AD Gifted – we were gifted our entrance in return for this blog post – Hever Castle at Christmas 2020

At the weekend we visited Hever Castle to explore their Christmas trail and light walk. They also offer a Santa Grotto experience and the opportunity to look around the castle. Unfortunately due to the virus, we could not go inside the castle itself. But it will give us an excuse to visit next year as we were so impressed with what they had to offer.

Hever Castle Christmas 2020 – Adventure Play Area

We arrived late morning and the boys were so very pleased to see the play areas open that we knew it was our first stop. I was very impressed with how they had set the area up. There are two different areas, both with their own number restrictions. Your time was limited to thirty minutes in whichever area you chose to ensure that they could keep to the reduced numbers. However, we did not feel restricted by this at all. And to be honest, after thirty minutes I wanted to get on and see the other parts of the grounds. There were not many families in the play area when we visited. The boys had pretty much the run of the castle to themselves for most of our visit.

They really enjoyed running around in the structure, going up and down the slides and exploring. The area was perfect for the boys aged 4 and 8. As well as the castle to explore there are also a series of other climbing frames and swings. Plus a zip line which Charlie loved. If you have younger ones then the other play area has a sandpit and a slide. We did not visit it, but it looked like it was attracting the younger children.

Food & Drink

After running out all their energy we headed down towards the castle to get something to eat. I was a little concerned about how what we would find. But I need not have worried there was plenty of food options to choose from. We opted to try out the BBQ  and had a huge hot dog! There was also a pizza van which seemed very popular. Along with their normal restaurant which was serving hot food as well as sandwiches and cakes. Both boys were excited to find that you could still have ice cream!

Personally, I was happier to find the hot chocolate and creperie right next to the castle itself. I can definitely recommend the hot chocolate and was very pleased to find that they had all the different types of milk. Which meant that Harry could also enjoy one. The restaurant over near the Italian garden is also available for takeout.

Near the restaurants, there is also a little shop right on the bridge where you can buy duck and koi food for 50p. The boys loved this. There is plenty of duck, doves and fish to feed. The koi in the castle moat are huge and they thought it was so much fun that we ended up getting two bags each.

The Neverland Christmas Trail

A lot of thought has gone into the  Christmas trail which has a Peter Pan theme. First, you start in the nursery before flying past some of the best-known landmarks in London. Then into the valley which is full of lights and hanging planets. Before passing into Neverland itself. There are several different scenes set up from the film as you walk through the trail. We were lucky enough to visit the trail both in the light and then at dusk. I would recommend trying to do both if you can as you see different things each time.

Light Trail

My favourite part by far has got to be the light trail which takes you around the outside of the Italian garden before you go through it. Just like the Christmas trail, it is also one way.  As we walked around we did not feel rushed and although there were other families enjoying the trail as well. There did not feel as though there were too many people. Everyone was respectful and stayed distanced from each other.

I was surprised by just how large the Italian gardens are. It is so peaceful and pretty even without the light trail it would be worth a visit. At one end you can look out over a lake which they have boating trips on in the Summer. My photos really do not do it justice.

Hever Castle Christmas 2020 – Conclusion

We had such a lovely festive day out making the most of our time as a family and staying for most of the day in the end. We felt safe with all the social distancing measures that had been put in place. And a lot of thought has gone into everything to ensure the best experience possible in the current circumstances. I would recommend a visit, you can check availability and buy tickets online via their website.

Hever castle Christmas 2020

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  1. Amelia Avossa

    Wow! looks likes such fun and adventure! We will be booking to go now for 2021! thanks for sharing

  2. Traci Shannon

    What a marvelous location! It seems to have just about everything to make a child’s dream come alive.

  3. This looks like a great day out, I will have to add it to list of places to visit, the play area looks amazing

  4. Lyndsey cooksey

    I’m glad you all had a wonderful Christmas experience, especially with everything going on at the moment. The boys seam to have grown up alot since I’ve read your blog( been poorly with covid) Looks a beautiful place, and I’m glad your boy could still have the hot chocolate because of the milk!

  5. Wow! This looks like so much fun! I love how many little activities there were to do!

  6. Melissa cushing

    I am absolutely loving this and would love to visit this castle with my family! It’s looks like the perfect place to have lots of fun and I love history so this is something ZI personally would love. If I ever get there I will for sure make a point to visit 🙂

  7. Emma England

    Looks like they had a great time! So much to do and you didn’t even go inside the castle. It looks like a fantastic place. I especially like the look of the adventure playground.

  8. Sarah McIlvenny

    Looks lovely there, I’ve not been before.

  9. Mosaic Designs

    oh wow, the place looks amazing!!! An actual castle!! What an amazing adventure this must have been.

  10. I love Hever, it is such a well-kept castle and grounds. The light trail would be awesome to see and good to hear it was all one-way and not crowded. Mich x

  11. Catherine

    What a perfect destination for the family! It’s a perfect activity when the weather is nice and a lovely place to create new memories.


    I haven’t been to Hever Castle since I was a little girl but I have great memories and would love to go back, especially at this time of year.

  13. Jasmine Hewitt

    this castle looks really cool! I bet kids absolutely love playing there

  14. Yeah Foodie

    Looks like such a fabulous place to head to as a family on a day out. I can’t wait to visit it with my kids

  15. Catherine S

    It looks like a lovely place to visit and it sounds as though you had a lovely time. I wish I lived closer to it!

  16. Monica Y

    That place looks like so much fun, I would love to visit and take my son and my niece there

  17. Pippa Ainsworth

    I have a bit of a fascination with Anne Boleyn so I’d love to visit Hever Castle, this seems like a wonderful family day out

  18. Sarah Howe

    I looks like such a good day out! I love the play area and those wooden displays! So colourful 🙂

  19. Lyndsey OHalloran

    What a fun place to go for a day out. Somewhere Erin would love I’m sure.

  20. Carly Belsey

    Ive always wanted to take the kids to Hever Castle, I went as a child and I remember really enjoying it.

  21. Sandra Fortune

    Looks lovely I like the Castle and looks to be plenty to do. It looks very festive too

  22. It looks excellent. Much more to see than I imagined. Thanks for the review.

  23. Natalie Crossan

    I miss feeding the ducks, its been so long since we’ve been anywhere lovely.

  24. Margaret Gallagher

    Anazing place for family joy and fun

  25. Priscilla Stubbs

    What a lovely day out for the whole family

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