Christmas Advent Giveaway 2020

Christmas Advent Giveaway 2020: Welcome to our  Christmas Advent Giveaway! Last year it was so successful I have decided to run another one this year

So how does it work? Bookmark this page, as each day I will add a new giveaway to the numbered festive images below. Depending on the day click on the corresponding picture and it will take you through to a new giveaway. Each giveaway will run for 10 days.  This does mean that there is a good chance a lot of these items will not reach you in time for Christmas. Please bear this in mind. Please also read the T&Cs for each giveaway and only enter if you are over 18 and based in the UK.  I will be opening a giveaway each day so make sure you come back to check each day.

There are some great prizes up for grabs, so good luck and please share on social media where possible and encourage your friends to join in with our Christmas Advent Giveaway.

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the    Blog Giveaways Page,   along with our Advent Giveaway and our   12  Weeks of Christmas  Instagram Travel Giveaway.

Advent Giveaway Day 1





Advent Giveaway Day 4Advent Giveaway Day 5

Advent Giveaway Day 6




Advent Giveaway Day 7

Advent Giveaway Day 8Advent Giveaway Day 9Advent Giveaway Day 10Advent Giveaway Day 11Advent Giveaway Day 12





Advent Giveaway Day 13Advent Giveaway Day 14Advent Giveaway Day 15




Advent Giveaway Day 16

Advent Giveaway Day 17Advent Giveaway Day 18






Advent Giveaway Day 19Advent Giveaway Day 20Advent Giveaway Day 21





Advent Giveaway Day 22Advent Giveaway Day 23Advent Giveaway Day 24






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Christmas Advent Giveaway 2020