‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

This week’s pictures were taken when we went to cut down our Christmas tree after school on Friday. I had totally missed the fact that we needed to book a slot at the weekend. So our only option was to go after school. Not ideal really as it gets dark so early. It did mean that the light was beautiful. But after a long day at school neither was really in the mood to have their photo taken. Harry picked up the top of a tree someone else had thrown away and ran around pointing it at other trees. It was his mini tree!

Charlie had his heart set on a tree which was huge. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get him to even look at others. Once we did though all the trees he was picking were pretty big! It was getting pretty dark by the time we decided, we still ended up with a tree which was about 8ft! We ended up taking  a little off the bottom to get it to fit in the house. Here he is pretending to cut his own tree down…

Once we had picked out a tree we had to cut it down which the boys thought was great fun.  By this time it was quite dark and a fair walk back up to the pay point, with a huge tree. Didn’t really think that one through very well, but they both thoroughly enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. On Saturday we decorated said tree and I think I may need to get some more decorations as it is so big.

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  1. Picking your own tree is such a lovely thing to do – I’m allergic to Christmas trees though so we’ll never have a real one!

  2. Wow that is big! I hope you managed to get some more decorations for it x

  3. A beautiful tree and very special memories for the boys.

  4. emma england

    i have never actually done that! I have always bought a fake one. Looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Kelly Brittle

    This is a great idea and it seems like so much fun and a good way to keep the kids occupied during this pandemic

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. We have never had a real tree but may get one in years to come when our children are a bit bigger and may help in deciding which tree to get.

  7. Your tree looked absolutely beautiful on Stories – despite being massive! x

  8. I really want to cut one down next year and definitely an 8 foot one for us too! loved the winter light in these pics x

  9. Laura Pritchard

    I’d love to go & pick a tree still planted!

  10. Gemma Hendry

    Looks like good fun with so many trees to pick from

  11. Andrea Fletcher

    Love a real christmas tree unfortunately my son is allergic.

  12. Pippa Ainsworth

    He is so adorable with his mini tree! Super cute!

  13. Carly Belsey

    What a fun thing to do, I would go for a huge tree too boys haha.

  14. Lyndsey cooksey

    That’s an adventure in itself! How lovely, such a wonderful family Christmas outing x

  15. RachelSwirl

    Oh bless his mini tree! It must be so fun to pick your own Christmas tree x

  16. Laura Corrall

    It sounds great being able to pick your own tree, I’ve never done that before. This year we had our first real tree and got it delivered. Oh real trees are so beautiful. But like you I didn’t realise just how big it would be haha.

  17. lynn neal

    Choosing your own Christmas tree is a great activity to do together as a family!

  18. James Travis

    A great selection of trees, sounds like you have a good time

  19. Sandra Fortune

    That’s a lovely festive picture of them both .

  20. Natalie Crossan

    Aww lovely trees, look like the perfect Christmas trees really don’t they 🙂

  21. Priscilla Stubbs

    That is such a good idea to cut down your own tree, it makes it more personal somehow

  22. Margaret Gallagher

    Making every day beauty the best

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