Most popular parenting blog posts of 2020. This time of year I normally share my most popular posts of the year. The ones that have really driven traffic to my blog. In hope, it will inspire others when they are looking to write content of their own. However this year I have decided to include the most popular posts from a wide selection of parenting bloggers.  All the posts included here are each respective blog’s most viewed post of 2020.

50 of the Most Popular Parenting Blog Posts of 2020

To help I have tried to classify the posts into categories. Although the posts are so wide and varied its difficult to do. What it does show us is just how valued our writings with such a wide audience and demand for content.

EYFS Activities & Parenting

  • DIY Space Helmet – has been one of my best performing posts now for several years. It is great for world book day!
  • 25 Fun EYFS Space Activities – If you have space mad little ones then Hannah and the Twiglets has you covered with lots of ideas to keep them happy while at home
  • DIY Music Wall – I love this idea from Codiekinz & Little Roo and think I need to make one of these for my two especially now we are in lockdown again
  • 100 Things to do outside with kids – LadyBird Adventures, including things to do on a walk, in the garden and days out. With something for everyone.
  • How to make walking outdoors fun for kids – Thimble & Twig. With tons of information including how to motivate little ones on a long walk with games and activities. As well as a  handy list of things to pack for a walk.
  • Alternatives to Play: Ways to enjoy your children when you hate playing – Me Them and the Others. Sharing what we all sometimes ( a lot of the time) think when it comes to playing with other ideas to spend time together.

And a few more…

Travel Related Content

I think wanderlust is strong …

Food and Recipes

Those centred around life experiences

Home & Lifestyle

  • Craft room Ikea pegboard – Like, Love, Do. A very helpful post that describes how to make the most of your space regardless of the craft you enjoy.
  • The matchbox challenge – Mum of Three World. This sounds like so much fun and the perfect activity to test those grey cells. How many could you fit in?
  • Curtain pleat toilet roll hack – Ready Freddie Go. Ever wanted to get your curtains to hang perfectly? Then this post gives you the secret you have been looking for.
  • How to take control of family finances – Mama Fairy tells us everything we need to know about our income.  Where’s it coming from, where’s it going, and how you can keep hold of it a bit longer
  • Free Monthly Budget Planner – great for helping you work out where you can save money this budget planner from The Diary of a Frugal Family comes in both a plain and a pretty version.

Unsurprisingly lockdown content was popular too

The pandemic kept giving…

Which blog posts have you read this year that you’ve really enjoyed? Or if you are a blogger what was your most read content in 2020? Please let me know in the comments below.

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50 of the Most Popular Parenting Blog Posts of 2020

Most popular parenting blog posts of 2020, Most popular parenting blog posts of 2020



    lots of interesting reading thanks!

  2. Susan B

    Wow! That list must have taken you many hours. Thank you! Quite a few jumped out of the page at me so I will b dipping into each piece over the coming weeks.

  3. Thanks for including mine. There’s some great posts in here that I want to read and share, so will be coming back to work my way through them.

  4. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    What a fab list of posts to dip into. There are so many! Loving the look of the baking ones.

  5. Beth @ The Cwtch

    Fantastic selection of posts. There’s a few I like the look of and will save for later. It was a funny old year, wasn’t it?

  6. Rebecca Walker

    will defo be giving some of these blogs a follow

  7. That is a great list, I found my most popular blogs this year were completely different to usual and mostly full of reviews. I did have some popular lockdown walk ones

  8. Sabina Green

    Such a fab list! There is plenty of post inspiration here to keep me going for a long while! Thanks for putting it together.

  9. Laura Pritchard

    Some great reading for over lockdown!

  10. Jenny Sue

    I like covid mems and humour, I think it helps lighten a serious dilemma

  11. Debbie Bird

    Lots of interesting blogs I follow a few will check out the rest when I have time

  12. Lyndsey cooksey

    Fantastic blogs here! I particularly like the home schooling. It’s been tough going but we are getting there. You are very inspirational and there are lots of ideas that I wouldn’t have even thought of! Can’t believe how the children have grown!

  13. Maggie Ali

    Many great posts that I can relate to.

  14. Andrea Fletcher

    Some good posts here. I will definitely be reading How to make walking outdoors with kids fun.

  15. Elinor Fisher

    I love that you’ve split this into categories: like food, holidays, activities etc as it’s a really useful reference source!

  16. Emma England

    My favourite blog posts from 2020 were the ones that gave me tips for home learning and ideas for making a birthday in lockdown special.

  17. Gemma Hendry

    Fantastic blog posts here gonna read quite a few

  18. Anthea Holloway

    There are some very interesting blogs mentioned here and some which will be helpful with hints on home schooling too.

  19. Nigel Soper

    Some very helpful posts here , but I am going to have resist the temptation to spend time reading about parenting rather than parenting.

  20. alex brownlee

    thanks there are so many blogs this is good to highlight the best ones

  21. justine meyer

    Love the recipes thanks for the info

  22. Sandra Fortune

    I love your plans and your posts . I remember we’ll the Lovely and exciting Lapland visit you had

  23. Laura Corrall

    So many great posts. I remember reading some of them. I know what I will be spending some time today doing. The ones regarding pandemic and home schooling I think I will give another read through. As It’s so hard at the moment.

  24. Great post and looking forward to reading some of those blogs! My most popular blog post was one I posted coincidentally before lockdown as I already worked from home with my son 1 day a week ‘How to work from home with kids’. It had advice from fellow bloggers and was most definitely and not surprisingly my most popular blog post of 2020.

  25. Priscilla Stubbs

    I haven’t read all of the above blogs but there are certainly some interesting ideas. I like the Frenchie Mummy Blog

  26. Carly Belsey

    I love all your blog posts and ideas. You have inspired me in lots of ways. Admittedly I do like to enter your competitions and that is why I started to read your posts but now, having two children myself, you have supplied me with lots of ways to keep them entertained.

  27. Michael Fisher

    What a lot of interesting and diverse subjects.

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