AD Gifted – The item for this giveaway – January Giveaway 2021 Day 10 is a PR sample. 

Welcome to the tenth day our January Giveaway 2021! We have some wonderful prizes up for grabs so please make sure you bookmark this page.  Each day until the end of the month a new giveaway will be released. All you need to do is click through the floral number on the January giveaway page and you will be taken to the entry page. Each daily giveaway will run for a ten-day window.

Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy from Learning Resources (60 piece set)

Our tenth giveaway is a chance to win Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy from Learning Resources. Stems is a 3D model maker which introduces STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths through play. It encourages hands-on geometry as models are constructed with the individual plastic pieces. Play is only really limited to Monkey’s imagination with the pieces effectively zipping together. They are available in two sizes, 20 pieces and 60 pieces in five different vibrant colours. Like many other Learning Resources toys, it comes with a guide to get you started which shows you how to make a ball, a person, glasses and a jumping frog among other things. 60 piece set has an RRP £25

Mudpie Fridays January Giveaway 2021 Day 10

60 Piece Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy from Learning Resources

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK & Ireland  aged 18 and over
  • No cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and will receive a 60 piece Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy from Learning Resources
  • The giveaway will close on the 19th of January at midnight, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The winner  will need  to provide a phone number and postal address

Throughout the month I will have some other giveaways running so please check them out in the  Blog Giveaways Page,  Please share this giveaway with your friends and family. The better this giveaway does the more chance I will be able to provide more wonderful prizes again in the future.


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  1. Sharon Burroughs

    Great prize, both my kids would love these.

  2. lynn neal

    This looks a very imaginative toy to play with my grandchildren!

  3. Catherine Gregory

    My little boy would have fun learning while playing

  4. sandy lynn ralph

    these seem great and ideal for the grandchildren to play with

  5. Darren Bourne

    This is great for educational fun. The creative aspect really adds another dimension to keep the kids busy for hours.

  6. Jennifer Rhymer

    This looks great for my little ones to play with! x

  7. Quietly calming and creative. An excellent little toy.

  8. Carly Belsey

    My daughter would have lots of fun with these.

  9. These look great! With the lockdown and homeschooling I keep looking for more educational toys!

  10. Karen Radford

    Good for homeschooling at the minute!

  11. Sheri Darby

    This looks great fun, my daughter would love it

  12. katrina walsh

    Nice to see something thats as much fun as it is learning – hard to get a mix of the 2!

  13. Adrian Bold

    Looks like a lot of educational fun. Count me in please!

  14. Sheila Sloan

    Lots of fun and will bring out their creative side.

  15. Caroline J Robinson

    My grandaughter would love this, she loves anything imaginative

  16. Patricia Barrett

    This is the sort of creative thing that my grandson would enjoy a lot.

  17. Such a good idea for a toy, my son would love these.

  18. Pippa Ainsworth

    These look great, stimulating, creative and educational. I’m sure my children would love them.

  19. Jessica Powell

    This looks great, my daughter would love it!

  20. Christopher Read

    Awesome creative prize – thanks a lot for running the giveaway

  21. Emma England

    STEM toys are so important for kids. I’d love to win for my son.

  22. Megan Quigley

    This looks like so much fun my kids would love it x

  23. Lyndsey cooksey

    Thank you for this giveaway. In my after school club, we habr given the children lots of STEM activities to do, but there isn’t much for key stage 1 children to have a go at. These are great!

  24. Pauline Burroughs

    These would be great for my grandchildren, especially now with home schooling being so important. Thanks for the chance xx

  25. Jodi Hill

    These look awesome! Perfect for my 4 year old daughter:)

  26. Laura Pritchard

    My kids would have so much fun with these – perfect for home learning over lockdown!

  27. Anthea Holloway

    I would love to win this for my grandson – it looks like fun and educational too.

  28. Andrea Fletcher

    I love these, think my grandson would have great fun with them.

  29. justine meyer

    These look fab my nephew would love them

  30. Natalie Burgess

    Such an amazing prize and great for lockdown! Xx

  31. Ruth harwood

    We’d love to make some little cars and people with these along with other things – such a great idea!


    I would love to win this for my Grandson. Good luck everyone.

  33. Rosalind Blight

    Yet another amazing giveaway. Just like every other one has been. Thank you

  34. Mr Mark Adamson

    Looks like a more modern version of the pipe clearers I used as a kid

  35. Pam Gregory

    Looks so interesting. My nephew would love it.


    very good toy to get their engineering brain in gear

  37. Michelle 30 Smith

    The stems toy would be such a great learning resource for my granddaughter

  38. Laura Corrall

    I love how this comes with a guide, as I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I really love the idea of this and I guess it reminds me of lego that you can get let your imagination flow and build whatever you want. Looks great fun for my two creative girls.

  39. Ursula Hunt

    Great toy that is educational as well as fun

  40. Priscilla Stubbs

    I have seen these advertised and wondered if they were worth buying and now reading your blog I think Arlo would love them

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