I have discovered the only benefit of having elves come to stay with us! It forces me to take a picture each day. Which I have become pretty rubbish at doing in the last few weeks. So be warned this is a very elf heavy week and I can not see it changing much before Christmas.

Monday 30th November

Back to work, the weekends seem to go so quickly but I think that is partly to do with the fact we are still trying to finish off Harrys bedroom. We didn’t get as much done as we hoped which means its another week where he is sleeping on our floor….. Hes on a camp bed so he is very comfy but has a tendency to wake up super early! We started elf on the shelf a little early as the boys were so excited, tonight they decided that they were going to get breakfast ready…

24 Home Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Advent

Elf on the Shelf Toast Idea

Tuesday 1st December

Days blurring into one at work. I need to record professional CPD so much if today was taken up logging it all. I really need to get into the habit of doing it weekly. Another breakfast scene for the elves…only this time with eggs.

Elf on the Shelf Idea frying eggs

Wednesday 2nd December

Woke to a gorgeous sunrise this morning. The elves left out some colouring sheets for the boys. Only it looks like they got a bit carried away with the felt pens!

Thursday 3rd December

Busy day at work. Trying to keep on top of  the blog in the evening has meant that the elves did not have much inspiration. Something I was reminded of when Charlie told me that he thought they were being boring this year… hmmm they may need to up their game a bit.

Elves in the fridge

Friday – 4th December

After school we headed to the Christmas Tree farm. I realised too late that we should have booked a slot so could only go during the week.  It turns out it was a happy mistake as it meant I managed to catch some lovely sunset pictures as we wandered trying to find our tree. It took us quite a while as Charlie in particular fell in love with one which was far too big! As it was we ended up with an 8ft free…

The husband also popped to the butchers in the afternoon and placed the order for Christmas. As it will just be the four of us we have decided to not go with Turkey as generally we are not big fans.

In an attempt not to be boring the elves decided to go to the moon…

Christmas Trees at sunset

Elf on the shelf on the moon

Saturday – 5th December

Unsurprisingly Saturday was spent watching Christmas films and decorating the tree. We watched Christmas Chronicles one and two! The tree turned out to fit after we took about a foot and half off the bottom. Its by far the biggest tree we have ever had but I do love it. The boys threw the decorations at the tree and I spent most of the evening rearranging them.

We also cleaned the carpet in Harrys room ready for moving back in tomorrow.

Elves with chocolate

Sunday – 6th December

Harrys bed got built. The old wardrobe got taken down and we started moving some of his bits back in. I am still yet to buy new storage as I wanted to see what we were left with space wise after the bed was made.  Plus with the Janaury sales not that far away it seemed a bit daft not to wait. We ordered his bed back in April… so its been a long time to get him into it!  It does mean it doesn’t have the new organised feel but  won’t be long. We are also still waiting on wallpaper for the one wall that was meant to arrive this week but hasn’t yet. I supect it will arrived on Monday. But we really needed to get him back into his own room…

For this reason we didn’t manage to get the rest of the decorations up (may have gone a bit mad this year). I did finally pop into town the first time since lockdown two. I needed to pick something up I had ordered from M&S. While there I picked up some of Santa’s Yumnuts! Hubby and I had, had a giggle when we read about the launch. They tasted great!

Santa Yumnuts M&S

Blog posts this week

Still not feeling it on the motivation front with most of my ‘blog’ time has been taken up with Instagram this week

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  1. Impressed with the elves. I always love the idea but don’t fancy doing it every day – I’m sure I’d run out of time and energy ! The yumnuts look tasty – what flavour are they ?

  2. Sim @ Sim's Life

    I haven’t tried the Santa Yumnuts yet, I always head straight for the Billionaire’s packs of 3 – nom nom nom!
    Those elves are ace… vey cheeky but ace! Sunny side up eggs?! I bet they were tasty! 😉

  3. loopyloulaura

    Love the Sanat Yumnuts, so cute! We have evaded the elves for another year but I am getting a bit desperate for things to photograph #project366

  4. I heard about Santa’s yumnuts over here, made me chuckle also. The elf ideas are great, are you going to be able to keep it up until christmas eve. Glad you’ve managed to get Harry in his new bed now and it does make sense to wait for the sales

  5. sandy lynn ralph

    wow i just love those decorated doughnuts

  6. The elves have made me take more pictures this week too – love seeing their antics. The donuts look scrummy

  7. Love the elf photos – especially the one of the elves going to the moon. I’m always impressed by everyone who has an elf managing to think up new ideas each day. Lovely that the boys helped decorate the tree (even if it did result in rearranging it afterwards!!) #project366

  8. Laura Pritchard

    Always good to get Elf idea from someone else!

  9. The doughbuts look like a good treat.Hope the bedroom gets finished and he likes moving back in. N likes putting up our artificial tree but gets bored doing the decorations.

  10. Loving those doughnuts!

    That is a beautiful sunrise you have captured…lovely colours.

    Looks like the elves are having fun!

  11. Pippa Ainsworth

    Those Yumnuts look so good! I think I’ll have to pick some up for my three

  12. Andale Seaworne

    The donuts look delicious. Those elves look adorable, and so are the captions in the post-its. They look cute making eggs and their eyes look mischievous. The sunrise looks amazing. That’s a big tree and it looks great after being decorated. Cool eggs. Great that Harry’s bed is ready

  13. The elves always seem like quite hard work to me, but it’s worth it if it’s fun. The pressure though to make sure they aren’t boring! Love those elf cakes.

  14. Karen Langridge

    I love the elf pictures especially in the toast and making eggs for breakfast. Very creative! I don’t think your elf’s are boring at all! I am a bit relieved we stopped this year, I don’t think I have the imagination for it! I really want to get some of those Santa’s Yumnuts. They look so good.

  15. I’ve been after those Yumnuts since I first heard about them – can’t get them anyhow! Always sold out.

  16. Lyndsey cooksey

    Those doughnuts look delicious! What an amazing week you have all had! Lots of great ideas here for the Elf on the shelf. We did this last year in our after school club, but this year I am getting over Covid, and i haven’t got the energy. So our Elf is in isolation lol

  17. Who could resist Santa’s Yumnuts? They certainly raised a smile here, too. The Elf visit must have been such a delight for the boys.

  18. Natalie Crossan

    Ahh those donuts are so cute and I bet they are delicious!

  19. Aww! It looks like you’ve been having fun with the elves. How adorable. I remember hiding ours in the fridge a few years ago and it took the girls ages to find it. hehehe x

  20. Carly Belsey

    Oh wow I love the tinfoil idea, I am doing that tomorrow. My elves are playing Monopoly this morning!! I am running out of ideas already so thank you for your pictures.

  21. Alice Gilkes

    Those doughnuts look really tasty. Very creative too.

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