I wasn’t sure if I was going to write a post this week or just pretend it hasn’t happened…. In all honestly, I would like to pretend it didn’t. Without meaning to be cryptic as I can not share what went well and truly South this week. But that pretty much sums it up without using an eloquent string of swear words. I will share it when I can. For now, though, the boys are good, Hubby and I are good and my family are all safe and well. And I am counting down the days until the Christmas holidays.

Monday 23rd November to Thursday

It was a long working week. If feels busier than ever as we get ready for downing tools for Christmas. The boys both got the star of the day at school this week which was a highlight. Charlie on Tuesday and Harry on Wednesday. Harry was trying to make up for some bad behaviour that got him put on the red face at his after school club. After being told off on Tuesday I think he felt he had better do a better job!

The bottom photo was taken on Thursday when Harry came in from school around five and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. At that point in the week, I knew exactly how he felt. I am not a fan of the new Christmas rules. In some way, I wonder if we would be better off not having the ability to see any family. Now instead Boris is going to make us choose between grandparents. As we have three sets. So fall outside the three family bubble rule. I was reading one report and it said not to worry as a husband could go and visit his parents and a wife could go and visit hers. Independently. Because that’s an obvious solution..

Friday – 27th November

Today I spent the day trying to catch up on some blog work. But probably spent more time watching soppy Christmas films in an attempt to process what has gone on this week. And to switch off ready for a weekend with the boys. I had a couple of late arrivals for my gift guides… just when you think you done! Which were the only photos I took today.

In the evening I had a catch up on zoom with some girlfriends. Much needed after this week. We have decided since we can not have our usual Christmas drinks that we will have our own gin tasting online instead. Which should be fun.

Saturday – 28th November

Today we painted the walls of Harry’s bedroom. I saw ‘we’ I kept the boys entertained while the husband did it. The green looks a little darker than we expected but Harry loves it so that’s the main thing. We have some wallpaper coming this week so that can go up and then the bed can be built! It will be nice to get him out of our room since he has a tendency of getting up at stupid o’clock.  After doing some craft I took the boys to a local park at lunchtime. It is the first time we have been to a park in the second lockdown. I have been avoiding them, but the sun was out and the boys were climbing the walls.

The park wasn’t too bad we kept to ourselves and to ourselves and the boys were good at keeping away from the other kids.  In the afternoon we had a roast and watched Christmas films.

Sunday – 29th November

Today we headed out to Hever Castle, we had booked tickets well before the second lockdown. Like the other days out we had arranged, I thought it would be cancelled. Or postponed to January. But we got told that the inside elements of the day had been cancelled but the outside parts were still going ahead so we decided to go. We walked around the gardens, their Christmas trail and enjoyed the lights. It wasn’t overly busy and everyone kept their distance. I am glad we went we all came home feeling festive.

Blog posts this week

Busy week at work and feeling unmotivated has lead to very little desire to do much in the evenings. So all I have managed this week are my diary posts.

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  1. Cheryl Pasquier

    We decided to be miserable and not see anyone this Christmas ! Well, I’d have loved to come over to England to see my family, to be honest, but we knew that wouldn’t be possible. Fingers crossed next year will be better and I hope you sorted something out for this week. Good to see you managed to get out and about with the kids a couple of times – much needed, by the sounds of things ! xx

  2. loopyloulaura

    I’m the only one who wants a nap when we get home from school! The Christmas rules are frustrating: it seems like we can see a few people but shouldn’t eat with them or play games. #project366

  3. Sim @ Sim's Life

    There is nothing wrong with cheesy Christmas films, the more the merrier… bring on the schmaltz! 😉
    Aww well done to Charlie and Harry for receiving stars in the same week, that is awesome! I do know how Harry feels, just wish I could crash out on the sofa too!
    Whatever is happening, just breathe… tomorrow is a new day and in the end, everything will be ok! If it is not ok, then it is not yet the end! Sim x

  4. Big hugs! Sorry to hear that your week was very stressful. New Christmas rules are confusing, and I’m not sure what we are going to do. It’s difficult to choose who to meet and when.
    Hever castle is a beautiful location, glad you managed to visit it. And aww @ the sleeping beauty.

  5. Andale Seaworne

    You don’t need to tell anything in these posts that you do not want to. Congrats to the boys. Quite strange confusing rules about Christmas. Cool shoes. Great work ‘painting’. The park looks nice. OoOo glad that you were able to go to the castle

  6. chickenruby

    sorry you’re struggling with the family covid christmas rules. We don’t factor into anyones plans, my husband and I. Mum will always choose my sister and niece, she came to us once for Christmas, 2 years ago but it didn’t go down well. I think, sadly, this is a time a lot of people will find out just how mean their families can be. Glad the trip to the park and Hever Castle went well and you enjoyed it

  7. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m sorry that this week has been one you’d like to pretend hadn’t happened. Glad that you are all safe and well and hope that this week has been a much better one. Well done to the boys on getting star of the day. Lovely photo of them having fun at the park together and glad you had a nice day at Hever Castle. #project366

  8. Karen Langridge

    Glad to hear you still got to go to Hever Castle. A nice end to the week. I hope your feeling better with whatever happened at the start of the week, sending you a hug! I love your feature pic, its so adorable! We are just going to see my parents and brother, I would love to see the inlaws but they live much further away.

  9. Georgie Wright

    Sorry you’ve had a hard time but glad you’re all well.

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    So beautiful and special BRINGING so much joy

  11. Carly Belsey

    I never feel like doing anything in the evenings and we have been watching soppy Christmas films in the day too as we are isolating and there isn’t much else to do now.

  12. Sandra Fortune

    Looks nice there a bit brighter weather than here in Yorkshire which is grim and dark. You might only have a few photo’s but they are good

  13. Kim Carberry

    So sorry you have had a bad week. Sending love and hugs.
    I think the Christmas rules are stupid, we’re staying home and are having no visitors.
    The online gin tasting sounds like fun! x

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