing against each other. It is the first time they have played with it together and although there were arguments – mainly over who had which car. They still had fun and it was lovely to watch. Maybe the age gap is starting to narrow a little. This is when I took this weeks photo. Harry trying to decide which car he wanted to play with and where to place it.

Full-on Christmas planning here although still mainly mentally! We will not be putting the tree up until December but the lounge is ready. I have finished the advent activities which are all printed and waiting to go in the calendars. The boy’s gifts are pretty much done apart from one to share which we are still considering. I’ve also promised Santa that I will get him some ideas for the stockings. I still need to buy for everyone else and we still need to order the food. Our elves with some careful planning are due to make an arrival any day. Many of our plans may have changed but I am sure by focusing on the little things we can still make it magical.

How are your festive plans coming on?

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  1. Very organised! I’d love to be more organised!

  2. Green and rainbow? How lovely! Hope it is all going well.

  3. Amy Doyle

    I did alot of decorating in the first lockdown this time we have been doing alot of arts and crafts

  4. It sounds like you’ve been busy! We haven’t put the tree up yet but we did put the outside lights up today. I’ve done most of the present shopping too now, and I’ve got a Tesco click & collect slot booked for the 23rd so most of the food shopping will wait until then 🙂

  5. I bet you’re pleased you’ve managed to tick off so many jobs. I sway from being organised to crap I have lots more on the list left! You’ve reminded me I need to get a move on with elf movement! x

  6. Chantiece Bates

    Good luck with your decorating! We will start soon too! 🙂

  7. I hope the decorating is going well. I really want to do our lounge, but haven’t found the motivation x

  8. Caroline Tokes

    Wish I was as organised as you I havent started anything yet

  9. Sean Langridge

    I can’t believe where the year has gone! Considering most of it was in some form of lockdown. This year might be the first we have our tree up before December (Much to my horror!) We used to always have a rule when I was growing up – no Christmas tree until after my Birthday in mid December! To be honest I will just be happy to be spending the festive period with family!

  10. I bet he is going to love his bedroom when it’s done! It sounds like a productive weekend! x

  11. lynn neal

    We are organising things at home but as far as beyond the front door is concerned we are waiting to see what Boris announces this week and also which tier we will be in!

  12. Andrea Fletcher

    Everyone seems to be decorating during lockdown, we have been doing the same.

  13. Nigel Soper

    In these times when living independently is so expensive boomerangs is a better description rather than Living Arrows, even after they have finished their postgraduate studies.

  14. Pippa Ainsworth

    The decorating theme sounds lovely, so many people are taking lockdown as an opportunity to decorate.

  15. Sandra Fortune

    I’ve bought most of my Christmas gifts online. I’ve been having to isolate for the last few weeks as my daughter son in law and grandson all got the virus. Happy to say they are on the mend though so hopefully will be able to have some time with them over Christmas

  16. Priscilla Stubbs

    Another busy weekend for you. Good luck with the rest of your decorating

  17. Margaret Gallagher

    Not started yet – will do 1st of DECEMBER

  18. Carly Belsey

    You are super organised, it must feel good to have it all planned out and sorted. Like a weight lifted.

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