‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

On Sunday as an attempt to stay positive and get out on what looks like the only day this week where it is not raining here we headed to a National Trust property. Standen House is close by and in the same tier as us. Unfortunately, the property we are meant to be going to today is not so I have cancelled those tickets. We had a lovely day out in the sunshine following the Christmas trail. They always seem to go the extra mile at Christmas here and we love it. The boys were very excited to get a little gift at the end of it as well.

The trail took place outside but the bottom level of the house was also open. Since it was so quiet we managed to have a look around and didn’t bump into anyone apart from those volunteers who were helping.  Lovely to see all the trees, many of them had homemade decorations on them. Charlie was singing or messing around when I took this photo of him this week but I love it.

I had dressed the boys in matching jumpers today which I love. Although I am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to get away with it. As with Charlie heading towards nine and seemingly getting more independent as each day goes by. He may well decide he wants more autonomy over the clothing choices. While we were doing the trail, Harry found a mound of earth in the woods and declared himself king of the castle. Always in his element outside! Incidentally, they both had coats but refused to wear them!

I know Christmas is going to be hard for so many people, but I hope you have as much festive cheer as you can. And manage to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. From mine to yours, Happy Christmas xx

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  1. Rebecca Walker

    looks like a great time was had by all

  2. I love their matching jumpers, they look fab! I hope you all managed to have an enjoyable Christmas too, despite all the restrictions x

  3. I love their jumpers! It’s been a very different Christmas here, and not seeing our family broke me. Especially knowing that the rest of the country was having a normal Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful time x

  4. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas despite the new restrictions down there. Merry Christmas love from us all x

  5. The National Trust are doing well with their properties at Christmas. A lovely way to spend quality time with the children.

  6. Anthony Harrington

    Thats great Have a wonderful Christmas

  7. Laura Corrall

    I love matching jumpers! It’s so cute when they are all matching, but equally so hard to find my kids sizes and have them all matching. My eldest is 9 and sometimes loves matching and sometimes hates it. It’s very hit and miss.

  8. Julia Linsley

    Lovely Festive Activities
    Merry Christmas !

  9. Lynn Bedson

    i love national trust properties my daughter loves doing the trails and activities they put on


    Sounds like you had a lovey day out. The photo’s are great.

  11. Andrea Fletcher

    Sounds like a great place to visit.

  12. Anthea Holloway

    What a lovely day out along the trail. I am so glad that you managed to get out and about a little bit.

  13. James Travis

    Looks like you had a fab time on that Christmas trail

  14. Carly Belsey

    How lovely that you managed to get on a Christmas trail, how fab for the boys.

  15. Kelly Cooper

    It’s nice to see you getting out and about. We have had lots of plans cancelled but always manage something to fill it, our favourite is searching for Christmas trees and lights around the town.

  16. Margaret Gallagher

    Season’s greetings and festive season joy – have a wonderful Christmas

  17. lynn neal

    Those knitted Christmas trees are wonderfully colourful!

  18. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    That was a nice way to spend a quiet yet quality time with your kids. And yes we all have to stay positive else we could get over the situation we are all in right now.

  19. Sandra Fortune

    Sounds like a lovely place . Loving the boys jumpers

  20. Jazz Tattersall

    Lovely tree, are you all looking forward to Christmas

  21. Anthea Holloway

    This looks really good and it is great to hear that you can still get out and about in spite of all the restrictions.

  22. Priscilla Stubbs

    Looks like a great day out. You are so lucky to have these National Trust properties nearby

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