‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Week one of homeschooling which was actually only three days. We take every Friday off and I don’t think that is going to change. It keeps us all a little sane and acts as a great bribery technique. This week’s photos were taken on Friday when we headed out for a rather frosty walk. We went out early so that the husband could get some work done. It was very white and crispy underfoot. But it was nice to get out in the fresh air and the boys really appreciated being able to run around in the space.

Not having snow here the boys were happy to finally find some frost and a frozen pond. Which resulted in them throwing things at the ice to try and break it. I think they would have kept going for hours given half a chance. We found a broken-down tree to stop and have a snack before collecting as much frost as possible to make a snowball. Of course, I was always going to be the target.  It was a lovely end to the week and the only time we managed to leave the house this weekend. Since we spent most of it putting new furniture together for the boys!

Not sure if there will be many walks this week as the weather is looking pretty rubbish. I am hoping that we may have found our groove with homeschooling and trying to go into next week positively!

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  1. sandy lynn ralph

    beautiful photos , they make wonderful memories

  2. Gosh taking Fridays off is a really good idea! I struggle to find time to get out much! Looks like a lovely walk 🙂 #livingarrows

  3. Phil Read

    I forgot we used to break ice like this when we were young. Thanks for reminding me of this memory.

  4. Natalie Burgess

    Lovely photos! I always feel so much better after taking the kids out for fresh air in all weather and it makes them sleep better too! Xx

  5. Rebecca miller

    I’ve been finding it hard..we might take Friday’s off too. Thanks for the lovely post:)

  6. That crispy ground looks beautiful! I envy your Fridays off, our school expect work every day so we have to save our adventures for the weekend – but we haven’t had many yet! x

  7. lynn neal

    Taking a break from the home schooling is a great idea to make time for some fun!

  8. Evette Williams

    A great approach to home learning.

  9. Emily Smith

    It’s good to get out and about. Education isn’t just about having your head stuck in a book.

  10. Eilean Fraoich

    I’ve been having lots of fun breaking ice here too as we have no snow either.

  11. Sandra Chambers

    Some excellent ideas thanks. Loving the take Friday off

  12. Jeanette Leighton

    Some nice photos looks like your son enjoyed the outdoors

  13. Caroline J Robinson

    Great idea having a Fridays off, the walks look amazing


    winter is a such a pretty time with all the frosty mornings, good to get kids out in the fresh air

  15. Fiona Karbal

    Fridays off sounds very sensible. My daughter has formed a bubble with a single mother whose daughter is in my granddaughter’s class. They are alternating homeschooling both girls, which so far is working out well for them.

  16. Gemma Hendry

    We were really sad not to see snow yet

  17. Sandra Fortune

    You deserve a day off sometimes love the photo’s of the boys

  18. Mr Mark Adamson

    I love breaking ice there is something so satisfying about it

  19. Susan B

    It’s great that the boys still enjoy a walk on a crispy winter’s morning. Teenagers are less enthusiastic!

  20. claire g

    Glad all is going well with the home schooling!!! That looks like an awesome walk!!

  21. kim white

    A frosty Friday day off sounds a great idea. A free morning letting off steam is always welcome.

  22. Emma England

    The worst thing about this lockdown is the weather! We spent so much time going for walks or bike rides during the first one. We are just not getting out. Taking Fridays off is genius!

  23. Carly Belsey

    Friday can be PE day and it is good for all of your mental health. It was cold wasn’t it!.

  24. Rebecca Walker

    pictures look lovely, its a good idea to take friday off if only for your sanity!

  25. Laura Corrall

    I love the idea of having Friday off, this has really made me want to go out for a nice walk in our local woods.

  26. julie irving

    A very sensible approach to home learning!

  27. Sheena Batey

    It must be so hard to keep them motivated and so they don’t distract the working members of the household


    I love to see boys playing outdoors like this, better than sitting on a computer any day

  29. Nigel Soper

    Well done for getting the home schooling sorted for now at least.

  30. Anthea Holloway

    What lovely pictures! You are certainly keeping your children entertained and busy!

  31. Nadia Josephine

    I love how kids can make their own entertainment even if it is something as simple as breaking ice in a pond!

  32. Penny Lane

    Homeschooling has been such a challenge for so many. Thanks for this lovely, inspirational post.

  33. James Travis

    Looks like you all had a great walk, nice bit of countryside you have.

  34. justine meyer

    I think the weather here is not good for the next few days so we won’t be doing any walks

  35. Rachael Sexey

    We only did 3 days as well, this time I’m not putting too much pressure on myself or my children

  36. Margaret Gallagher

    No harm in having friday off – keep up the great work

  37. Priscilla Stubbs

    It is good to get out and about and nothing beats throwing stones at ice!

  38. Michael Fisher

    We have been walking every day regardless of the weather, I hope that you can as well.

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