‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Today I go back to work and the boys go back to school. I am not sure they will stay there all week but at the moment the schools are open here and with both of us working full time they really need to go in. As much as I would prefer the last two weeks to continue indefinitely. Since Christmas, we have only been going out for our daily exercise. Although there are some days when none of us fancy that either. But when we do go out we have a new love of geocaching. I’ve been rabbiting about it over on Instagram stories. We are hooked and it is a great way to get the boys out doing the same repetitive walks. Even the husband secretly likes it!

Camera roll geocache

This week’s photos were taken during our last walkout on Friday. Charlie was super impressed with this particular cache as it was hidden inside a handrail. Harry was really happy just walking in the puddles. It did start to sleet on the way back but literally only for a couple of minutes. Seeing snow all over the county the boys are desperate to have some here but I think it will avoid us, unfortunately. I am hoping it doesn’t come while they are at school as they will be so disappointed.

Since this is the first week of 2021 I thought it would be fun to share the first photos from last year again too. Just to see how much they have changed in 12 months. Thanks, Team Stein for the inspiration. Despite wearing the same jumper I can really see how Charlie’s face has changed and he has lost a lot of his teeth since then and now looks a bit goofy! Harry has lost some of his podginess around his cheeks since last year but thankfully not all of it yet.

We had lots of plans when these were taken totally unaware of what 2020 held. This year we have no plans but we do have the hope that we can make some in the coming months and for now that’s all we need. 

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  1. Megan Quigley

    We love our walks outside we make lots of memories


    great to get out and about in the fresh air

  3. Gemma Hendry

    I definately see a lot of change in Charlie, getting big

  4. I think we need to look at geocaching in our local area. My 3 year old gets bored doing the same walks, I think she’d love the idea of finding and hiding things.

  5. Laura Pritchard

    We’re huge fans of geocaching and have been doing it for over 8 years – I get more excited about it than the kids though!

  6. I love Living Arrows for giving us so many memories to look back on. I hope you’ve managed over the last week with the new lockdown – I really feel for everyone who has to work through all of this x

  7. Thank you for the mention! I think harry has changed quite a bit in a year. What a week it has been for the first week of the year. It also felt like a year in one week 🤪 x

  8. Laura Corrall

    Oh this looks like you’ve had some great walks. I love getting you. This year we have lots of plans for days out when we are allowed rather than big trips and will mean we can stay closer to home.

  9. JACKIE Graham

    It’s so good to get children out in the great outdoors – no boredom, and constant bickering – and it’s free – we had a great day in the snow yesterday !

  10. Debbie Bird

    lovely photos treasure every minute they grow up far to fast

  11. I love seeing how the children have grown over time – it’s my favourite thing about Living Arrows. Ours didn’t even get back to school after Christmas, inset day and then schools closed! I’m really not too excited about home schooling this year! x

  12. Oh I’m so hoping we’ll be able to do some more exciting things soon – we also have zero plans for this year! Hope you have a good week xx #livingarrows

  13. Maggie Ali

    Our daily walks is the only thing that kept me sane. I love the cold crisp air on a winter morning.

  14. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Gosh they have grown! That puddle looks absolutely awesome to wade through!! #livingarrows

  15. RachelSwirl

    We are yet to try geocaching – it looks good fun! Beautiful shots of the kids – such lovely snaps of them out and about 🙂

  16. Carly Belsey

    Geocaching sounds really fun, I have never heard of it to be honest but sounds really great.

  17. Andrew Petrie

    Having no plans is the best plan ! Love the photo of the burned out pier .

  18. Paul Wilson

    Daily exercise is a good habit to get into.

  19. lynn neal

    Well none of us could have imagined what 2020 would be like and we can only hope for improvement!

  20. Anthea Holloway

    What lovely pictures! I feel that we are close to another lockdown and there is so much controversy about schools reopening that I wouldn’t be surprised if they close – as they are doing in Scotland.

  21. Sarah Roberts

    it really does help to get out there although the snow is a definite put off

  22. I would love to try this with my children, I think we would all enjoy it.

  23. Michael Fisher

    Great constructive fun play with the children.

  24. James Travis

    Fab photos, looks like you all had fun

  25. Priscilla Stubbs

    You can’t beat walking in muddy puddles

  26. Margaret Gallagher

    ALWAYS living LAUGHTER and love with you happy new year

  27. Amy Doyle

    My boys are back Tuesday they are excited but my new year resolution is to get out more,we have been quite lazy over the holidays

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