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In 2021 I am hoping to be able to spend some more time on me. I want to start crafting again, something that I use to do a lot before I started this blog. However, I never seem to have time! So I am determined to make more time especially with the fact that we are in lockdown at the moment. And I fully expect that to last until at least Easter. But the other than time, the other two things that stop me are inspiration and materials. Which is where come in!

Who are

They offer both single box and subscription craft boxes which contain everything you need to make a project. And when I say everything I mean everything! There is a wide range of different projects to choose from which generally start at a very reasonable £24.99. The subscription service can be completely tailored to your needs. There is no requirement to get a box every month if it is too much for you. Instead, you can opt for every other or even quarterly. Still with the flexibility to stop or swap out a box if you want, opting for a past box if there is availability.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Wreath – Plus 20% Discount Code for

I had previously brought three other boxes directly before got in contact to ask if I would like to try out their subscription service. All three boxes which I had before the Partridge in a Pear Tree Wreath were of the same standard. And once my subscription service has finished I will be continuing with it. So expect to see the other projects at the end of this post in the near future.

In the box I got all the materials I needed to make the wreath including pins and needles. All are of great quality the felt is particularly good with natural fibres and a good thickness to work with. I found that the quantity is good too, you get a bit more than you need to complete the project. Most boxes have more than one project in them. The Partridge in a Pear Tree Wreath also came with enough to make some additional pear decorations. However, I was so taken with the wreath that I included them on there.

What I did not expect was the easy to follow full-colour instruction booklet that came with it. A5 in size with detailed photo instructions throughout it is obvious the amount of love that goes into compiling the projects. I found this really useful, as although I am quite happy sewing with felt. Having made a lot of the boys play food. I have never used craft wire. Let alone made a wreath of any sorts.

The other thing I was also very impressed with was the glue gun. Reading through the instructions I did wonder if I would be able to manage to make it without glue all over the place. However, Hannah has sourced the most delicate (not a word you usually associate with glue guns) I have ever used. There is no way I would have been able to make this with our current kid’s craft glue gun.

Making the Partridge in a Pear Tree Wreath

I would anticipate that it probably took me around six hours to make the wreath. Maybe a little more. I spent a good hour cutting out the felt pieces. Then probably two to three sewing and stuffing the pears. I did this in front of the festive TV programmes so I lost track of time a bit. I made two large pears and three small ones. Then an hour or so adding wire to the leaves and making the flowers before another hour combining the wreath and generally faffing with it until I was happy. I did this over the space of a week and a half.

20% discount code for

Sometimes you just have to make a little more time for yourself, don’t you? Especially at the moment, I think it is important to remember this and doing a project gives you a little sense of achievement at the end of it. I can not wait for my next box!

20% discount code for

If you would like to try out for yourself then you can get 20% off by using the code MudPieXMAKEBOX at the checkout. Do let me know if you do I would love to see your creations. 

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  1. Michael Fisher

    How brilliant, it looks beautiful well done

  2. Veronika Sykorova

    What a pretty wreath! I love using a glue gun haha always fun!

  3. Carly Belsey

    What a lovely wreath. There is a house down the road from me and they always have a different wreath on their door which is home made and I always think to myself that would be lovely to do.

  4. Julie Maloney

    I know someone who would love to subscribe to this service! She loves crafting. I would also likely give this subscription as a gift to crafters. Excellent!

  5. I never knew how to make these, thanks for sharing your craft!

  6. What a beautiful wreath! I love the felted items. So pretty!

  7. Sayed Williams

    MakeBox products look really amazing. I’m going to recommend this to my family with the discount.

  8. This is such a cute wreath. Partridges always remind me of Christmas, so I love this for the wreath’s theme.

  9. Gervin Khan

    Another great DIY project for the family and to exercise another great family bonding. I’ll definitely gonna check this out and will recommend it to my other family relatives and friends.

  10. How fabulous. Creative activities like these with good instructions are very calming and satisfying. A beautiful result.

  11. Christina Wadeley

    I will definitely have a go at making the wreath although I doubt it will look as good.

  12. This is a great box for the crafty person. I like that there’s always a new project and you don’t have to get locked into a subscription.

  13. sandy lynn ralph

    oh this is just so beautiful , i like this kit

  14. Sabina Green

    Those felt pears are so cute. It all sounds very therapeutic and it looks great. It also seems good value with all the bits that come with it. Something I would happily give a go in the future.

  15. Sarah Stockley

    This is gorgeous. Like you, I really enjoy crafting but haven’t made anything in ages now. This kit is great and the finished result looks amazing!

  16. kim white

    I’ve never heard of Make Box but I could certainly do with some help with my crafting disasters

  17. Priscilla Stubbs

    That looks really lovelyI think even I could make it!

  18. Margaret Gallagher

    So beautiful – will be trying myself too

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