The days feel even more blurred this week. Not being at work and school gives us very little structure. Not that I am complaining as it has been nice to watch Christmas films and generally not do a lot. I couldn’t even tell you the day this week we found out we were going into tier 4 on Boxing Day. Not that it really affects us as our Christmas plans all changed anyway after last weeks announcements.  My biggest fear is that now we will see the schools not back in January. I am not sure we can manage all that again plus I am going to be going through a significant restructure at work to add even more stress into the mix. But I can’t really see how they are going to stop the spread without it.

Monday 21st December

The plan for the first week of the holidays was to have an Christmas activity in the morning and then chill in the afternoon. Either playing board games or watching Christmas films. I have intentionally stayed away from the laptop and the blog this week and I don’t think Ive missed it one bit!

We would normally go to a pottery painting cafe on the run up to Christmas for the boys to paint their own decorations. That wasn’t possible this year so I brought some from a well known mailorder craft company and we did them at home instead. I even joined in. Harry was especially proud of his creations.

DIY Ceramic Christmas Decorations

Tuesday 22nd December

We popped into town this morning to pick up an order from Argos and John Lewis. I was expecting dedlum but thankfully I was in and out. After we drove around to the butcher to pick up the Vension and Goose for Christmas Day. Again there wasn’t much of a queue so I think the whole trip took about an hour. After lunch the boys and I decorated the Gingerbread House. It was a prebaked kit which the eleves brought. But the gingerbread was a little tastless. However I do think they did a good job of the decorating.

The excitement is really starting to build now. So the elves decided to fuel it further by leaving a scavenger hunt for chocolate coins. Unfortantely the elves decided to position themselves in the treat bags, which was a bit stupid since it turned out the boys could not wait. So they both needed re-magicing for Christmas Eve.

DIY Gingerbread House

Elf on the shelf scavenger hunt

Wednesday 23rd December

Finished the last of the wrapping today, with the kids wrapping up their presents for each other. As we as their presents for us. Then we made the crackers for the Christmas table. I always find crackers so expensive for what you actually get so this time I decided to spend the money on something we would use. Getting small lego kits for the boys and some salted caramel truffles for us. A real treat. In our Argos pick up there was a new version of Monopoly. They boys favourite game which we were saving for Christmas Eve. But I gave in and let them play it early. I am glad we did in a way as I think we finished it in under half an hour. Its a new version where you win when all he properties are brought. But there are only 16 as they have reduced the number! We were all a little disappoined and ended up playing Paddington instead. DIY Reindeer Crackers

Thursday 24th December

The elves left eh boys their Christmas Eve boxes this morning with new PJs and blue fluffy slippers. The weather was nice with the sun out so we headed out for a walk in the woods to let off some steam. They found sticks and climbed logs. It was ridiculously muddy but it was nice being out in the fresh air. When we got back we did some prep for Christmas dinner. I made the chocolate fondants and also made some proper Gingerbread (as per Nigella Lawson) for the husband. He also lifted the first Jerusalem Artichokes for tomorrow.  He only dug over one plant and we have about 2kg! Could be having them every mealtime at this rate…

There was time for more board games, scattering reindeer food and laying out Rum and Mince Pie before bed. After being out in the fresh air they fell asleep quickly. Which meant we had the chance for a nice relaxed evening. Not sure that has ever happened on Christmas Eve before.

Christmas Eve Box

Jerusalem Artichokes

Friday 25th December

Christmas Day went by in a blur. Partly because someone was up at 3.30 in the morning! And not the little one. We did manage to get them to hang on to 6am but consequently we were all shattered for most of the day.  The opened their stockings and their present from Father Christmas before breakfast. They were both very lucky getting the gift they had a asked for. The RISK board game for Charlie and a Lego Harry Potter train for Harry. The latter I spent most of the morning making. Hubby cooked Christmas lunch while I kept the boys entertained. After which we opened the rest of their’s and our presents. More playing with presents and watching TV. Unsurprisingly both boys fell asleep early on the sofa!

Saturday 26th December

Our original plan for Boxing Day had been to go and see my in-laws but with the changes this was no longer possible. So after more present playing and building (everything seems to need putting together this year) we tied up the lounge. Read shoved everting in the corner before trying out a virtual horse racing game. The virtual part didnt work too well but the game was fun. So much so that we are going to do the same with some friends over New Years Eve. Since we will not be seeing them as we usually do.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, playing and watching Christmas TV. I finally managed to start a craft project, which I have been sent. I am hoping to find time to get a couple of other sewing projects started. But since I am now over half way through our festive time off I am I am not holding out a lot of hope….

Sunday 27th December

Spent a couple of hours on the blog this morning, the first time in a week. I haven’t missed it. The weather turned out to be lovely so we headed out for a walk. The storm last night had left a lot of water and branches blown down. But it did the boys a lot of good to get out in the fresh air. The football was on in the afternoon so I had a nap while the boys watched it. I have been under the weather over Christmas so it was needed.

Blog posts this week

Nothing new on the blog this week, hoping to spend some time writing this coming week as I’ve a list of posts to write.

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  1. We hardly had any presents this year as the kids still have a bag each from the last two years! I love the decorations and think I know which company it was so might buy some in for next year #project366

  2. Karen Langridge

    I love your painted decorations, what a nice activity to do with the boys. Your homemade crackers are very cute, I might have to try that next year, especially when you can fill them with nicer things. Bless you what an early start you had on Christmas morning, I am lucky now mine don’t get up before 7:30am – 8am. But we have done a few early starts when they were younger.

  3. The decorations look lovely and the gingerbread house looks great!

    Loving the Christmas Eve boxes, they look fab. Sorry your boxing day plans had to change but it sounds like you still had a good Christmas (well apart from the early wake up!)

  4. Sounds like an idyllic Christmas, that’s an awful lot of presents, where do the boys keep all the stuff? I’ve enjoyed the elves antics in your household. Wishing you all a Happy New Year

  5. Andrea Fletcher

    The boys decorations are lovely. Very impressed with your Jerusalem Artichokes.

  6. Glad you had a good Christmas. Ouch to 3.30am wake ups. I think with primary schools theyre more likely to be back in, but I suppose it’ll depend on how tier 4 goes, and whether things stabilise. I think everyone will be in lockdown by new year. We’re like you, gone into 4, and by all accounts, there still seem to be lots of people and cars around in town.

  7. I have lost track of what day it is. Every day feels like a Sunday and today it is a Sunday it doesn’t feel like it. lol
    Those are pretty decorations and the gingerbread house looks fab! What an exciting time you had in the run up to Christmas. I love the look of the Christmas eve boxes.
    It sounds like you had a great week and a lovely Christmas. Wishing you all the best for 2021 x

  8. lynn neal

    I love the decorations your boys have painted, they are lovely!


    Great photo’s. The gingerbread house is brilliant.

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    Magical and special – looks like an amazing time

  11. Priscilla Stubbs

    Another varied week. I remember those Christmas mornings of early wake ups. I would hear paper rustling and know we were in for a long day

  12. So impressed with all your craft projects with Charlie & Harry…sounds like your Christmas went well!

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