Interesting week workwise and things continue to evolve. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to having a long break over Christmas. I think everyone is on burn out, at least that seems to be the case with most people I speak with. We have had another busy week with a couple of festive trips and a little bit of normality. As fun as they were, I am actually looking forward to having a quiet Christmas. We have some more decorating projects we want to start and some further ones to think about. Plus I want to start planning for next year, although we may not be returning to normal for some time the end of the year for me is always about reflection and goals for the next.  On reflection, I think I will realise how lucky we have been this year.

Monday 7th December

Work and school. The elves made a flying appearance with a landing strip set up on the kitchen table. This is one of the rooms we are hoping to decorate soon! Hence the dumping ground. I also need to start wrapping up the presents which you can see in the background.

Elf on the shelf on planes


Tuesday 8th December

Work and school! Although Charlie did go back to Cubs tonight they made some Christmas decorations out of salt dough and natural materials. I think our usual trip to the ceramic painting studio will be off this year so I have brought some bits to do our own at home. I stole one of the festive Colin Caterpillars I had brought for the boys for lunch today. And decided that it is acceptable to have a drink on Tuesday night this time of year! Only one mind you and there’s a lot of tonic in there honest…

Christmas Colin the Caterpillar Marks & Spencers

Wednesday 9th December

After work and school on Wednesday, we headed to Silverstone to drive around the track for their Drive Lap Land. I wasn’t entirely sure how the boys would find it. But we were really impressed. It took about forty minutes in total, with all the lasers and lights it was pretty special. I think the husband was impressed that he got to drive down the start/finish straight and that we saw the podium. There was a radio station that you could tune into specific for the event so we listened to Christmas music and shout outs all the way around. It is probably the most festive I have felt all year so far. We ended our trip watching the snowman at a drive-in cinema.  It was a late night! But the elves still got up to their usual mischief with some snowballs ready for a fight.

Silverstone Drive Lap LandSilverstone Drive Lap Land Lights

Elf on the shelf with snowballs


Thursday 10th December

We had our Christmas meeting at work today with secret Santa and a quiz! Which I didn’t come last on! Not sure how I managed that as my general knowledge is generally pretty poor. Normally we would have a meal and drinks out and stay over in London. It did remind me how much this year has changed. I wonder if we will ever get. chance to do that again. The elves didn’t have a lot of inspiration tonight..

Elf on the shelf Christmas Hat

Friday 11th December

Spent literally all day trying to catch up on the business. Including taking this photo of myself. I am not a fan of having my photo taken. Its advertising loungewear so I am sans makeup apart from a little bit of nude lip gloss. I think I will spend most of the festive period sleeping looking at my bags…

Talking about bags before the school pick up I threw a load of things together in a rucksack for an overnight stay.  We surprised the boys on school pick up and took them to see Santa at Chessington World of Adventures. It was a last-minute plan.

Saturday 12th December

Switched off from social media and the blog for the whole 24 hours… which makes a nice change. We are so lucky to be invited to press trips but it is also nice not to have to cover something. Of course, I  did take plenty of photos so I am sure some will find their way onto my channels at some point. This was taken just before they went in to see the big man.

Elf hats and fake snow

Sunday 13th December

Back home and lots to do…. today we put up the boys Christmas trees and got the outside lights ready for tomorrow. When the husband will put them up as he is now off work until January. The madness of companies making people take all their holiday this year! I also cleared up our entranceway and moved all the shoes into a new unit that arrived during the week. If we are staying in this house and not moving anytime soon then I need to get better with the storage solutions as we have outgrown it somewhat. Our old shoe storage has been moved to the bottom of the stairs and I think I am going to buy some french furniture paint and update it.

Blog posts this week

Still not feeling it on the motivation front although I will always keep my weekly diary posts going. I have no idea how I use to write evergreen content daily. I am looking forward to spending some time actually writing over Christmas and catching up on the SEO work that needs doing.

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  1. Sim @ Sim's Life

    Awww the Christmas Colin the Caterpillars! They never ended up in my basket this time around but will certainly make sure some hop in next time! As for a glass of wine on a Tuesday evening, it is more than allowed! The flying elves are ace, what a fabulous idea! How fab you got a surprise visit to see Santa at Chessington, hope you all had a fantastic time! Is that where the first image of the boys running through the trees was taken? Such a gorgeous image, definitely Christmas card worthy! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Sim x

  2. The Silverstone event sounds great for the whole family and Chessington must have been fun too. Good to see you are managing to find the time for some Christmas magic ! xx

  3. The Silverstone trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. How lovely to go and see Santa at Chessington. We’ve been there a couple of times at Christmas and always enjoyed it. Love the Christmas tree. #project366

  4. Karen Langridge

    Lovely photos of your week, especially like the sound of the Silverstone event. I think I did get an email about that too, kind of regret not going now. But we have been keeping very close to home lately. I do miss press events, usually we would have had heaps of adventures by now. Although my eldest has said he has enjoyed all the time close to home, he has reeled off all the lovely memories he has so I don’t feel too bad now 🙂

  5. Seems like a lot are looking forward to the break and just chilling!

    That Drive Lapland looks amazing!

    And I am loving the Colin Caterpillars

  6. The drive lapland sounds a lot of fun. I love your christmas tree, very festive. Lovely photo/selfie of you, only you notice what one perceives as flaws, I know I do with myself and see things that others don’t until I point it out. Glad to see you’re keeping up with the Elf antics

  7. Nice you were able to get away to Chessington. I’m the same with storage – the OH despairs at all our stuff (he doesn’t have much), but even when I clear out not much really goes. It’s outdoor storage we’re missing as we don’t have a garage. or shed

  8. justine meyer

    Loving the naughty elf pics, you have had a busy week as well

  9. It sounds like you’re really looking forward to the break over Christmas. You’ve certainly earned it.
    Ohh! I have read about people visiting Silverstone. It sounds like a lot of fun. x

  10. What a busy week you’ve had! Despite you – and probably all parents – looking forward to a bit of a quieter time over the Christmas break, you’re looking fabulous. Enjoy!

  11. Chantelle Clarke

    Thank you for some fab elf ideas i nearly forgot to do something with mine tonight

  12. lynn neal

    Loving those inflatable aeroplanes for the elves!

  13. Nikita Jones

    Love the elf ideas! We also have the plane!

  14. Love your elf idea. Great inspiration as I always end up re-hashing the same things

  15. Kara Guppy

    I really want to find something Christmassy for my kids this year but we have nothing local for their age range. Loving your elves antics, very clever

  16. Sandra Fortune

    Sounds like you had a nice week . I do love your photographs and those elves been cheeky

  17. Priscilla Stubbs

    Another interesting and busy week for you. I don’t know how you manage to pack so much in. Lovely photos too

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